I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 442

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Yu Yanmei has completely lost her cold appearance, and she sticks to Lu Yao's body.

Yanyan is light and Yingying is soft, Lu Yao could hold on at first, but he can smell the beautiful woman's breath like a blue breath, and then hear the tender groan that seems to be an invitation, he suddenly meets fire like gasoline Detonated like a star.

Lu Yao's eyes were congested, and his head became drowsy.

This is not what willpower can suppress at all, but a desire from genetic instinct.

With the surging blood, Lu Yao put the ankle ring into the time and space bubble, and then hugged the gentle Yu Yanmei sideways, and several leaps into the "Lanchi Palace" in the east. ".

When the Queen Mother saw this scene and knew what would happen next, she immediately hated it!

"The worst part of detoxification in the script! This should be the spoils of war I should enjoy!"

"Lu Yao! I hate the family and don’t kill it soon. It's you!"

She was ruined and her body was broken, and she couldn't even stand up. She could only watch everything happen and was helpless.

Soon, amidst the vicious curses of the Queen Mother, a vaguely surprised woman screamed.

The shouts are sweet and sweet, full of the joy of getting what they want and the joy of finally being relieved.

The Queen Mother hates her Spirit Refinement cultivation base for being too high, so she can hear her clearly so far away.

In extreme anger, two puffs of blood spurted from the nose orifices, and the injury got worse.

At this moment, compared with the tragic physical injury, the damage to the Divine Soul caused by the broken heart is the most serious injury.

As the women shouting more and more urgently and louder, the back of the dowager seemed to have thousands of steel needles drilling.


At the same time, 15 kilometers away.

Liao Qi put up a pergola and looked at the pink Heaven and Earth in the distance, wondering:

"What is this? Is it the method of spirit refinement powerhouse?"


Liao Ya gently shook her head: "I don't know, we can't get in anyway, so don't cause trouble to Junior Brother."

After that, she bowed her head and sighed again: "It has to be doubled. Work hard, next time you must fight alongside Junior Brother!"

Just as the sisters were talking, there was a blast of artillery fire from the direction of the city wall in the distance, and countless mercury guards rushed in neat steps. There.

The sound of footsteps caused the surrounding ground to tremble slightly. Li Pei heard the movement leaning out of the tank and looked behind him:

"The three Great Grandmasters in the Imperial Court were besieging tightly. , These mercury guards have to rush to support."

The three women suddenly felt that the three Great Grandmasters outside the city were a bit miserable. I and the others have been here for a long time, and they didn't even have a breakthrough at the gate.

Liao Ya glanced at the tank and asked, "How about Zhang Sect Master master and disciple?"

Li Pei shook his head and sighed: "Only the eyes can still move. It seems that it will take some time to get back to normal."

Liao Ya said at a glance: "It is purely True Qi to close all the acupuncture points of Innate Grandmaster, and it can last so long. The cultivation base of the Queen Mother is really terrifying! "

"It should be supported by the power of the whole country."

Li Pei was a little worried: "The queen mother is extremely difficult to deal with, and I don't know what happened to Lang Jun..."

Liao Ya's soft voice comforted: "Don't worry, the Lord has countless methods, and he will definitely win."

Li Pei is still worried about this, and Liu frowned: "I don't know. Why, I always feel that something is going to happen to the master, it seems that there is a disaster of blood light."

This is a hint given by the spirit refinement in the dark.

Liao Ya stopped Li Pei’s shoulder and said confidently: "I believe Lu Yao, he will take care of Grandmaster Yu."


The "Lanchi Palace" that Lu Yao came to with Yu Yanmei in his arms was the first emperor's bedroom. Needless to say, it is magnificent and luxurious.

This palace is dominated by gold and stone structures, the most prominent is a huge bronze bed, which is ten meters long and wide.

All around is also surrounded by gauze tents, in which there are faintly two closely connected silhouettes, it is Lu Yao and Yu Yanmei.

At this moment, the two of them have regained consciousness after sweating profusely, and the atmosphere is a bit embarrassing.

When Lu Yao woke up, he was holding Jiarenyuan's lubricious ankle.

However, the soles of the feet are beautiful and the ankle bones are round; the skin is full of sweat, reflecting soft and bright honey under the Bronze Lamp.

After getting along for a long time, Lu Yao has an extraordinary affection for this beautiful, vulgar, kind-hearted and resolute woman.

This is the end of the matter, and I simply let everyone’s relationship go further, so I immediately said: "I will be responsible."

After that, I leaned over and kissed the one who was pretending to be asleep. Xiuya woman.

At this time, Yu Yanmei didn't know what to do, panic, shy, and grievance filled her heart, so she could only pretend to sleep with her eyes closed.

Under normal circumstances, she would have drew the sword and beheaded the disciple.

But getting along for a long time, with the countless benefits that Lu Yao gave, witnessed his creation of miracles one after another.

Yu Yanmei spoke highly of Lu Yao. She found that she was not very annoyed, but she was ashamed...

Just when she was in trouble, Lu Yao leaned over and kissed her.

Yu Yanmei was very nervous, her long eyelashes trembling subconsciously, she secretly scolded this kid for being bold and dare to kiss herself.

But soon, she knew what the real boldness is—Lu Yao not only kissed him, but then actually flew up and down.

This time, Yu Yanmei couldn't pretend to be asleep, and quickly reached out to stop Lu Yao's movements, and reprimanded:

"You, you are not finished! Get up!"


With a hint of crying in his voice, Lu Yao reluctantly got up slowly.

Yu Yanmei hurriedly turned her back and started putting on clothes, her white porcelain body was quickly covered.

Lu Yao stepped forward to help, but as soon as he picked up a bellyband belt, Yu Yanmei hit him out of the room with a backhand punch.

After driving away from Deng's apprentice, Jiaren changed her clothes at ease.

She still had a mess in her mind, but she cut the blood-stained bed sheet off and put it away.


Yu Yanmei cleaned up and turned back to a moon elf with snow-skinned, beautiful and refined skin.

Out of the room, Lu Yao was waiting at the door.

When I was about to say something, Yu Yanmei took the lead:

"Lu, we just have to do it in a hurry, just treat this as a dream, forever Forget it."

Lu Yao flatly refused and smiled and said: "How can I forget it! I will take the responsibility, you are sorry, I will tell Li Pei..."

"Don't!!!" When Yu Yanmei heard this, her cold expression could no longer be maintained, and she said in a panic:

"Go around and say, are you going to be ashamed of yourself! You know, you know, I know, you can’t let the third person know!"

Yu Yanmei stared her eyes and looked serious, but she forgot in a hurry. At this time, there was a third person— —

Fran has been in the sword in the lake, seeing everything completely!

She strongly despised Holy Knight, then she said nothing, her eyes flickered, as if she was planning something.


Yu Yanmei took a lot of effort to let Lu Yao get rid of the idea and promised to keep it secret.

Later, she reminded: "First, handle the Queen Mother’s matter. You seem to have something to ask her."

Lu Yao took out the Queen Mother’s feet from the time and space bubble. Ring, calmly said:

"In fact, it is almost the same whether you ask or not, and the queen mother is busy."

It turned out that while the two were happy, the only joy left in the field was Bodhisattva's dísciple ——Saintess Yun Qinglan found the queen mother!

Lu Yao is very curious about what she wants to do.

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