I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 439

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Even if it is nearly 5 kilometers away, the movement of the Queen Mother and Lu Yao can be heard clearly.

In the continuous muffled sound, Yu Yanmei went straight to the place where Zhang Yunshu and the others were imprisoned.

Along the way, I also encountered two French kings taught by Golden Lotus who wanted to snatch Lin Mengsheng's relics, and they were all beheaded by her with a sword.

At this moment, Zhang Yunshu and his dísciple Bailu were blocked by the Queen Mother, only the eyes can move.

Seeing Yu Yanmei coming non-stop, her face flushed with excitement.

Yu Yanmei put her hand on the two of them for a try, knowing that she could not unlock the ban set by the Queen Mother, and simply picked them up with one hand and packed them away.

At this time, she again saw Emperor Yong'an who was acting as a mediator.

Emperor Yongan was in shock at this time, only occasionally subconsciously convulsing.

Yu Yanmei was about to take this person away, but she heard a reminder from the sky: [Be careful! 】

She sprinted forward quickly, and a big hand swept across the corner of her clothes behind her.

Turning around, it turns out that the heavenly demon of the Queen Mother has almost completely condensed, and at this moment she brazenly takes a sneak attack.

Be aware that everything in the world will always leave traces and be noticed as long as it moves.

But the heavenly demon is close to 20 meters high, but the movements are silent, and Yu Yanmei really didn't notice it.

Fortunately, Fran promptly reminded him that while driving the sword in the lake to attack, sound transmission said:

[Lu Yao is afraid of your accident, let me follow you]

Yu Yanmei is hearing this. She feels warm and sorry. Lu Yao has to distract herself from the Queen Mother.

The fierce Heavenly Demon shot again and interrupted her thoughts.

I saw the monster waving his tentacles frantically, and the muffled sound became a piece, even the ground shook slightly.

Fran had to fight to avoid the front, and Yu Yanmei hurried away.

Heavenly demon is not forgiving, and he closes in a moment with a light twist.

A pair of malicious eyes locked on Yu Yanmei, the look on her face was 9 points like that of the Queen Mother, very greedy.

Fortunately, at this time, Li Pei and Liao Qi launched long-range artillery support in time.

The tank shells and the Vulcan cannon with several lines of fire accurately hit the heavenly demon, setting off a violent explosion and fire, causing the monster to roar bitterly, raising his paws to block his head and face .

Yu Yanmei hurriedly carried Zhang Yunshu master and disciple and ran in the direction of the three girls.

Heavenly Demon was about to chase him, but was entangled by artillery fire and Fran, with a humanized look of anger on his face.

Afterwards, it seemed to have received the owner's order, gave up Yu Yanmei, turned around, and picked up Yongan Emperor and put it in his mouth to chew!

Originally, its body was almost solid, and it manifested instantly after swallowing Emperor Yong'an!

While chewing, a pair of malicious eyes in the juice splashed around and looked at the direction Yu Yanmei was escaping unwillingly.


Yu Yanmei led the two people to the tank in an instant, and Li Pei hurriedly greeted him to take it.

"It's Sect Master Zhang and Bailu! Very good! This time Zhou Daochang's entrustment is finally completed!"

The two sisters Liao Ya and Liao Qi kept moving and keeping fire. Attack the heavenly demon phase.

"This thing has swallowed Emperor Yong'an, and there is no fear of gunfire!"

"It also took Fran away!"

Seeing it Fulan's sword in the lake was slapped far away by the heavenly demon, and Yu Yanmei was about to return to the battlefield immediately.

Before leaving, he said to the three Li Pei: “It’s dangerous here, you take Zhang Sect Master master and disciple away quickly! Both of them have no ability to protect themselves at the moment.”

On the battlefield where the top golden body is fighting, a tank really can't be considered much solid fortress.

Li Pei hurriedly responded nodded and returned to the cab to control the tank back.

At the same time, he said: "Master, be careful... why don't you stay with us?"

"With all the benefits of Lu Xiaozi, I can do what I can Some things."

Of course, Yu Yanmei will not stay in the stable rear. Before she finished her words, she shot at Fran in a flash.


Yu Yanmei retrieved the sword in the lake in an irregular radial hole.

Divine Sword was unscathed by the heavenly demon, but Fran looked a little sad:

"This monster is not simple, far more than an ordinary heart. "

Yu Yanmei reached out to help recover from the massive Innate True Qi, and said at the same time:

"This is a famous heavenly demon. It must be far beyond the ordinary."

Fran squinted her eyes, naked eye looked a lot better, and her body became solid again.

"Lu Yao has the upper hand, we will win this battle!"

She is confident.

But at this moment Yu Yanmei expression moved and noticed that someone was crawling hard not far away. It was Kunlun Gao Tuzhuo Yilong.

The direction he climbs is where Bodhisattva is happy!


At this moment, Bodhisattva is lying on the ground with joy.

After being picked up, her realm of metamorphosis is falling, and the sword will not pull.

Listening to the violent battle in the distance, Bodhisattva is filled with spite in joy!

"Why is this happening! I should have picked up that slut, and then put all the benefits into my bag!"

"The entire Qinhuang Earth Palace, and the Lu Yao, And Yu Yanmei, who is obviously still a virgin, is all mine!"

Screaming unwillingly, Zhuo Yilong climbed over and brought his only remaining Innate True Qi.

Huan Bodhisattva was more comfortable with this. He glanced at Zhuo Yilong, who was full of distress and obsessiveness, and felt a little complacent and disdainful.

The humble appearance of the man in front of him was not created by himself using spirit refinement means, but a unique "tame method" between men and women.

The core is one sentence-when a man likes you enough, without you lie to him, he will lie to himself.

Even in this situation, Zhuo Yilong still regards Huanxi Bodhisattva as Fairy who is clear as ice and clean as jade, the love of his life.

He said distressedly: "I'll take you out of here..."

Happy Bodhisattva whispered: "A dragon, do you love me?"

Zhu Yilong solemnly said: "I love you forever!"

Happily Bodhisattva nodded, and said: "In this case, you give me everything you have! I want your essence. Yuanhe Shenyuan, I want it now!"

At such a terrifying request, Zhuo Yilong's face flushed with excitement: "I, can I?"

"Why not Yes, or do you dislike me being picked up?"

"Why, I will come here!"

Zhuo Yilong is about to stir up the tank with his toothpicks happily. Suddenly someone is coming over.

The person here is Yu Yanmei!

Huanxi Bodhisattva jié jié said with a smile: "Isn't this your old lover? Why, I robbed a man to avenge you?"

She talked and quietly gathered Broken heart.

Yu Yanmei unemotional said indifferently:

"The previous engagement was made by the teacher, but I don't really care. I just feel that the dignified Kunlun Gaotu actually bowed so humbly."

While she was talking, she slowly drew out the Longquan sword, swallowing the indeterminate sword light.

As soon as Yu Yanmei was about to make a move, Zhuo Yilong became anxious, put on his pants and screamed and rushed over:

"I don't allow you to hurt..."

But before the words were finished, they were chopped into a dozen pieces, and the rustling sound rolled to the ground.

"I will send you to death, so that you will not continue to ruin the reputation of Kunlun Faction."

Yu Yanmei looked disgusted, and despised this kind of slavery.

After that, Bodhisattva will be killed.

Hai Bodhisattva is unable to resist, but at this time jié jié smiles viciously: "I am dead, and I will not make you feel better!"

After that, I will break myself. The mind detonated completely!

It's like a balloon filled with water bursting open suddenly, and the strong joy and willingness will fill the audience at any time!

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