I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 429

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After taking the seat, Mr. Zuo took the lead to speak:

"I heard about you, you did good! When troubled times, use heavy codes, so come to Beijing and Tianjin. No one dares to make chaos, the situation is basically stable."

Lu Yao modestly said at will: "You can never look at those scum act wilfully."

Zuo Gong took out one from his arms. A telegram was handed over, saying:

"I just got the news that the Western countries have signed a formal armistice agreement. It is estimated that it will be published in the newspaper tomorrow."

Lu Yao took a look. Only then did we know that the mortals on both sides of the world war suffered heavy casualties, but the extraordinary powers suffered little.

At most, a small number of Innate Levels were inadvertently killed by the newly invented automatic cannon, and the golden dukes were absolutely unscathed.

But didn't expect nothing on the front battlefield, but instead came to Shunchao to plunder and catch 4 at once.

Some people have suffered heavy losses, and some people have taken advantage of it. It is Gad's side.

Lu Yao said after reading the telegram: "We accidentally helped Gad. The armistice agreement is not harsh."

"This country did not participate in the invasion of the powers. , It is a blessing in disguise. The top battle strength is not damaged at all, and it is time to take the initiative to fight for peace, the ending is also expected..."

Zuo Gong said as he said, frowned frowned. :

"However, four great powers such as Innet and Izumo have died here. This time they will not let go. I am worried that a king-level monster will come!"


Lu Yao hearing this hurriedly asked: "How is the battle strength of a king-level monster than a golden body?" A hundred meters of mentality is still strong! And once a king-level monster is dispatched, countless dukes will inevitably assist in the fight. This will be an all-out war. At present, there is a pan of scattered sand in the country, and it can't be resisted."

Duke Zuo sighed , Sighed:

"Unfortunately, Divine Province has not seen a super expert for nearly a thousand years... Compared with the sages, what are our golden figures?"

Lu Yao was silent. At this moment, he thought he got everything about Wudang Sect about Thunder Tribulation earlier.

Thunder Tribulation is a qualitative change of spirit refinement. The incredible Myths and Legends of ancient times are mostly left by the powerhouse of Thunder Tribulation Realm.

The easiest to break through is the Spirit Refinement Realm world. He has Yanhuang aspiration to support cultivation, and a modern world as a backing!

[If I am a breakthrough Thunder Tribulation, I can protect the Divine Province from harm, so that these monsters will come back and forth]

[There is a monster in the other world who can’t survive Thunder Tribulation in the sky, Can I go to Bluestar to try? 】

Just when Lu Yao thought of this, he suddenly felt something was wrong--

between Heaven and Earth suddenly appeared a tyrannical Star Spirit Power, swept it unscrupulously!

This Star Spirit Power is like a huge lid covering the entire Heaven and Earth. It can't be seen at a glance. It's simply not something that people can release!

In the next second, the father-in-law also noticed it, and the two shot out and looked up towards the second sun in the sky. This is the source of that huge Star Spirit Power!

I saw the celestial body hanging high in the sky, which has become a huge eyeball, slowly turning around and scanning.

Along with its movements, the Star Spirit Power, which resembles a sky curtain, constantly sweeps across the north and south of the dynasty.

Zuo Gong exclaimed: "This is... the god of the unity of all things!? Things really exist!"

"What does he seem to be looking for?"

This tyrannical Spiritual Fluctuation keeps shrinking, the scanning range is getting smaller and smaller, it seems that the target has been found.

Finally, it was condensed into a bunch and positioned in the direction of Chang'an, and the giant eyes in the sky looked towards that place!

"Chang'an...The Mausoleum of the First Emperor!?" Lu Yao was surprised. He knew that this monster had something to do with Emperor Shi.

"Zhou He’s Senior Brother, Wudang Sect Master Zhang Yunshu is arranging the Queen Mother there. Is there anything to do with it?"

He quickly took out Zhou He’s paper crane, Tap three times to contact:

"Dao Chang Zhou, you see the monster in the sky, it is looking at the direction of Chang'an, so that Senior Brother is also there. Is there any reply?"

[Little friend Lu, I naturally saw it! But my Senior Brother has been out of contact for three days! I'm about to find a way to contact him! 】

"The Daoist don't be impatient, I will go and look for you right away."

At this moment, the answer is already obvious.

Sect Master Zhang Yunshu is working for the Queen Mother, so there is no need to say who is behind this.

Gong Zuo sighed helplessly: "Ai, this queen mother of this dynasty is really...no wonder he will have a heavenly demon phase."

Lu Yao took a deep breath and said:" Zuo Gong, you will have to take care of the capital from now on. I have to go to Chang'an."

"Be careful!" Zuo Gong reminded solemnly: "The First Emperor's Tomb is not a simple place. !"

Lu Yao a cup one fist in the other hand: "Junior save it!"


Just like The celestial monster hangs high in the sky, looking down unscrupulously.

But the ordinary person on the ground can't see anything, because it emits a strong light that makes people afraid to look directly at it. At most, mortals feel that the sun's rays seem to change.

And the spirit refiners above the planet's fetal breath realm all felt this tyrannical Spiritual Fluctuation and saw clearly the giant eyes in the sky.

Most people only know that this is the "returned god", which exists in ancient books and has not been seen by anyone in thousands of years. Ten thousand are never expected to be manifested at this time.

The forces with a long inheritance know more.

At this moment, in the Golden Lotus teaching altar in Qing State, Golden Lotus teaches Sect Lord-Lin Mengsheng looked at the giant eyes in the sky, shaking with excitement!

"Reunited God!? Really is the vast Star Spirit Power! It seems that someone has entered the Mausoleum of the First Emperor!"

Lin Mengsheng stood up abruptly, only to see him wearing A purple dragon robe, coldly said:

"All those who are staring at the Queen Mother will be put to death! A bunch of trash, such a big thing hasn’t been noticed at all!"


At the same time, Bodhisattva made the same decision.

She is the first spirit refinement powerhouse from all forces, and she is furious at the moment:

"The people of the Summer Palace went to the building empty, and even the god of return came over, you actually Say you don't know anything!"

The Queen Mother's messing up affects all influence, and they have sent people to monitor it overtly and secretly.

Dahuan Bodhisattva attaches great importance to it and has sent many good players, but didn't expect still made it extremely passive.

Joyous Sect is responsible for monitoring here is a middle-aged woman. At this moment, she repeatedly begged for mercy:

"Bodhisattva is forgiving! The queen mother just asked Wudang's Zhang Yunshu to arrange a communicating the world Formation.

The subordinates have repeatedly checked and confirmed that the Formation is mediocre. Unsurprisingly, it is at most changing the Feng Shui of the entire Summer Palace, making it more peaceful and more livable. But didn't expect it became a light gate in the blink of an eye... Everyone is gone!"

Joyous Sect's Saintess Yun Qinglan interjected: "Master, what should we do? Do you want to go down to the Qin Emperor's Tomb..."

"Go down to the Qin Emperor's Tomb?" Bodhisattva sneered with joy:

"Qin Huang Mausoleum has stayed here for more than 2,000 years. There are countless treasures underneath. Someone has been there for a long time. It just didn't end well."

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