I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 435

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At this moment, Huanxi Bodhisattva and Lin Mengsheng also entered the Afang Palace.

And I am glad that Bodhisattva obviously knows this place very well, leading everyone to keep walking and running fast.

She has a unique technique to locate the exact position of the Queen Mother, and quickly shorten the distance.

Lin Mengsheng couldn’t help asking: “Bodhisattva knows too much about Afanggong, have you been here before?”

Happiness Bodhisattva In order to appease allies, don’t mind saying more:

"My Joyous Sect was born in Demon Sect in Tang Dynasty. The Sect Master Huangchao at that time explored the Tomb of the First Emperor. Although it lost 200,000 people to enter, it also left valuable information."

Lin Mengsheng said: "Unexpected to have this connection. I heard that Wu Zetian is also your Joyous Sect person?"

"Not only her, but also Anlu Mountain." Bodhisattva sighed with joy. Said:

"It's a pity that the extremes of things will reverse, and the extremes of prosperity will decline. If Great Sect is still disappeared, we will only be the unclimatic discipline of grand disciples."

Lin Mengsheng cursed in his heart: Your case The door broke the Tang Dynasty, and it really deserves to be destroyed.

Said with a smile: "As Bodhisattva said-things must be reversed. I believe you will be able to harvest a lot here and rejuvenate the sect."

Happy Bodhisattva hearing This, stretched out the spring onion-like fingers to cover the small cherry mouth and giggled, the flower branches trembled, it was really white, soft and greasy.

"Lin Langjun is really good at talking. Let's go to Lan Yuyuan's slut. When he is killed, you can choose the baby in the Earth Palace~"

Lin Mengsheng is so natural Her heart burst into flames, and she thought to herself: She was so anxious to find the Queen Mother, it seemed that it was not only because of personal grievances!

At this moment, in midair in the distance, there appeared a figure of Buddha with the upper body and the octopus tentacles on the lower body.

"The slut wants to unite his heart with the power of the dynasty! We are here at the right time!"

The entire group immediately ran towards the "Altar of Sacrifice".

At this moment, Saintess Yun Qinglan, the former Kunlun Gaotu Zhuo Yilong, and three Golden Lotus dharma kings are also with him.


At this moment, Lu Yao and his family are heading towards Fengtian Temple. This palace is 13 higher than the rest of the buildings, which is extremely conspicuous.

"The burning of these giant Bronze Lamps should be merman fat, which can be immortal for thousands of years, and it can burn underwater."

While driving, Li Pei showed off to himself Stomach full of ink.

Not only does this girl have plenty of nutrition in her breasts, she is also very clever in her head.

Yu Yanmei looked at her dozingly, and was extremely satisfied with this proud dísciple.

It didn't take long for the family to arrive at Fengtian Temple.

The four battle formations composed of mercury guards on the square in front of the temple also let people know that this place must be the core area.

As soon as a few people approached the range of 5 kilometers, they saw that a general wearing a tasseled helmet suddenly threw the long halberd in his hand in the battlefield closest to them.

In the terrifying roar of the air, the long halberd hit the ground and caused an explosion similar to a cruise missile.

Fortunately, the spirit refinement expert Lu Yao was there, and everyone stopped in time and staggered the blow.

"It seems that the core area is not so easy to get in." Lu Yao looked around: "Where is the queen mother..."

tone barely fell, and I saw in Midair's familiar heavenly demon phase.

"It's fate!" Lu Yao looked at the heavenly demon that was rapidly condensing, and suddenly realized that the fate was really wonderful.

"Last time I gave you a cruise missile, it seems that the nuclear bomb is also yours."

They also galloped towards the queen mother.

According to this view, the empress dowager’s mentality is too late to condense.


At the Temple of Earth, the queen mother who is gathering her heart has ushered in the first batch of guests.

"Lan Yuyuan, you have a good calculation." Bodhisattva full of smiles said with joy: "It's a pity that I came a step earlier. You can't make up your mind."

The Queen Mother was sitting cross-legged, but at this moment she abruptly stood up, and the surging True Qi formed a heat wave on her body and radiated all around.

"It's you slut! Whoever is in the way of my way must die!"

"tsk tsk tsk, or that petty temper." Joy Bodhisattva Jiao Jiao The voice said:

"Junior Sister, you have developed these years, not only did you not give back to the sect, but also the dísciple that sent me to the palace was tortured and even turned into a human being. Why don't you wait to see the sect? "

"I have been thinking about the disgusting sect that serves men all day, and it happened to ruin you all here today! But..."

The Queen Mother glanced at Saintess Yun Qinglan, her face She showed a little charm: "Your dísciple is still a complete body, but I can keep it and enjoy it."

It turns out that the tune she likes is different from that of ordinary people.

Happy Bodhisattva's star-eye flow wave, Yanran said with a smile: "Junior Sister, then let's start. According to Joyous Sect, today I rejoice that Bodhisattva and the lady will fight to the death, the winner gets everything!"

Lin Mengsheng eats melons by the side, listening with keen interest pleasure: The winner gets everything? Joyous Sect still has this custom?

The queen mother had a cold expression: "You practiced into a metamorphosis? It seems that you are going to use me as a means. The breakthrough is the last step!"

Happy Bodhisattva's face The expression on the above became very expectant: "Junior Sister is right, so today has nothing to do with personal grievances, and you must not blame me~"

The imposing manner of the queen mother has been improved to the extreme: "Come on , Let me see what is so wonderful about the highest realm of "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra"!"

Before speaking, she only heard a loud bang. She stepped on the solid ground and made a big hole, like a cannonball. And to. The Buddha Moving Mountain and Rivers has exploded and the air is coming!

But in the next moment, a goddess, who is surrounded by ribbons and has an extremely attractive figure, has been in front of him. It is the "happy face".

At the same time, the entire Heaven and Earth sounded strangely breathlessly at the same time!

Huai Bodhisattva said with a smile: "Junior Sister, you should know our method, very restrained from the Fleshy body. Martial Artist with strong and strong desire. I can't help but watch you tactfully. The appearance of ~"

Along with the rapid breathing that resounded through Heaven and Earth, a peculiar mental fluctuation covered the audience, and everyone's reproductive instincts were thoroughly stimulated.

This is the most instinctive desire deep in the genes of life, ranging from bacteria and viruses to whales and elephants. All living beings are governed by this and simply cannot resist.

Everyone was blushing, and the person who taught Golden Lotus was particularly unbearable. Their pants were all wet. But the Kunlun Gao Tuzhuo Yilong was unaffected, just looking at Bodhisattva with an obsessive look.

The queen mother has already clamped her legs and trembling, her face is full of shame: "slut! I will tear you up!"

After that, she rushed up again, But both the imposing manner and the movement method are greatly affected.

Huan Bodhisattva lightly untied the gauze on his body, exposing the snow-white carcass, and began to dance.

Pink, white and greasy, faintly discernible, every action contains hints and invitations.

"Huanxixiang" also made the same action. At a time, everyone present was like eighteen guys who had eaten 100 oysters, and they were about to explode.

The Queen Mother even knelt down on the ground with her hands in her hands. Her eyes were very blurred. Even the in midair mentality disappeared and she completely lost her consciousness and resistance.

Huanxi Bodhisattva gently stepped forward: "Junior Sister, why are you so useless?"

While talking, let "Happy Xiang" lift up the Queen Mother.

With hands walking lithe and graceful on her body, the queen mother will tremble subconsciously when she passes through certain key parts.

Huaxi Bodhisattva said with a laugh: "Yes, you don’t know what it's like to be in the deep palace for decades, and you collapsed all at once. Not to mention, I will let you ascend to bliss early."

After all, let "Huanxixiang" tear the queen mother's clothes.

And Huanxi Bodhisattva also took off his gauze.

For a time, there were exclamations one after another! I saw that she had something impossible on her body!

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