I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 428

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Lu Yao set up a good exercise route to allow True Qi voluntary revolving.

In this way, I can practice qigong even when I eat and sleep, all year round.

This efficiency is absolutely invincible!

"Good people are rewarded. If it weren't for the possessed missiles to greatly increase the controlling ability of Divine Soul, this would not be possible."

The automatic practice program Perfection succeeded. Lu Yao is quite contented.

Yu Yanmei stretched out her hands on him, curiously feeling the running state of True Qi in his body, and she looked a little envious.

"It can still be like this, the method of spirit refinement powerhouse really chooses mysterious."

A gust of mountain breeze wrapped in the fragrance of flowers hits, and Yu Yanmei retracted her hand and reminded:


"But don't be too complacent. Be sure to make progress while steady, otherwise you will regret it if you get stuck."

The meridian of the human body is too much. If you are not paying attention to the acupuncture points of Qi Miao Xi Lian Qiao, you will suffer severe damage, leaving serious repercussions and even reducing life essence.

Lu Yao grinned nodded with a smile: "I can save it."

Seeing his smile from ear to ear, Yu Yanmei raised the corners of her lips and sighed helplessly:

"You, you have a smooth journey along the way, and lack awe of cultivation. You have to remember that if you want to advance without leakage, you must first practice to the'unstained beauty'."

Lu Yao: "The wonderful appearance of innocence..."

"The gods and Buddhas in the temple are all pure and innocent, with solemn appearance. The body is cleaned without a trace of impurities, and the precious appearance is beautiful, It is clean and unclean, so that there are no pores on the whole body, this is the wonderful appearance of no dirt."

Yu Yanmei explained it seriously, and stretched out a finger to show Lu Yao:

" When your body is like me, try Jin Wujing again. It must be breakthrough where water flows, a canal is formed, naturally."

The porcelain fingers are faint. The smell of Lu Yao, Lu Yao's throat surged, and suddenly wanted to put it in his mouth.

Yu Yanmei looked at him a little sluggish, and thought that she couldn't understand it by relying on it alone, so she rolled up her sleeves and showed the same white arms.

About halfway through, Yu Yanmei suddenly put down her sleeves, then untied her collar, and stretched her arms out like a immunization shot.

On Bai Huanghuang's thin shoulders, the collarbone presents a beautiful shape, delicate and delicate.

The collarbone, also called "beauty bone", was once considered the iconic part of a woman's sex appeal.

Lu Yao was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted, Yu Yanmei wanted to let herself contemplate her body!

Sure enough, Yu Yanmei said coldly: "Put your hand up and try to figure it out carefully."

Lu Yao cup one fist in the other hand A gift: "Yu Grandmaster, please forgive me in Menglang. "

Then put his hand on the "beauty bone", Star Spirit Power and inner breath came out at the same time, and carefully figured it out.

Warm and creamy makes people feel stunned. It originally needed a long explanation, but now I know all of it at a glance, no need to say more.

a male and a female together alone, her clothes are disheveled, and she touched...Yu Yanmei was very awkward shaking for a few times, she only touched Lu Yao for less than 5 seconds, and then she bounced him away. Hands.

She got dressed quickly. Although she looked plain, her two ears were red: "Good cultivation! Martial Dao is boundless, don’t let it go."

Has gone, leaving only Yu Xiangmiaomiao.

Lu Yao could only shout in the direction where the shadow disappeared: "many thanks to Grandmaster for pointing me!"

Reminiscing about the aftermath, the direction of cultivation became clearer.

"The body is cleaned without a trace of impurities, and the pores of the whole body are closed...it is said to be a wonderful image of no dirt."


In the following days, Lu Yao will once again experience the rapid cultivation speed of riding a rocket.

Sanmen Divine Art covers Twelve Standard Meridians and Eight Extraordinary Meridians, as well as all a total of 720 acupuncture points, without any fall.

These wonderful organs that everyone is born with are evenly and symmetrically distributed in the human body, connecting organs, skin, flesh, skeleton, and even hair and other body tissues, as if they were born to cultivation.

Innate True Qi follows the exercise route set by Lu Yao in advance and repeatedly washes the acupuncture points along the meridian.

At first Lu Yao still carefully check, after all, there are 108 vital orifice points in life, and any mistake will cause him to be seriously injured on the spot.

But after watching it for a while, I was surprised to find that although Star Spirit Power automatically manipulates True Qi, it is not completely like a dull process, but has the instinctive response of the human body.

The eyelids will close when pierced by sharp objects. When you fall down, your hands will be protected subconsciously. When burned by fire, they will quickly go out...

Star Spirit Power also has human instincts. The protection mechanism will not harm the acupoints.

Lu Yao feels more relieved, and at the same time thinks:

"If the Spirit Refinement Realm world is improved, will the Star Spirit Power that I split out will be more agile, even like artificial As smart as I can, I can automatically design a plan and execute it just by issuing an order."


With a vision for a better future , Lu Yao made rapid progress.

He is now a non-stop cultivation. He only needs to stop and immerse himself in Star Spirit Power once in a while, and his efficiency is simply exploding.

The speed is faster than 10 times. The improvement of the cultivation base is visible!

Even if the three girls deliberately mess up, he can deal with it decently, at least he won't be squeezed out of bed.

However, it is still far from the requirement of "no dirt and wonderful phase", and it takes time to accumulate.

This time will not be too long. I believe he will be able to blow the horn of counterattack in the near future~

The time comes to the end of July, and it will be an appointment with Zhou He to visit The days of Wudang Mountain.

On this day, Zuo Gong returned to the capital after taking care of matters outside the customs.

He rushed back overnight. Although he defeated Rakshasa, there was no joy on his face, and he immediately recruited Lu Yao to meet.


Lu Yao immediately came to Zuogong’s house.

This is an ordinary courtyard with three entrances and three exits, and it is very simple and clean. It is a bit simple to live in the Martial Artist.

When he came, Zuo Gong’s son, Zuo Xiaowei, was already at the door, looking a little tangled.

Zuo Xiaowei doesn't know how to say hello!

After all, he used to be equal to the same generation before. In the blink of an eye, this person became a true monarch, and his status changed too quickly.

Lu Yao took the lead in saying with a smile: "Left Young Master long time no see, the style remains the same."

Zuo Xiaowei smiled warmly and warmly: "It's not a way...Young Master won the breakthrough again! Congratulations to your spirit refinement, you have to call Zhenjun Lu in the future."

"Farewell, there is no need for such a split between you and me." Lu Yao and Zuo Xiaowei walked side by side Together, casually said: "I am also lucky to have a breakthrough. Can the trip outside the customs go smoothly?"

"You always say that you are a lucky breakthrough..." Zuo Xiaowei smiled bitterly, and then replied Said:

"Everything went well, but Rakshasa died, a golden-level duke was very unwilling, and confronted his father in the Xing'an Mountains for a few days. Later, there was a rebellion in his country and he retreated in embarrassment."


"The contradictions in Rakshasa Country have become more acute. Several Human Race Golden Knights have also been squeezed very much, and they simply set off to launch a rebellion sweeping the country. Just wait and watch the excitement when you come down."

Unlucky for the great powers, everyone was very happy, they talked and laughed and walked to the main room.

Gong Zuo stood at the door to greet him. When he saw Lu Yao, he was both happy and worried.

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