I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 446

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Seeing Yu Yanmei ignore herself, Lu Yao left the bronze bed and walked slowly to the east facing wall.

There is a giant mural on it, called "Dengxiantu", which depicts the first emperor going to Penglai Xianshan to visit the famous Yang God powerhouse An Qisheng at that time.

In the mural, the first emperor’s waist and hip long sword is walking down from the chariot pulled by pegasus, surrounded by majestic and majestic guards of honor.

Lu Yao held a tiger charm and bowed to the mural and bowed three times.

In the next second, the tiger charm and the mural simultaneously release exactly the same Spiritual Fluctuation.

In the mural, the sword on the waist of the First Emperor suddenly bloomed and flew out of the painting.

The sword was good at facing the wind, and soon became one meter long and three fingers wide.

I saw it had a strong Qin and Han style, and the sword body was covered with moiré, forming the natural seal script "Tai Ah".

Yu Yanmei lost her color, cry out in surprise: "Divine Sword is too ah!!"

The few treasures I found before were all "divine object self-insults". A low-key, introverted brilliance just like anything.

But Tai Ajian is completely the opposite, "Tai A first comes out of the box, the light shoots the bullfighting cold", once this world, it emits a bright cold glow, and doesn't mind showing his own strength.

Moreover, the imposing manner is extremely amazing. Yu Yanmei just glanced twice, her eyes tingling suddenly, and her whole body was even colder, as if she had been cut into several sections.

She didn’t dare to look again, and said in amazement:

"Divine Sword Tai Anai Ou Yezi and Gan Jiang two great swordmasters jointly cast. But after the sword was completed, the two Masters They don’t dare to claim credit. They say that the sword qi is a powerful sword. The sword qi has already existed in between Heaven and Earth. Serve."

The cold lady's eyes were bright and she looked a little excited. However, those who love swords encounter Tai Ah, this kind of reaction is normal.

Lu Yao moved his eyes and got a bad idea again.

For him, no magic weapon is as important as swallowing the female Grandmaster completely.

Returning Tai Ah's sword to the sheath, holding it to Yu Yanmei in both hands, said: "Divine Sword is a gift to a beauty, and I hope you don't care about my recklessness just now."

Yu Yanmei said slightly. Frozen: "Don't you use it yourself?"

Lu Yao said with a smile: "I have enough magic weapons, even some of them can't be used."

Yu Yanmei thought for a while There are already three smelly brat just exposed, and the magic weapon is not the more the better.

No swordsman can resist Tai'a's temptation, Yu Yanmei showed her heartbeat: "Are you really willing? I don't need your apology for that."

Lu Yao heard it At this, he took the sword back with a smile: "You are really reluctant to say that."

Yu Yanmei's expression changed, but Lu Yao went on to say: "It's better to kiss me Grandmaster." Just a moment, so that my heart will be balanced."

Yu Yanmei raised her eyebrows, and refused in a cold voice: "Smelly brat, don't think about it!"

After speaking, she slender waist. , Without the slightest hesitation, go out.

Lu Yao hurriedly stopped: "Don't worry, don't worry, or... You let me kiss? Oh don't go, think about it, this is Divine Sword, too! There is something better than this in the world. Is it more cost-effective?"

Yu Yanmei is about to punch the disciple in front of Fei, but he has to say that his words make sense. You can get Divine Sword with just a kiss. Intimate matters...

Thinking of this, Yu Yanmei gave Lu Yao a bitter look, standing still, her head hung down, as if forced.

Lu Yao smiled on his face and walked over immediately.

I saw the beautiful woman Yurong fainted with red and flowing clouds, beautiful and alluring, beautiful and alluring.

He was not polite, and he held up the other's chin, just a bite.

His lips touched, Yu Yanmei snorted, and her body immediately softened and hung on Lu Yao.

She was at the time of the taste of marrow, the previous exchange was not enough to relieve hunger and thirst, and she was not disgusted with Lu Yao at all, which made it very embarrassing at the moment.

The original cold beauty has become infinitely shy, quite seductive, and extremely greedy.

Lu Yao hugged him sideways and walked towards the bronze bed.

Yu Yanmei hurriedly struggled weakly and feebly: "smelly brat, what are you going to do!"

"I still have the poison of joy and willingness on my body, and Grandmaster will help me line up. "

"No! You let go..."

Yu Yanmei is still soft, with no strength in her body, so Lu Yao will be detoxified now.

When they were entangled, the two suddenly froze-heard the rumbling sound of the tank engine!

They immediately realized that the three girls had returned!

Yu Yanmei suddenly felt that the cultivation base was back, and slammed Lu Yao away from her, quickly finishing her appearance.

Lu Yao quickly picked up a shoe to help put it on.

While wearing shoes, Yu Yanmei threatened in a low voice:

"This matter must be kept strictly confidential and must not be leaked, and if you dare to bully me in the future, I will act on you. 10 transparent holes!"

On the surface, Lu Yao repeatedly agreed.


The two calmed out of the palace.

Lu Yao has to sigh that women are really born actors. At the moment, Yu Yanmei is still the same, without a weak spot.

Soon, the three of Li Pei came over in a tank.

Seeing Lu Yao two from a distance, three women got out of the tank and shot them out. Many enchanting females said:

"Langjun, you won!"

"We saw the pink weird thing dissipate, so we hurried over to take a look."

"Your battle traces have been wiped out. This Earth Palace is maintaining itself! "

Lu Yao said with a smile: "I have won, and the enemy is wiped out. Now there are still some spoils of war that need to be taken, and it happens that you are together."

Three sisters Hearing this, his face suddenly became happy, smiling like a flower.

After that, Lu Yao looked at the two masters and disciple Zhang Yunshu on the tank. He could break the seal of the queen mother, but it would take a certain amount of time and energy, so he decided to wait until he left here.

The top priority is to take all the treasures and drive away the three Great Grandmasters who are besieging the city outside.

Next, the family went to various palaces to take advantage of the information passed by Ying Zheng.

First, I came to the second only to Lanchi Palace, named "Wangyi Palace".

Lu Yao got a statue of "Jade Xuan Bird". This is the magic weapon of the Shang Dynasty. It has survived thousands of years and has many mysterious powers.

At the same time, I saw a damaged golden man here.

Only the part above the chest collapsed to the ground. The damage was quite serious, and even the head was missing.

Yingzheng will give priority to repairing those gold people with less damage, so they will be placed here to fend for themselves.

Lu Yao thought for a while, took this golden man into the bubble of time and space, and studied it for himself.

Everyone went in and out of the palaces without stopping.

These palaces are all good, but what surprises them the most is-Ice Jade!

I have only seen ice jade rings and bracelets before, this time I finally saw a bed made of ice jade!

"Ice jade bed!"

Liao Qi screamed in excitement and rushed over to lie down on the two-meter-long bed.

But even with her Innate Realm's cultivation base, the frozen tooth flower trembles, "嘚嘚嘚" shiver coldly, unable to hold on for even a second.

Yu Yanmei also went up and tried, but she couldn’t bear it, she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This is a golden body to sleep on top!”

Li Pei said with a smile: "It's okay, there are some smaller things here~"

I saw that there are various other daily necessities made of ice jade in the palace, such as tea cups and jugs.

Everyone picked a set and was overjoyed.

Although there are still many palaces that have not been visited, the Lu Yao family did stop there.

Although the host opens up and takes it as much as possible, the guest can't evacuate it directly, otherwise it would be too rude.

Save it for the next time~

And Lu Yao always feels that this Earth Palace is definitely more than that good!

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