I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 433

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The three-story Mercury Guardian suddenly jumped into the crowd, and the spear in his hand danced out of a silver arc, cutting off the three Martial Artists who could not be avoided on the spot.

The screams and the sound of sharp blades pierced into the flesh, and the plasma sprayed all over the floor.

Martial Artist and the army will of course counterattack, but whether it’s artillery shells or Martial Artist’s weapons and fists, they can only disperse these mercury guards, and they will soon be restored to their original state.

The scene is messy, Lu Yao leisurely said: "This is very similar to the'liquid metal robot' in the Terminator."

At this moment, the family is standing far away. Things can be done, because these mercury guards simply don't attack them.

Li Pei saw the Dragon Mark mirror in Lang Jun’s hand. He already thought about why, and said in amazement:

"The first emperor was the first person to complete the Divine Province unification, also known as 'Ancestral Dragon'. Your magic weapon is in the shape of a dragon, and it also contains a high-spirited force, so the guards will not attack us!"

Hearing this, Liao Ya was also pleasantly surprised: "Junior Brother ~Only we will not be attacked. This is the opportunity! Let’s enter the Afang Palace quickly!"

Liao Qi began to break his fingers and count the good things he knew: "According to the story of the Earth Palace, There are countless treasures, including the Imperial Jade Seal, Divine Sword, Mrs. Xu’s dagger, gold jade dress, white hung... and Dayu Nine Cauldrons!"

Li Pei added: "Nine Cauldrons have been refined into 12 gold men, but they are also incredible treasures."

Several girls are gearing up, be eager to have a try, as if the treasures in the ruins already belong to them.

There is a Husband who always creates miracles. The girls are full of confidence~

Yu Yanmei looked at a few energetic young girls, and some helplessly said: "Lu kid, you They are all petted to heaven."

Lu Yao lightly said with a smile: "Women are for petting."

I dare not say anything else, a few girls have followed After he got rid of him, he has never been aggrieved at all.

Xu is the number of years old. At this moment, Yu Yanmei looked at the bright smiles on the faces of several young girls and heard Lu Yao's words, suddenly a little envious.

But at this moment, Angry Roar interrupted her thoughts.

I saw Zeng Bohan perform "Supreme Unity Thunderbolt", the deafening explosion hit the electric shot, and he shot dozens of mercury guards one after another.

Originally, the Great Grandmaster would not shoot so early. They had to save their energy to prepare for infighting when fighting for the baby.

Supreme Treasure is born, a few Great Grandmasters must have done it.

But at this time a "Matilda Tank" is being besieged by Mercury Guards.

The spirit refinement gunner in the tank is Zeng Bohan's heart, so he can't help but make a bold move!

The explosive power of the Martial Dao Great Sect division has nothing to say. Zeng Bohan turned into a thunder and shot a 200-decibel sonic wave with both palms. No one is an enemy of one.

Just as he was wondering whether it was in a spurt of energy and dealt with these annoying things, he saw that the blasted mercury guards did not heal as before, but gathered like mud Together, it became a 10-story silver giant!

The giant is wearing gorgeous armor, and there is a cloak dancing behind him, which is extremely powerful.

At this moment, there was a roar: "I am Admiral Meng Yi! Who dares to fight!"

This roar made the naked eye visible sound covering the audience. Some unsteady Martial Artists were shocked on the spot, kneeling to the ground with a subconsciously irregular heart rhythm.

In the next second, the silver giant came in an instant and stomped a Matilda tank with one foot!

Zeng Great Grandmaster didn't mean to fight hard, but he shot back on the spot. Others also fled.

Fortunately, this giant doesn't seem to be savvy, and will only attack enemies within 5 kilometers of the palace wall. If you leave this range, you won't take care of it anymore.


Five golden powerhouses gather together.

Lin Mengsheng took the lead in speaking with a gloomy face: "This thing is not a living person, but something similar to the mind... What a big hand! This is the powerhouse of Spirit Refinement, who was willing to be refined during his lifetime. Make a tomb guard!"

Zeng Bohan said eagerly: "Is there a way to crack it?"

Lin Mengsheng said indifferently: "This thing is not harmful, it can only be a waste Do it to pass."

I am very happy that Bodhisattva is also nodded and agrees.

Zeng Bohan suddenly became annoyed: "You two are really rubbish!"

At this moment, he is very anxious, don't forget that the queen mother has been in for a while! If you are late, you may not even get the soup, and you will get revenge by the woman!

Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng were also very dissatisfied, and gave two spirit refinement experts a cold look.

However, they were not in a hurry to speak, and they waited for their spirit refinement cultivator to give the same answer before ordering artillery strikes with a look of constipation.

Before this thing has been smashed many times and it will automatically recover. The effect of physical attacks on it is very poor, and it will definitely delay a lot of time.

The atmosphere became solemn, and for a while, everyone looked at the General named Meng Yi blocking the door irritably.

At this moment, they suddenly saw an incredible scene-they saw Lu Yao leading 4 stunning women, calmly walking towards the city gate.

In countless shocked eyes, this family just walked past Meng Yi! The other party didn't mean to intercept it at all!

There was a sudden uproar in the field:

"What's the matter! How can he pass?"

"The terracotta warriors and horses did not attack him just now!"


"Yes! Do you remember his Golden Dragon magic weapon!"

There are many smart people present, and I quickly think of something.

Zhang Wenda said solemnly: "The empress dowager hijacked Emperor Yong'an, it is probably used here!"

At this moment, tens of thousands of eyes stared at Lu Yao, watching him swagger. 'S passed.

Furthermore, after Lu Yao's family approached, the towering palace gate automatically opened to let them in, which was unimpeded.

Lu Yao turned around and beckoned to everyone!

At this moment, they were anxious and angry! There is a queen mother, plus this person has also entered, can there be anything left in it! ?

Lin Mengsheng seems to have seen countless babies go away from him, and can no longer take care of anything. He hastily sound transmission to Huanxi Bodhisattva:

【Bodhisattva, if people don’t speak secretly, you are sure There is a way to get in]

Happy Bodhisattva flashed his eyes, and said: [Lin Langjun don’t want to joke, what can I do with my concubine~]

Lin Mengsheng blunt said:

[Don't pretend, your Joyous Sect has a "jades". The "jades" of the past have all entered the palace as concubines, and the "jades" of this generation are the current queen mothers! You are her Senior Sister. If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything.]

Happy Bodhisattva's expression turned cold: [You know a lot, I think there must be your secret spy in my Joyous Sect, and the level is not yet Low]

Lin Mengsheng didn’t refute, but said: [Bodhisattva, let’s draw the next Dao, I only need "white hung" and everything else is up to you, how about it! ]

[You have a good plan! "White Heng" is the essence of the mountain and has the effect of longevity]

Happily Bodhisattva thought for a while and said: [In this case...Let it be like this——Lin Langjun, you face your Divine Soul Swear, help me get rid of Lan Yuyuan’s slut after entering]

Lan Yuyuan is the name of the Queen Mother, Lin Mengsheng readily agreed:

[We will definitely meet her when we enter , I agreed! Bodhisattva hurry up and use his methods to get rid of these three imperial court lackeys! 】

After the two negotiated, they rejoiced that Bodhisattva's eyebrows and the corners of the eyes were full of spring. A pair of bright and intelligent eyes were dripping with water, and finally made a cat scratching sound.

This is the seductive sound that a woman can't help but make when she is happy.

As soon as I shouted out at this moment, everyone present, including the female Martial Artist, became hot, and their eyes suddenly became red!

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