I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 443

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When Lu Yao was happy, the queen mother was trying to stabilize the damage of Divine Soul, while twisting the bones and bones to heal the body.

She can only count on Lu Yao to take the beauty to enjoy and forget the time, thus forgetting herself.

But when the Queen Mother was just getting better, a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of her face!

These feet are slender and beautiful, white and crystal clear, they are women's plain feet.

Looking up, the person here is Saintess Yun Qinglan of Joyous Sect and the direct disciple of Bodhisattva.

Yun Qinglan has been observing for a while, confirming that the Queen Mother has no resistance, and then she shows up and wants to do something.

When the Queen Mother saw her, she pretended to say calmly:

"Yun Qinglan, you will take me out of here immediately, I will give you guidance on cultivation and help you get Joyous Sect Sect. The position of the Master!"

"Queen dowager, you looked at my eyes before, so you wanted to make up for me, right~"

Yun Qinglan approached slowly, squatting behind the dowager Before:

"Don’t deny it, I see a lot of your look. And you have also taken care of my master. I have to take revenge for the dísciple."

Queen dowager complexion sank: "Why, you think you can kill me!"

"Such a good opportunity, it is a shame to kill you." Yun Qinglan faint smile said: "I I want you to taste the taste of being picked up by others!"

Queen dowager snered: "Could it be that you are also transformed into a human being."

Yun Qinglan gently shook his head "Naturally, I haven't reached this realm yet, and seeing you and Master, I suddenly don’t plan to continue cultivation "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra"."

Then she pointed to the light in the air. Pink, slowly dancing and saying:

"However, in this situation, you can invite the Queen Mother to enjoy a Great Ascension heavenly demon dance."

Yun Qinglan spoke, While dancing with a strange rhythm.

The posture is extremely enchanting and charming, showcasing the beauty of women.

As she danced, the force of joy in the air suddenly shrank with guidance.

The coverage is only on the Queen Mother's body, but it has become more concentrated, and even the silhouette of the person has become blurred.

Originally, the Queen Mother would not be easily recruited.

But at this moment, her Divine Soul fleshy body is severely injured and extremely weak.

Together with the aspiring power left by Huanxi Bodhisattva and the impetus of Yun Qinglan's heavenly demon dance, it actually caused a qualitative change.

I saw that the queen mother became flushed all over, just like cooked prawns, Jingyuan and Shenyuan begin to stir.

She clenched her teeth tightly and endured herself, holding on to the essence not to leak.

But at this critical moment, Yun Qinglan used her soft dance to bend over her body, stretched out two fingers and stroked her eyes.

At this moment, the queen mother, unable to resist the clever technique of training since childhood, immediately screamed, and the essence and the gods spurted out! The naked eye of the whole person withered visible.

Yun Qinglan stopped her movements and watched the scene happily until the sound of footsteps came.

It is Lu Yao and Yu Yanmei here.


Lu Yao has long been aware of Yun Qinglan's small movements.

I originally thought that if he were to see the hot eye of Who Demon Fencing, he would slap these two things to death.

Fortunately, the visual effect of "Great Ascension Heavenly Demon Dance" is not bad, and at the same time, it also allows the Queen Mother to taste the pain and despair of being supplemented by others.

And Yun Qinglan hurriedly prostrate oneself in admiration, pouting her butt and bowing to bow:

"Mr. Lu, my concubine is willing to take refuge in you, as a slave and a maid at your command. !"

Yun Qinglan thought clearly. The master is dead, if you don't want to become someone else's cauldron, of course you have to find a backer.

What we saw and heard today, this Lu Yao is indeed the thigh of Heaven-class! Such a character, even if he was a plaything, he would recognize it!

At this moment, the contemporary "Wulin number one beauty" voluntarily becomes a slave and a maidservant. It also comes with a top sect, which is really happy.

However, Lu Yao was unwilling, instead, he was full of disgust: "Joyous Sect is neither male nor female. It's disgusting. You'd better close the door to extinction."

Yun Qinglan hearing This was in a hurry, dong dong dong banged his head repeatedly:

"Lu Zhenjun, "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra" is Sect's Divine Arts. There are only three of us who have to pass the highest realm. There are already two of us. I'm stuck here.

The slave and maid think that being a woman is good, absolutely don't want to grow a sword, and will never be cultivation in this life!"

At this time, Yu Yanmei suddenly interjected Dao:

"Joyous Sect is nasty, but it has valuable inheritance and experience for women's cultivation, and there are still many poor women who depend on them for survival, so you might as well leave a way out."

Yun Qinglan was also very clever and promptly said:

"I have countless reserves of Joyous Sect treasures, as well as an intelligence network covering the whole river. The slaves and maids would like to offer them with both hands for the enjoyment of Lord Lu!"

Since just now, Yu Yanmei has been ignoring herself with a cold face. At this moment, suddenly speaking, Lu Yao is of course very concerned.

"In this case, I will temporarily agree to your refuge for the sake of Grandmaster Yu. Go back and remodel the sect. Don’t let me see anything nasty, otherwise I will straighten it out. Joyous Sect's mountain gate."

There are already three golden bodies in Lu Yao's hands. Yun Qinglan didn't dare to treat these words as in one ear and out the other, so she hurriedly agreed.

"The slaves know! The sect will be strictly punished, and then formally visit Zhenjun Lu."

Lu Yao nodded, waved his hand: "Let's go."


Yun Qinglan gave a salute again before getting up and backing down.

Before I left, I saw that Lu Yao was still trying to please the Grandmaster Yu with little care. I couldn't help but envy him. Having such a powerhouse pampered is really a blessing for several generations of cultivation.


Lu Yao took the sword in the lake and handed it to Yu Yanmei to let her end the queen mother.

Before the Queen Mother has repeatedly coveted it, Yu Yanmei is naturally obliged to do so.

At this moment, the queen mother is dying, but she glared at herself violently, without any intention of asking for mercy.

Yu Yanmei looked at her with a clear look of disgust on her face, but instead of killing immediately, she asked:

"Do you not need to be interrogated?"

Lu Yao shook his head and said: "No, I will talk to the Lord Master in a while."

Yu Yanmei is not in the ink marks, and the ruthless sword penetrates into the center of the queen mother's eyebrows, and comes out from behind her head.

The powerful life force of the golden body prevents her from dying immediately, but can speak:

"Today you won, but you are just struggling in this desperate world. on whilst at death's door for a while..."

After that, she forcibly turned the transcendence of heaven and human to let herself die as a male.

The queen mother of heavenly demon, who has been standing for many years, finally gave the first prize today.


Next, Lu Yao took out the emerald green ankle ring and shook it a few times:

"Heren, come out, I have to ask you to fail."

I saw this emerald green ankle suddenly shine, and a familiar wave of mind came out. It was Heren little devil. .

The other party is still wearing a military uniform, wearing a mask of the crow and tengu.

[Visit from another world, your battle method is really extravagant, I am more interested in your world]

Lu Yao has no unexpected expression: "It's really you. "

Then probed again: "What do you want to do with Divine Soul here? Speak and listen, maybe you can cooperate~"

Heren smiled, Calmly said:

【Forget it, anyway, I have the answer to what I want to know. Such a fierce battle failed to attract the First Emperor, it seems that he really is not good...]

After that, he turned to excitement and continued:

[So we will soon I’m about to meet, I can’t wait]

"Then you have to hurry up, otherwise I will sink your little broken island first."

Heren no longer maintain this After repeated Divine Soul, the voice became intermittent:

[Visitors from other worlds, go to Fengtian Temple and learn the desperate truth...]

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