I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 445

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"Golden and aspiration..." Lu Yao's heart moved when he heard this request. This is not difficult for him.

"Yes!" Ying Zheng pointed to the super-giant golden man behind him and said:

"Ancestral Dragon knew that he could not win easily, so he gathered the world’s gold to create an infinite The mighty [Twelve Golden Men] alone is no less than Yang God. It’s a pity that more than half of it has been destroyed in repeated battles, and the only one behind me is the one who can move."

Lu Yao said with a smile himself There was also a hundred tons of gold sponsored by the Star Alliance in the time bubble. He immediately said: "About this..."

But he was interrupted by Yingzheng before he could finish his words:

"I know that gold and aspirations are very precious things, and they are really very people can get. But if you don’t do this, not only the monster on that day, Xu Fu will not let us go.

Before I could still like the fox which exploits the tiger's might to frighten them, but after this incident was seen through, it is estimated that there will be successive means to use it soon."

Lu Yao: "That ......"

Ying Zheng stared at the golden man and continued:

"I'm just a ray of Remnant Soul. There has been a trial in Tang Dynasty before, and a blood ancestor crossed the sea. Kill! Fortunately, many hermits were still there at the time, and a Thunder Tribulation expert was perish together with him. Nowadays Dharma End Era, we have to repair the 12 gold men at any cost!"

After that, Lu Yao waved his hand directly and took out a hundred tons of gold from the time bubble.

These golds are all 400 ounces (12.5kg) gold bricks, the Star Alliance national standard standard.

The density of gold is extremely high and the volume is not large. It can be loaded by an ordinary truck of 100 tons.

"You can exchange the treasures in the Earth Palace for gold..."

Ying Zheng turned around while speaking, and saw the countless gold in front of her!

His expression suddenly stagnated, and he couldn't speak for a long time.

But even more surprised is still behind, Lu Yao took 100 million people's wishes from the Dragon Mark mirror and turned it into a huge lake hovering above his head.

At the same time, he said: "Is this enough? I have consumed too much energy today, and I don’t have much on my body. I will bring it to you another day."

"Enough... enough for the time being. ......"

Yingzheng spirit slowly recovers and guides these aspirations into the golden human body.

"I looked down on you... Child of Destiny really cannot be measured by common sense. However, there are 6 remaining gold men, and they need at least 100 tons of gold and three times the power of willingness."

These are not too many, Lu Yao nodded without any difficulty: "Easy to handle, you use these first, I will bring you together soon."

Haozhi The imposing manner assaults the senses, this strand of Qin Huang’s Remnant Soul is completely convinced, and Lu Yao is completely believed.

Seeing his body shape fluctuates, Lu Yao feels that he has been swept by countless electromagnetic waves.

After that, Ying Zheng took out a bronze tiger charm and handed it over, saying:

"I gave you the highest authority of Afang Palace, you can enter and leave at will. There are also some Ancestral Dragons left behind "Treasure, you can also take it."

Lu Yao accepted it and said politely: "This is so sorry."

"no need to be so polite, I have to count on you next." Yingzheng sighed and said:

"Ancestral Dragon’s obsession is that his greed for longevity has brought about the disaster of extinction. The triangular thing could have been destroyed immediately. More than one alchemist saw the weirdness of this thing...This is the bait and key used by Foreign Heavenly Demon to search for its prey."

Lu Yao said: "Indulging in the past is meaningless. Look forward."

"You are right." Ying Zheng said with a smile: "Next, I will hurry up to repair the gold man. I will tell you where the treasure is stored and how to take it out. , You can pick it up yourself."

Lu Yao a cup one fist in the other hand said: "Then I'm welcome. There are many people in my family and I just need some good things."

Ying Zheng then copied countless information through Divine Soul.

After everything was completed, Lu Yao didn't want Yu Yanmei to wait and left immediately.

Ying Zheng finally said: "I'm just a Remnant Soul obsession. I can't leave the golden man too far. Go and send away the disturbing and quiet visitors outside, and then block the hole that the woman dug out. Come on."

Lu Yao waved his hand: "The bag is on my body."


Yu Yanmei is waiting outside , Frequently looking at the entrance of Fengtian Temple.

Fortunately, it didn't take long to see Lu Yao come out, and she was also slightly relaxed.

But the next scene surprised her a little, and saw that the mercury guards outside actually bowed and saluted Lu Yao!

Yu Yanmei greeted him, and said: "Emperor Shi is really alive!?"

"That's right, but the state is not very good, only a strand of Remnant Soul is left. I and him Talking very happy, he also gave me some treasures, let's go get them now."

Lu Yao explained that, leading the beauties to various palaces to get the benefits.

Yu Yanmei silently followed Lu Yao, and saw that all Mercury TVs passing by along the way would bow and salute.

I was surprised in my heart: "This smelly brat was so polite after a few minutes of entering."

It was a non-stop movement method, and first came to Yichun Palace.

Lu Yao got some pointers and manipulated a thick palace wall to open a secret compartment.

This dark grid is covered with a thick layer of lead. If you don’t get the information in advance, you will never find it.

I saw a dagger inside, looking like ordinary iron.

Yu Yanmei reached out to touch it but found nothing, she was shocked: "It's a magic weapon!"

Lu Yao injected Star Spirit Power to show the entity:

"This is the famous Mrs. Xu's dagger, used by Jing Ke when he stabbed Qin. It is extremely sharp, and it has the poison of blood-stained throat, be careful."

Yu Yanmei played with curiosity. , The two went to the next place.

Next, they came to the sacrificial altar where the battle had occurred before.

I played here vigorously for a long time before, but I didn’t know that there was a Supreme Treasure hidden here.

I saw Lu Yao board the altar, let Yu Yanmei puncture her finger, let the blood drip slowly, and then cut off a strand of hair and placed it in the east.

After a short while, an azure seal appeared out of thin air.

Lu Yao picked it up and took a look, only to see "received the Mandate of Heaven" written on it.

Yu Yanmei's expression stunned: "Imperial Jade Seal of the country!"

Lu Yao's random nodded: "The dynasty sacrificial vessel is also a magic weapon. Let's go and continue to the next place. "


The last place the two came to was a bit embarrassing, because it was a coincidence, it was actually a place of rain and cloud——Ganchi palace.

Yu Yanmei's face was cold, but her neck was red.

Entering here, on the familiar big bronze bed, Lu Yao took out the tiger charm and opened a secret compartment, which contained a semi-circular white jade pendant.

At first glance, it looks ordinary, like a stall. But Yisuke entered the Star Spirit Power immediately, exuding shining soft light, gentle and peaceful, and extraordinary.

This is the "white hung" that Golden Lotus taught Lin Meng's birthday.

There is no killing ability, but it has the effect of longevity, which is invaluable for some people!

Lu Yao held the ground to Yu Yanmei: "I hurt you before, how about using this as compensation?"

Yu Yanmei is coldly snorted not to see him, but the next treasure will be taken out It's hard to ignore.

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