I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 431

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The three high-speed diving falcons instantly went from static to moving, and fell to the ground lightly. The 8-meter wingspan did not affect their instinct to control the airflow.

Lu Yao's family is out this time, and even Yu Yanmei and Fran are here.

Just jumped off the back of the falcon. Immediately, countless eyes gathered on him, repeatedly looking at the newly-rising Lu Zhenjun.

One of them nodded with a seemingly friendly smile, but it was Zhang Wenda;

Yuan Kaisheng was expressionless, vaguely mocking.

Dahuan Bodhisattva licked his lips, his eyes were very hot, as if he was about to melt Lu Yao.

The other person looked bad, full of hatred and hostility. It was Zeng Bohan!

As soon as the sword in the lake appeared, everyone knew that it was Lu Yao who took all the benefits in Jinling.

The Great Grandmaster had been carrying a scapegoat for many years, and Lu Yao had killed many of his vassals before, which made him quite hostile at the moment.

The last Lin Mengsheng is also full of malice, and the eyes that look at Lu Yao are only naked greed.

In just a few years, it has soared into the sky. In a sense, Lu Yao's hidden benefits are no smaller than the Qin Emperor's Mausoleum.

Lu Yao looked at these people faintly, without any good feelings.

Previously, the coalition forces of the great powers invaded one by one, and they were also engaged in mutual protection in the southeast, and they must be cleaned up when they are poured out.

"Little Friends Lu~"

At this moment, Zhou He brought a few Wudang dísciples to usher, relaxed and said: "You can rest assured when you come to the old way!"

Zhou Daochang is in Wudang Mountain, which is closer to here, so he arrived a step earlier, he arched his hand to Yu Yanmei again: "Yanmei is here too, the old way of love!"

Yu Yanmei blunt Said: "Okay, don't be polite, what's the situation now?"

Lao Dao Zhou quickly explained: "The Queen Mother asked me Senior Brother to spend a lot of money to lay an array of communicating the world, nothing else The function of this form is to calm the mind and regulate the mind. This Formation is quite low cost-effective, and basically there is no who fiddles with it. My Senior Brother also thinks that the queen mother is just for enjoyment."

After that, Zhou He pointed to the vortex shape. Light Gate continued:

"It was unexpected that Light Gate suddenly appeared at the formation eye, sucking in my Senior Brother and a few dísciples, and the Queen Mother also carried the emperor into it."

Lu Yao looked at this familiar spiral-shaped light gate, which was exactly the same as the Transmission Gate opened by Star Pass.

At this time, there was a noise on the scene. It turned out that the Great Grandmasters sent the "Forerunner" to explore the way.

I saw a crowd of men and women gathered in front of the light gate, ready to go in and find out.

These people are not cannon fodder, each of them has a good cultivation base and loyalty, so that they can willingly return true information from the danger.

They each had a cup one fist in the other hand facing the patriarch, and then jumped into the light gate one after another and disappeared.

When the last person entered, Yu Yanmei expression moved.

This is a rather handsome man, Innate Realm cultivation base, who likes Bodhisattva very much.

After he sensed Yu Yanmei's gaze, he looked back and laughed lightly before entering it resolutely.

Seeing this scene, Li Peiqiang was excited and whispered to Lang Jun:

"This should be the Kunlun Faction master who be engaged to my master. He has completely become Joyous Sect. The person is now!"

The voice was almost nothing, but Yu Yanmei's ears moved, and then she turned her head and stared!

The eyes are so sharp and full of murderous aura, Li Pei dare not say any more.

Lu Yao laughs and laughs, the girl likes to gossip about her master, it can only be said that it is a woman's nature.


The "Forerunners" who went to explore the road soon returned good news.

First of all, it is confirmed-in the Earth Palace, the heart and soul can be used to send messages normally!

Moreover, the light gate is two-way, you can come back after you enter!

At this moment, the Kunlun dísciple walked out of the gate of light, returned to Bodhisattva and said gently:

"I have gone down and watched it. Behind the gate of light is Qin The Chao-style building is extremely majestic and cannot be excavated by humans. It should be the Mausoleum of the First Emperor."

Huanxi Bodhisattva stretched out his snow-white palm and gently touched the man’s face, his eyes flowed lightly said with a smile: "Zhuo Yilong, you have worked hard."

Zhuo Yilong showed a lustful expression, constantly rubbing the palm of each other's hands with his face, and said seriously: "For you, I I'm willing to do anything!" Seeing this scene, Lu Yao felt extremely uncomfortable on his body and got goose bumps all over the floor.

Yu Yanmei's face is frosty, her eyes are frighteningly cold.

Li Pei whispered: "What a heavy murderous aura! The former marriage contractor was trained like this, Master is very angry~"

Yu Yanmei angrily said: "Pepe, I I'm going to hit you!"

"don't, don't, don't, I dare not!" Seeing that the master was really angry, Li Pei quickly hid behind Lu Yao.

Yu Yanmei glared at the discipline fiercely, and then solemnly said:

"Be careful and happy Bodhisattva, she has a unique method to manipulate people's minds. Lu Xiaozi must pay more attention, that slut must be I'm watching you."

"I can relax, Grandmaster, I know it in my heart." Lu Yao said:

"Let’s enter the Qinling Earth Palace too, some Great Grandmaster can’t wait."

I saw that Lin Mengsheng and Huanxi Bodhisattva had already brought the teachers ready to go. There were thousands of people on both sides, not a single mortal.

The three Great Grandmasters on the Imperial Court side are gathering troops, with machine guns, cannons, flamethrowers, and even two Matilda infantry tanks.

In their view, the development of modern science and technology has made the exploration of the relics a lot easier.

Even many people from the rivers and lakes are eagerly gearing up, wanting to join the Great Grandmasters to get a share of the pie, forgetting that this is the first emperor's mausoleum known as Danger Land.

It seems that I feel that others will go down to make a profit, and I will definitely lose if I don’t.

The only lesson that mankind can learn from history is that mankind will never learn from history.


Lu Yao said to a few girls: "You stay on top and wait for me? Or go take a look together."

The girls said in one voice: "Of course we have to go together~"

Yu Yanmei also said: "Boy Lu, the other Great Grandmasters are not alone, you are It’s not good to go down, so it’s better to let us take care of them. I will protect them first if something happens."

Lu Yao thought for a while, he has a lot of cards. Not only there is the Star Pass, but there are also nuclear bombs and the blade of freedom in the time bubble, and the reserves of willingness are also abundant.

So the problem was not big, so I simply agreed to the girls' request to go together.

Then he said to Zhou He: "Dao Chang Zhou, then you can stay on it."

Zhou He also flatly refused: "My Wudang Sect did not let others fight in front. , The reason to hide behind."

"Dao Chang Zhou, don't be impatient." Lu Yao said: "There must be someone who trusts enough to look after the future, and...I need you at any time Report the situation on the ground."

After speaking, he pointed to the sun in the sky.

Zhou He sighed, cup one fist in the other hand and said: "The little friend of the road should be more cautious. I must protect myself first. My Senior Brother... One difficulty."

Lu Yao solemnly cup one fist in the other hand: "I will do my best!"

After all, Lu Yao took the lead with a few beauties Jump into the light gate.

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