I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 440

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A strange Spiritual Fluctuation kill time filled the audience.

With time, all beings multiply.

This is the "wish power" that Joyous Sect has collected in brothel, prostitutes, and even Martial Artist's bedroom for hundreds of years.

This kind of things collected when you are in love with men and women, it must be very 404.

The scope of the great joyful wish is so large that even Lu Yao and the queen mother from afar are framed in, and Yu Yanmei is naturally close at hand.

In this kind of fluctuating hood, Yu Yanmei instantly felt very uncomfortable. Her cold face became flushed and her two long legs were subconsciously clamped.

Happy Bodhisattva laughed heartily up:

"This is based on the deep instinct of sentient beings. The higher the cultivation base, the stronger the body, the more difficult it will be to resist. You just touch it as soon as you touch it. I feel so uncomfortable, it must have been suffering for many years, and my body strongly protested~"

Yu Yanmei's face was flushed and rosy, but her expression became even colder, and she was about to slash the shameless woman in front of her with a sword.

But what she didn't know was that the state at this time was only the first stage, and she could still resist with the tenacious willpower.

But soon the second phase will come.

I saw the Dahuanxi courtyard that filled the air suddenly turned pink, accompanied by a fragrant smell.

Except for the joy of Bodhisattva, everyone's mind suddenly fainted.

The lowest Spirit Refinement cultivation base Yu Yanmei is even more confused in her head, and she only feels that the heat in her lower abdomen is astonishing.

Happy Bodhisattva’s smile, with a strange temptation in her voice:

"Yu Yanmei, you are untainted by even a speck of dust, you guard your body like jade, but you can suffocate your body. Come on, let I'll take you to the clouds. We are all women, so you can let go of the joy~"

This person obviously wants to use Yu Yanmei to make up for himself. If it succeeds, today's things are still There is a play.

Yu Yanmei tried her best to suppress the growing passion in her body.

Cleaning oneself and loving oneself for several decades, although the character is noble, but it also violates the instinct of life.

At this moment, it is detonated, which can be called a heavenly thunder to spur the earth fire, which is far beyond the ability of human willpower to resist.

Just when her eyes became bright and intelligent, and Bodhisattva was delighted in her heart, Fran appeared in time with a solemn expression on her face!

Although the voice is crisp, it is full of unyielding indomitable courage and Fight Heaven and Earth's tenacious fighting will.

This is the "roar of courage", which can get rid of evil spirits and sharply increase morale.

Agitated by this, Yu Yanmei recovered a little from a trace and soberness and calm.

She shook her head, the Longquan sword in her hand turned into a silver light, and Bodhisattva passed in a flash.

Huan Bodhisattva has a small slit in the middle of his forehead, and his face is full of unwillingness and resentment:

"Hateful! Obviously you are all restrained by me, I should have gotten it. All the benefits, ascend to the position of God..."

Before the words fell, the slit in the middle of the forehead became larger and larger and spread to the whole body, happy that Bodhisattva was divided into two neatly.

Although she died, the joy that permeated between Heaven and Earth did not dissipate, but intensified.

Now within ten miles, the sky has turned a faint pink, and there is a faintly discernable sweet smell in the air.

Even Fran, who had no physical body, was affected and flew back into the sword with a blushing face.

"This thing is so nasty, if you take me out, I won't show up."

Hang the words on Yu Yanmei's back.

Yu Yanmei is also very difficult to endure, and is about to leave the envelope of joy and desire.

Suddenly there was a huge movement in the distance. It turned out that Lu Yao and the Queen Mother had hit this side.

"I don't know if Lu Xiaozi has been affected..."


At this moment, the Queen Mother sees the sky full of joy Willing force, but happy tight.

She will also "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra", and naturally has a certain resistance to this thing.

And Lu Yao, as a male Martial Artist of full of vigor, will inevitably be more affected.

Thinking of this, the queen mother immediately reversed the yin and yang, retracted the sword and returned to the sheath, and returned to a sexy and charming female body.

The alluring body of white flowers appeared immediately, and the jade legs set off by the emerald green ankle became more sexy.

The queen mother deliberately showed the beauty of her body, saying: "Lu Yao, the virgin body of the Ai family is still there, you don't want to be in the rain?"

"Forget it, I'm afraid that you secretly draw your sword and pick me up."

Dare to be distracted acted coquettishly when fighting, Lu Yao certainly won't get used to it, he just hit the queen mother's face with a punch on the spot!

Although he was burned by the sky of joy and desire, he could still resist it through the Spirit Refinement cultivation base.

I saw a fist as big as a truck, flying the Queen Mother out like a tennis ball, and the whole person was deformed.

Lu Yao won the power, he exerted force on his leg to catch up with the enemy who was blown away in an instant, and then smashed it down with a fist.

With a loud bang, the queen mother flew upside down and slammed into the ground, smashing a large radial pit 5 meters in diameter.

She was quite embarrassed in the pit. There were countless broken bones on her body, and two ribs even pierced out of her chest cavity.

But there was a weird smile on her face—heavenly demon was completely solidified.

In the violent sound of breaking through the air, Lu Yao whistled in an instant, raising six fists and about to smash again.

But at this moment, the sexy anklet worn by the Queen Mother suddenly light flashed, and the whole person was wrapped in a touch of green fluorescence and disappeared on the spot.

Lu Yao's fist was smashed, and he felt that this scene was familiar.

When the allied forces invaded before, the commander of Izumo named Yasushi Fukushima used "Flash Azure Dragon" to launch teleportation. This is the special effect!

At this time, the place where the Queen Mother teleports, it is her own heart to get along!

I saw that heavenly demon was already waiting for the owner, and the two immediately merged.

In an instant, the heavenly demon phase became more agile, and the eyebrows were exactly the same as the Queen Mother.

"Finally, the feelings of the Aijia family have finally manifested!"

The queen mother looked at her hands and the tentacles under her, very excited.

Lu Yao leaned over at a moderate pace and asked casually:

"Where did that ankle ring on your feet come from? You followed Izumo’s Heren Heavenly Sovereign Does it matter?"

"The dead don't need to know too much!" The Queen Mother didn't mean to answer at all, "Next, the Lai Family will pick up your woman in front of you!"

After that, she waved her hand at Yu Yanmei who was retreating in the distance!

I saw a white wave of air between the palms of Heavenly Demon's wave, and then the air wave flew out of the body abruptly, turning into a shock wave!

Fortunately, Yu Yanmei is not a mundane person. She jumped sideways at the critical moment, avoiding the blow amidst the violent explosion.

Looking back, there was a big pit with a diameter of 5 meters in the field, which was exactly the same as the formidable power of a 155mm howitzer!

Yu Yanmei just has no leakage and can't withstand this kind of attack. She is about to start the movement method and quickly escape, but in the next moment there is a huge silhouette in front of her face!

"little beauty, don't go, there will be good things waiting for you in a while."

The queen mother's face is full of playfulness, with a huge body of 20 meters high, looking down from a height Yu Yanmei, who is the size of a mouse.

"The speed is so fast, it is silent!"

Yu Yanmei's pretty face was frosty, and she stepped back quickly, and didn't notice when this thing came.

The complete movement of the heavenly demon phase violated the laws of physics. Just now, it definitely exceeded the speed of sound without causing any fluctuations.

At this moment, the monster suddenly faced Yu Yanmei with a greedy color to extend the hand, wanting to catch it alive.

But Lu Yao is not slow, and came in time with a strong sound of breaking through the air!

The Queen Mother said with a sneer:

"Lu Yao, the Aijia admits that your mental state is very strong, but your Martial Dao Realm is too low! Martial Dao and spirit refinement Like two human legs, neither one will be short! You will definitely lose!"

Speaking, a picture of "Buddha's Palm: Buddha Moving Mountain and Rivers"!

This palm was wrapped in a huge white sonic boom. The strong wind formed a Mach ring. The hurricane was set off by the aftermath, and the surrounding palaces were swayed.

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