I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 437

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Let the three sisters of Innate Realm operate tanks and Vulcan guns for fire support, and Lu Yao and Yu Yanmei came forward.

Li Pei has more experience in gun handling. As a tank gunner, he aimed at the busy queen mother.

She suddenly remembered that she had seen the Queen Mother in the Imperial Palace before, and the other person’s eyes looked very wrong when she looked at her...

Think about it now, it’s simply between the opposite sex Sadism that only appears! possessive desire!

Strong fear and disgust suddenly rose in his heart, and Li Pei suddenly squeezed the trigger in his palm!

The 125mm smoothbore gun of the T84 main battle tank spewed fierce fire and smoke, and a lean axis bullet roared out, accurately shooting at the head of the queen mother!

The shell with a muzzle velocity of 1500 meters per second slanted and drew a terrifying momentum.

At this moment, the well-prepared queen mother can completely avoid her sideways.

But after absorbing the mass essence of Huanxi Bodhisattva, she suddenly felt that she had endless strength!

So, facing the flying cannonball, the Queen Mother slapped it out and exploded in the air!

The smoke cleared, revealing the intact figure of the Queen Mother.

She soared into the sky in an imposing manner, looking towards Lu Yao said with contempt:

"Presenting to the beauties around me, kneeling down and begging for mercy, I will spare you for not dying!"

The Queen Mother was just after Yu Yanmei, and she had to say she had a good vision.

Lu Yao frowned said: "Speaking of returning, fighting and fighting, can you stop the action first, even if you find a dress to put on."

At this moment, the queen mother is carrying Rejoice Bodhisattva and get continuously supplemented essence and spiritual essence. Not only the body is stronger and stronger, but the mental phases also condense extremely quickly.

It is equivalent to completely inheriting everything from Bodhisattva!

It’s just that the look is more spicy...

The Queen Mother doesn’t care about it, sneered:

"Everything in the world is vain, and mourning is the heaven that transcends everything. People must become the emperor who controls everything! How can they be restrained by the ridiculous secular morality!

Today, the Aijia only needs to eat the Senior Sister thoroughly, and then get the benefits of the Shihuang Mausoleum, and then suppress it after going out. Who would dare to say no words in the world!"

Lu Yao's Three Heads Six Arms showed his heart, and the past few days continuously cultivated became bigger again, from 11 meters to nearly 12 meters.

"Then you will learn about the queen dowager’s brilliant tricks today. If you don’t remember the day of the Wanshou Banquet, your feelings were blown by me~"

The Queen Mother is hearing this immediately. Furious! At that time, he failed to enter the Mirror of Manifestation and suffered a lot.

"It's really you! Earlier I saw the strange monster you used to beat people in the newspaper! I doubted it! Die for me!"

, The speed of the Queen Mother has also broken through the sound barrier, and shot it with a single palm!

This palm exploded into a sonic boom, killing him in a terrifying imposing manner.

Fortunately, Lu Yao has merged with his heart. The tall silhouette of Three Heads Six Arms instantly has pupils, and he also hits Buddha's Palm to collide with the Queen Mother!

Suddenly, there was a violent explosion in the Jinxiao clock field, and a large pit with a diameter of no more than a meter appeared on the ground, and the sand, earth and stones were all over the sky.

After the dust settled, the Queen Mother was unscathed, and Lu Yao's two arms and wrists disappeared.

"Only this ability can dare to stand in my way! I want you to watch your own woman be picked to death for a while!"

The queen mother is talking about it He rushed to solve the enemy, but his expression suddenly condensed.

I saw that Three Heads Six Arms's mentality was as good as before, and it suddenly doubled, reaching a height of 20 meters!

The three faces looked over without joy or sadness, and said: "Go on, who hides who is grandson."

Naturally, the queen mother will not be afraid anymore, mobilizing True Qi to form a surging heat wave, Rush up again and fight together!

As Lu Yao said, "Who hides from the grandson", the two have no fancy punches and fists.

The queen mother is as big as a kitten, but she has the upper hand.

Buddha's Palm destructive power is so great, every time you can blast your mind out of the big pit of the car class.

But her complexion is getting worse and worse, because her mental injuries are always healed instantly, and her body is getting bigger and bigger! At this time it is already 30 meters high!

Lu Yao is absorbing the aspiration of Yanhuang and Huang from the stone lion, so the show has just begun.

Three faces locked on the target at the same time, and six truck-sized fists rounded and smashed down at the same time. The earth shook and the mountain quivered burst into a burst of sound!

The queen mother roared wildly to attack and attack, setting off a stronger explosion and vigor.

The aftermath of the two battles turned into a Level 11 storm that can pull up by the roots giant tree, sweeping towards all directions!

The crowd who were watching the game quickly backed away, and at the same time, their bodies worked hard to prevent themselves from being blown away.

Although Yu Yanmei joined Lu Yao, she couldn't get involved in this level of battle at all, and she couldn't bear the aftermath.

She suddenly found that she always regarded herself as a teacher, but her strength was far inferior to that of Lu Xiaozi.

"He grew up really fast. It seemed that he had only washed his marrow when he first met. It only took a few years to grow up like this..."

Yu Yanmei was deeply moved. The silhouette of the fighting in the distance, only the aftermath can cause a disaster-like movement.

"Since I can't get it in, then I will rescue Zhou Laohe's Senior Brother."

Turn around and look at the direction of Zhang Yunshu and the others. They were closed by the Queen Mother with True Qi Only the eyeballs can move around the acupoints around the body.

Yu Yanmei was about to pass, but she stopped abruptly when she walked halfway. I saw a shining Golden Lotus in midair.

"The person taught by Golden Lotus!"

It turned out that Lin Mengsheng and the others came over and wanted to control Zhang Yunshu and Emperor Yong'an.

"Yu Yanmei? Just caught you! Let Lu Yao be restrained!"

Before Lin Mengsheng's words were over, the three Lords of His Majesty had suddenly rushed out to surround Yu Yanmei.

The Golden Lotus in the sky is suddenly in full bloom. May the force be poisonous!

Only hearing the loud noise of "hong", Yu Yanmei took the lead, turning into a shadow and passing by a Dharma king.

This person turned into four pieces and fell to the ground on the spot, Lin Mengsheng was furious, and he lost an Innate before he saw the benefits.

"slut! I'm going to interrupt your limbs and give the queen mother a tonic until death!"

When Lin Meng's unmarked fingers moved, there was a slight ripple in the air.

Yu Yanmei sensed something, and instantly dodged, and the Longquan sword in her hand danced into a light screen.

In a flash of sparks flying in all directions, I saw countless fine flying needles forming a formation to besiege. If Yu Yanmei hadn't sat and forgotten about spirit refinement, it would have been a hit at this moment.

But being entangled by the flying needle and unable to avoid the Golden Lotus in time, Yu Yanmei felt that her thinking became more and more sluggish, and she had no strength on her body, and she was about to enter a negative state of five decays.

Fortunately, support has arrived at this time!

First, Lin Mengsheng dodged a cannonball.

But before he had time to be happy, the next second was light flashed, and Lin Mengsheng let out a scream, and a big hole was opened in his shoulder.

It turned out that Fran controlled the sword in the lake to help!

Lin Mengsheng said in disbelief: "Then Lu Yao still has room to control Flying Sword against the Queen Mother!"

He didn't know Fran's existence, and thought it was Lu Yao's score. Heart.

Isn’t the distraction between the same realm courting death...Lin Mengsheng turned his head and looked over, immediately turned pale in fright!

"Why are you growing up so big!"

On the battlefield in the distance, Lu Yao's heart knows when he has grown to a height of 50 meters, and he is waving 6 Iron Fist. The smashed Queen Mother ran all over the floor!

More than a minute has passed since the fight began, and the situation suddenly reversed.


After the mental phase of Three Heads Six Arms exceeds 50 meters, it is already able to support both heaven and earth, just like gods and demons.

The attributes of all aspects of the Queen Mother have been crushed, and she has not dared to fight head-on, so she can only avoid them.

Battered and exhausted big pits exploded behind her, she screamed: "Asshole! You're trying to use me!"

Lu Yao's voice turned into a roll thunder:

[Nor say that, I just cherish every fighter meeting very much]

The queen mother sullen her face, and with the sound of "wave" she took off Bodhisattva of joy, He twisted his spine and threw it aside, while shouting to Lin Mengsheng:

"Lin Sect Lord, don't care about miscellaneous fish, come and help me first!"

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