I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 447

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Lu Yao's family returned with a full load, and they were in a great mood.

The three Great Grandmasters outside the city are not so good.

After spending a few hours, it still failed to break through the defense of the Mercury Guardian, and was blocked at the gate and couldn't enter.

None of the spirit refinement cultivators under his team knew about Formation, and they didn’t know how to break the formation. They could only helplessly said:

"This is a large formation with the help of mountains and rivers. It takes a long time to rely on human resources..."

The three Great Grandmasters shook their heads.

The government has not always had any powerful spirit refinement powerhouse. After all, those in power are very taboo about gathering faith and desire. These people who sit and forget and breathe in the womb are the core personnel.

"Spirit refinement powerhouse must have!"

At this moment, the three of them all have the idea to strengthen the Spirit Refinement cultivation base.

But these all are funerals, and the immediate problems need to be solved urgently.

The one who is most anxious now is Zeng Great Grandmaster. He walks around where there is no demeanor, and he becomes more anxious.

Zhang Wenda at a moderate pace said:

"Master Zeng don't be impatient. Listening to what happened just now, they were fighting very fiercely. Wouldn't we just sit back and reap the benefits? Better."

Yuan Kaisheng echoed nodded, and he didn't look very anxious. He was sitting in the armchair, and two young girls in the age of cardamom helped with the massage.

Zeng Bohan said indifferently: "You two, have you already found a backer?

Zhang Wenda, you are backed by Innet. I heard that even their entire cabinet is in yours and has a huge amount of money. Investment."

After that, Zeng Bohan looked towards Yuan Kaisheng, glanced at the Katana on his waist, and said:

"As for you, it seems that you have hooked up with the Heavenly of Izumo. Sovereign. So you two don’t panic, and if there is a slight mistake on my side, but my family’s life is hard to protect."

Yuan Kaisheng opened the mouth and said: "Master Zeng is very close to Gad. Guogang signed the declaration of surrender...but you don’t need to be impatient, Gad is not broken, the so-called declaration of surrender is nothing more than an armistice agreement."

Zhang Wenda suddenly laughed and said, "How could Master Zeng Hanged from a tree, he was already contacting the vice president of the Menez Federation. I heard that it is great generosity to give up monetary autonomy."

Zeng Bohan gave the old rival a cold look. , The expression is calm.

All local governors and officials are colluding with the great powers. In the future, whether you are self-reliant or welcoming the new dynasty, you must be fully prepared.

Just as they were talking, there was movement in Afang Palace.

I saw the palace gate opened wide, and under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, Lu Yao entire group walked out in a spirited manner.

And the Mercury General who guards the palace wall, Meng Yi, saw them, not only did not stop him, but cup one fist in the other hand bowed!

Seeing this scene, there are noises one after another! The look of the three Great Grandmasters has also changed a lot!

"Damn it, the Earth Palace guards all salute him! This person named Lu must have received all the benefits of Earth Palace!"

"It seems to be very happy Bodhisattva and Lin Mengsheng bode ill rather than well."

Amidst the noise, Zeng Bohan shouted: "Lu Yao, where is the queen mother!"

Zhang Wenda also said: "Where is Your Majesty?"

Lu Yao said calmly: "They are all dead, Emperor Yong'an was swallowed by the queen mother's heavenly demon, and then I took care of the rest."

He said Casually, but the people on the court were shocked for a long while and couldn't speak!

"Three golden powerhouses...all are dead in your hands!?"

"This impossible, it must be the crafty plots and machinations of the surname Lu!"

"This statement is extremely true! Otherwise, with the battle strength of the golden powerhouse, you can escape if you can't beat it!"

Lu Yao's words are too unbelievable, many people Suspicious, couldn't help but question.

Lu Yao said with a smile: "This is the situation. The Qinling Earth Palace will be my place from now on, so let's go away if you are fine."


"Let's go!? How can you be so overbearing and not let others survive!"

"The name Lu is so arrogant, you say... Is he bluffing? "

At this moment, the most active person is Zeng Boquan, the younger brother of the Great Grandmaster.

"Even if this person really killed three golden bodies, he would be impossible to be unscathed, and he must have been an arrow at the end of its flight!"

After that, he again The female relatives pointing to Lu Yao said: "Look at them, they are all ice jade!" jade hand bracelet!

Everyone sucks in a breath of cold air! Then greed rose.

Ice jade is an auxiliary cultivation, especially the Saint Grade of spirit refinement cultivation. It is a good thing that money cannot buy!

I don’t know how they would feel when they knew that Lu Yao had also taken several magic weapons.

Except for the greedy generation, the remnants of Golden Lotus glared at the Lu Yao family with hatred!

They have a secret technique to confirm that Sect Lord has been killed. Without the golden body of the sect, it means that the roof beam is broken and the building will fall. How can we not hate it?

For a time, the group is angry, and even many people who have no hatred and no resentment are gnashing teeth.

Know that this is the Qinhuang Earth Palace. If you pry a piece of floor tiles and bring it back, you will be able to blow the bull for a lifetime.

And this person named Lu wants to clear the scene with one sentence, don't think too beautifully!

At this moment, driven by hatred and greed, countless people are blinded.

In response to different looks, Lu Yao narrowed his smile, and an illusory shadow appeared behind him.

"It seems that you are going to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit."

Nearly 20,000 people heard this and took three steps back at the same time. looked towards the three Great Grandmasters.

They are not stupid, of course someone has to take the lead in this kind of thing.

The three Great Grandmasters looked at each other, and they certainly wouldn't just retreat like this.

Zeng Bohan said with a cold face: "The surname is Lu! With so many people here, why do you want to monopolize the Earth Palace with a single word! And you are canonized by the Imperial Court, and you are the husband-in-law of Yongping County Lord? , The death of the emperor was for unfaithfulness, unfilial piety and unrighteousness!"

Lu Yao turned his head and looked over and said, "I was the Great Grandmaster, then I have to ask, you are the one who has been deeply favored by the country for many years. , Where did you go before the coalition invaded by the powers?

And Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng, where are you? Even if you resist a little bit, the people of Jinmen will definitely have time to evacuate. Nothing."

As soon as this statement came out, Yuan Kaisheng was the best at breaking, defending: "We are preserving our strength for follow-up, and preserving the fire of civilization..."

" Don't talk nonsense with him!" Zeng Bohan looked at the ice jade on Lu Yao's family and couldn't wait.

Is the reputation used this year? Only one's own strength is the foundation, and there is no need to explain anything at all.

His palms are immediately blurred, which is a sign of the energy of "Supreme Unity Thunderbolt".

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw Lu Yao's manifested 12-meter-high mentality.

The three Great Grandmasters were overjoyed. It is not difficult to deal with this size...

But the next second, their smiles froze on their faces...

Suddenly there is a majestic Golden Dragon wrapped around the arms of the heart!

In an instant, the heart of Three Heads Six Arms became a hundred meters high! able to support both heaven and earth

The ordinary person is only as big as a finger, and the Martial Artist, who is less than Exchanging Blood Realm, looked at him and collapsed on the ground in fright.

The three faces of the mind lock Zeng Bohan together, and the voice turns into a rolling thunder:

[What did you just say about me? 】

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