I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 434

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Happy Bodhisattva's call, the court was chaotic.

Even the three Great Grandmasters of the Imperial Court were also affected. The Qi, blood essence, Hua repeatedly clashes in the body, and can’t wait to vent it out.

"slut, what are you doing!"

The three were beaten up completely unprepared, and they were in a hurry for a while. At the same time, I was a little bit puzzled-I would fight inwardly without seeing the baby.

However, it does not prevent them from taking action together to kill this 獠. The ruler has a natural aversion to these Sect spirit refinement people.

Kaihuan Bodhisattva is not forgiving, and there is a Goddess illusory shadow in a tulle three feet above his head, which is the "happy face".

"Huanxixiang" followed the owner with a beautiful and charming scream, sound waves covering the audience.

At this moment, many Martial Artists with weak concentration suddenly roared and twitched again and again, and a lot of crotch was wet.

The body quickly dried up, and then the entire Divine Soul was sucked into the "happy phase".

At the same moment, Lin Mengsheng also made a bold move!

He is determined to win a treasure in the Qin Emperor's Mausoleum, and at this moment he also directly manifests his heart.

I saw a Golden Lotus with a diameter of more than 5 meters instantly condensed from the void.

"Six Paths Seven Tribulations Falling in Reincarnation, Five Turbid Worlds Dedicated Golden Lotus!"

Golden Lotus teaches from Pure Land Sect, and its teaching believes that "Five Turbid Worlds" collapse When it reaches its limit, it will break and then stand. At that time, its own Golden Lotus will emerge, opening the door to the pure land of bliss.

The spirit refinement method of this Sect is very special. It is good at gathering extreme emotions such as sadness, pain and death of sentient beings in troubled times.

Therefore, this Golden Lotus by Lin Mengsheng is full of volitional power and is highly poisonous, specializing in Divine Soul, and it is similar to Lu Yao's "Blade of Freedom".

I saw the Golden Lotus flying to in midair and suddenly blooming. In the beautiful scene of golden light twinkling, the force of willingness is poisonous.

Affected by several Martial Artists with a low cultivation base, their bodies suddenly ulcerated, covered with abscesses, and flowed out foul-smelling bodily fluids, which are the signs of the five decays of heaven and man.

At this moment, facing the vicious attack of two spirit refinement powerhouses, the three Great Grandmasters quickly backed away, unwilling to touch these ghosts.

Other people also hide far away for fear.

Such a disgusting method of attack, it is no wonder that all dynasties have severely attacked Sect, and it is completely done by themselves.


Have a chance, and I am happy that Bodhisattva and Lin Mengsheng are together, and each brings 3 or 5 True Disciples, rushing toward you like lightning Palace gate.

As soon as I entered the protection area of ​​the mercury moat, I rejoiced with Bodhisattva's direct disciple-Saintess Yun Qinglan, and took out a cylindrical jade from his arms raised high.

This jade is bright and yellow, and it is a "jade tablet". It is a jade ritual tool used by the emperor when offering sacrifices.

Yun Qinglan guided the aspiration in it to release, and the mercury moat just made a slight wave of waves and there was no response, and this team of people stepped over without any surprises and dangers!

When he came to the safe place, Lin Mengsheng stared at the jade tablet and said in amazement: "Cangbi salutes the sky, Huang Cong salutes the earth...This is the sacred instrument of the Qin Dynasty!?"

Huanxi Bodhisattva said with a smile: "The Qin people used jade to make the six rituals of Heaven and Earth. This was used by the first emperor when offering sacrifices to the'Dongting Lake God'. I was lucky enough to get it."

The words are simple, but It also explains the inside story of Sect.

Lin Mengsheng’s heart was awe-inspiring and calmly probed: "Bodhisattva is fully prepared for this exploration of the Imperial Tombs."

Happy Bodhisattva glanced at him, coldly said:

"Lin Sect Lord does not need to care too much. I am not very interested in the treasures in Earth Palace. You only need to help me with the slut of Lan Yuyuan. You can choose anything else first."

"Then deference is no substitute for obedience." Lin Mengsheng said that "White Heng", which can extend the treasure of lifespan, is bound to win.

Beyond the Mercury Moat, seeing the two groups rushing in, Zeng Bohan flustered and exasperated: "Quick! mobilize the heavy artillery to strike this moat! We also shot at the same time!"

"Zeng Adults don't be impatient." Zhang Wenda face doesn't change, but his voice is cold: "We surround the Earth Palace, and they have the ability to stay inside for the rest of their lives!"

~~~~~ ~~~~

After Lu Yao's family came in, they saw row upon row of majestic and exquisite palaces in Afang Palace, with a radius of at least 30 miles.

The road is nearly 100 meters wide, paved with solid stones, flat and wide.

From time to time, there are teams of 3zhang high mercury Armored Soldiers, marching in neat steps, holding up long halberd and patrolling along the palace gates.

But they turned a blind eye to the Lu Yao family and ignored them at all.

Now, the family is in the treasure house, but there is no time for him to take care of it, because the first task is to save people.

However, since the Queen Mother is holding people down, it must be of some use. At this time, Zhang Yunshu and several Wudang Sect people are likely to be still alive.

"This place is too big. Fran, fly up to see the road~"

Lu Yao Divine Soul is possessed, and he drives the sword in the lake into the sky as eyes.

Fran was originally disgusted that her body was being entered by Lu Yao, but at this moment she cleverly surrendered her control and let her do what she did.

Lu Yao flew to the sky and took a turn. Everything was taking in the entire scene. The biggest buildings were: Fengtian Hall, Lanchi Palace, Sacrificial Land Altar...

Back to the ground, Lu Yao said: "There is the Fengtian Temple in the center, the most magnificent. Let's go there and take a look.

The Chong Girl has no objection, and goes straight to that place along the smooth street. The most magnificent palace.


The goal of Lu Yao's family is Fengtian Hall. There is an incomparable gigantic square in front of the palace.

The square is covered with White Jade Stone boards. There are tens of thousands of three zhang high silver guards, forming 4 battle formations to surround the Fengtian Temple. Obviously they are guarding

At this moment, the empress dowager Lan Yuyuan, standing 5 kilometers away with frost on her face.

These "Great Wall Legion" guarding the first emperor are far from being comparable to those without sane guards outside. , Is not only more powerful, but also has a trace of spiritual wisdom that can identify the enemy and ourselves.

The queen mother can’t go any further! But time is running out, and her Senior Sister will definitely catch up, and the two will There will be a full-scale contest between body and soul, and those who win will get everything!

But the queen mother is not sure, as the "jades of joy" in joy, she knows the secret of the sect better than anyone else The technique's restraint on Martial Dao's golden body.

"First think of a way to condense your heart! Kill everyone else, it's all mine! "

At this moment, the Queen Mother is still carrying two people in her hand, Yongan Emperor in one hand, and Bailu, one of Wudang's seven sons, in the other.

This woman The Taoist priest followed the master’s experience, but unfortunately, she fell into the enemy's hands together.

The queen mother picked her up and broke off two of her fingers without saying a word. The crisp sound was mixed with a stern, suppressed grunt.

"Zhang Yunshu, you have one hour to lay out the Formation, otherwise I will take the head of your direct disciple. "

"You temptress! "Zhang Yunshu was angry and anxious, but there was nothing he could do if the situation was not as good as others, so he could only sigh, "Your Majesty, sorry!" "

Emperor Yongan obviously wants to say something, but he can only move his eyes and can't do anything.

He suddenly felt a strong regret, why didn't he spend his thoughts on it? In martial arts!

The so-called righteousness and status in this world are all useless, only his own power is the root!

Unfortunately, he understands the truth too much. It's late...

The entire group came to the "sacrifice altar" not far away, which is a place dedicated to prayer and sacrifice for the first emperor.

Liuhe, this place gathers a lot of dynasty's aspirations!

At this moment, the queen mother guided these aspirations into Yong'an Emperor's body, and then absorbed them again, using Yong'an Emperor as a bridge medium. , Used to neutralize the power of desire.

This is not a good job, it is almost the same as intravenous sulphuric acid.

With the Yongan Emperor mournful scream, the familiar "heavenly demon" in the void "Phase" is united again!

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