I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 432

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Not only does the light gate look exactly the same as Xingyao’s Transmission Gate, it is also exactly the same in use.

Lu Yao entire group was instantly teleported to a magnificent place!

At the end of the line of sight, there is a magnificent cluster of palaces that can not be seen at a glance. The palace walls alone are nearly 100 meters high. It's mercury.

There are also many Bronze Lamps for lighting hung on the heights, which are the size of a car, burning with fragrant grease, and the lights are dim.

Several girls looked around, Fran couldn’t help but came out of the sword in the lake, she was shocked from ear to ear:

"At a depth of several thousand meters Such a magnificent Earth Palace has been built underground, it is worthy of a powerful Qin Country!"

Liao Ya said: "This place is very similar to the Xian Qin ruins that we drove through the tank last time... almost exactly the same. , It’s just more refined and magnificent.”

Li Pei explained: “It’s normal, the last time the ruins were built by an alchemist named'Lu Sheng'. The first emperor’s mausoleum is in front of you, and the specifications must be far superior. "

But as she spoke, her face sank: "The First Emperor... won't he also become the kind of monster full of tentacles?"

Liao Family The sisters' faces also showed disgust, and the beautiful young girls have an instinctive dislike for this kind of shot monster.

At this moment, Lu Yao is also thinking about this.

Li Pei was right. The ruins explored last time were actually the No. 2 Star Pass that was built by Alchemist Lusheng and used to study the alien world.

Like the biological laboratories in the Star Alliance country, dangerous research must of course stay far away from the empire's heart. Lu Shengcai came to Guangdong, which is still the Barbarian Desolate Land, to start work.

"I just don't know what will be in the Qinling Earth Palace..."

Lu Yao thought about it, opening the time bubble. Take out a tank directly, and three sisters' Vulcan cannon.

I saw countless items appear out of thin air, which is amazing.

The three girls who have a close relationship with Lu Yao are not surprised, they have met many times.

Yu Yanmei creded out in surprise: "So you really have a Celestial Grotto Small World..."

This female Grandmaster only creded out in surprise and she curbed her look. There have always been rumors in the arena, and she has long been psychologically prepared.

Moreover, Lu Yao showed it openly, obviously trusting himself very much. Yu Yanmei was quite satisfied, and the corners of her lips raised upwards slightly.

But it’s hard to accept Fran, who has not known it for a long time, and her already big eyes are wide at the moment:

"Holy Knight! You actually have room for Supreme Treasure !!!"

Lu Yao reservedly said: "Yes, I was discovered by you~"

Today, he no longer needs cautiously to hide anything, many things can be Show it generously.

Fran seemed to have met Lu Yao again, carefully hitting it up and down twice, her eyes flickering and she didn't know what she was thinking.

Lu Yao said: "Don't always rush out, hide it in your sword and use it as your trump card."

"Okay, my dear Holy Knight." Fran He smiled warmly, gave a dress-lifting ceremony, and then returned to the sword in the lake hung on Lu Yao's back. It was so well-behaved that I was quite uncomfortable.

At this moment, a violent noise came, and the group of people outside finally came in.

The most advanced is the army of the three Great Grandmasters from the Imperial Court, and the new army of Yuan Kaisheng is the most elite. Aside from being covered with Western-style equipment, there is also a trace of a modern army between the operating columns.

Followed by a group of people like Bodhisattva and Lin Mengsheng.

There are tens of thousands of people from all sides. Although they are discordant, they barely maintain cooperation for the sake of the Tomb of the First Emperor.


When a group of people saw the cluster of palaces in the distance, their spirits came in an instant.

Several Great Grandmasters waved their hands, and the army began to march.

I saw the tanks open the way, the infantry cooperated, and the machine guns and artillery were ready at any time. People of the arena also remain vigilant to follow behind.

As the distance approaches, everyone can clearly see the plaque hanging on the city gate. There are three big characters written on it in small seal font-magnetic stone gate.

Everyone immediately discussed spiritedly:

"Magnetic stone gate! Isn't this the gate of Afang Palace?"

"Very good! It really is the palace of the First Emperor City!"

"These palaces are magnificent, they look so new, don't someone maintain it from time to time..."

tone barely fell, everyone hears the uniformity The sound of footsteps converged into a torrent.

"Come! It's the Terracotta Warriors guarding the Earth Palace!"

People with eyes saw that a battle formation composed of countless guards had killed them in the distance!

These guards look endless and there are at least 20,000, but they are not living people, but pottery figurines made of clay.

The armor and weapons are all available, and they are vivid and different in appearance.

Lu Yao said curiously: "Terracotta Warriors and Horses?"

Liao Qi said excitedly: "I have also seen them in the script! It is said that the Terracotta Warriors guarding the Earth Palace are endless."

During the conversation, the army has opened fire.

The artillery roared, the machine gun fired, and the terracotta warriors and horses were turned over and turned into fragments before the violent explosion sounded.

Although they are fierce and unafraid of death, they only have the level of strength of Bone Forging Realm Great Accomplishment, which is not enough to see in front of the artillery fire. They were instantly cleared, leaving only a piece of debris.

To solve the terracotta warriors so easily, including several Great Grandmasters, everyone was very excited.

Even Zhang Wenda smiled and caressed his beard, and some people don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth—the Mausoleum of the First Emperor is just this!


At the same time, terracotta warriors and horses came from the direction of Lu Yao's family.

But when they were preparing to fight, these terracotta warriors and horses did not take action. Instead, they turned their heads and left.

Several people looked at each other, they were all a little unfathomable mystery. Only Lu Yao touched the Dragon Mark mirror in his hand, faintly guessing in his heart...

For the time being, let go of his doubts and move on.

Stepping on the broken pieces of terracotta warriors and horses to the moat, everyone did not rush forward, but began to deploy defenses and stabilize their positions.

Yuan Kaisheng’s new army began to deploy "heavy artillery positions" from 5 kilometers away.

The idle person looked at the towering palace wall with a strong greed on his face.

The value contained in the Mausoleum of the First Emperor cannot be expressed in numbers by myself. Whatever I bring out is a wealth that will last a lifetime!

Although it is intellectually clear that this place is not simple, the greed in everyone's hearts has been thoroughly aroused, even if there are mountains of daggers and seas of flames.

Moreover, the easy solution to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses made everyone feel lucky. It is believed that the defensive facilities of the relics of the Pre-Qin Dynasty are completely inhospitable in the face of artillery fire.

When the "heavy artillery position" is set up, this mentality has reached its limit.

There was a spirit refinement gunner manipulating a 152mm caliber cannon towards the city’s head for a shot.

Amid the fierce fire and explosion, a huge cannonball roared out of the chamber and went straight to the palace wall.

In the next second, the moat made of mercury suddenly rises up with waves, blocking this shell!

I saw the mercury in the moat boiled, slowly rising like a tide, and rolled to form a one after another fuzzy silhouette.

When I see what it is, everyone’s expressions are very bad--

I saw that these mercury formed countless three zhang high, Qin Dynasty armored guards, armed with spears. , Ge, sword and other weapons, once again formed a battle formation to kill!

If you think about it with your ass, you will know that this time it will definitely not be so easy to solve!

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