I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 449

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Zhiyang Lake

Zhou He waited anxiously with a group of Wudang dísciple.

He glanced up at the sun from time to time. There was nothing unusual about this thing for the time being, but he didn't dare to look more.

This monster has a vast Star Spirit Power like the sea, and must have a very powerful spirit refinement power, staring at it will definitely happen horrible things.

At this moment, countless people suddenly emerged from the light gate by the lake.

This group of people, like stray dogs, fled with their tails in a mess. Among them were Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng, two Great Grandmasters.

"It's the Great Grandmaster and his private army! Why did they come out?"

"Looking a little embarrassed..."

Zhou He looked solemnly: "There must be a big change below, and I don't know what happened to Xiaoyou Lu..."

At this moment, several Wudang dísciple have stopped some people from the rivers and lakes who ran out to inquire about news.

But before I could ask anything, Lu Yao's family also appeared from the light gate.

I also brought my own senior brothers and their direct disciple.

Zhou He and the others crowded around excitedly and took over Zhang Yunshu master and disciple who was stiff like a wood.

Lu Yao said with a smile: "Well, it’s fortunate to die!"


Next, everyone It took turns to take turns to work, and it took a lot of effort to lift the master and disciple's imprisonment.

The two of them seemed to wake up from a nightmare, and they curled up and gasped for breath.

Zhang Yunshu coughed a few times and said incoherently: Damn the temptress... Luer, are you okay? "

Bai Lu was originally a white and pure female Taoist priest. At this moment, her temples were messy, her nose and tears came down together, battered and exhausted.

A delicate and beautiful virgin, the queen mother of course was bright. Swordsman, although he didn’t have time to do anything, Bailu was really frightened.

Seeing them like this, Zhou He couldn’t help complaining to Senior Brother:

"I said let You stay away from the heavenly demon queen mother... Well, that's all, thanks to the presence of Xiaoyou Lu, it's a surprise. "

Zhang Yunshu said: "The Queen Mother took out "myriad forms", this is Formation in ancient times, I see others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again Just now..."

"That's right! "Zhang Yunshu thought of something, and then said:

"There is expert guidance behind the Queen Mother! This Formation has been passive, and even I have concealed it. Its cultivation base is deep and unmeasurable! absolutely Be careful of this person! "

Lu Yao already knows who is behind the Queen Mother, he just said:

"Sect Master Zhang, I want to break this Formation, do I have to move the surrounding hills? flat? "

Zhang Yunshu stood up, bowed and said: "Don't be so troublesome, just wait for me to remove a few nodes. "

This Wudang Sect Master has a very respectful attitude. He has almost seen all the methods of Lu Yao. He knows the abilities of the person in front of him, and he secretly rejoices that his Sect has made such a person.

Moreover, Mr. Lu is really generous to his own people!

Zhang Yunshu casually glanced at several of Lu Yao’s sisters. He knew that these women not only have ice jade, but they are also brought by everyone. With a magic weapon!

Thinking of this, Zhang Yunshu suddenly felt sad. He was so old that he hadn’t got a magic weapon for many years.

And a few beautiful girls Just finding a good man, such a low cultivation base will have a magic weapon!

Especially Yu Yanmei, who has Divine Sword on her body! The golden body is not its opponent!


Next, Zhang Yunshu, regardless of his stiff body, went into battle personally and commanded Wudang The gatekeeper demolished several pavilions, terraces, pavilions and rockery in the Summer Palace.

I saw the light gate on the lakeside slowly stopped operating, and then disappeared.

Lu Yao’s response to Wudang Sect I am very satisfied with the efficiency, and even nodded: "It is so good, so that both things are done. "

Zhang Yunshu ran over and said, "Mr. Lu, I heard Junior Brother say you want to visit me at Wudang Mountain?" "

"This is indeed the case, and I have to consult some of the archived information. Is it inconvenient? "

"Lu Zhenjun wants to see, of course there is no problem. Wudang Sect is waiting for the driver at any time. ”

Lu Yao wants to check the relevant information of Thunder Tribulation Realm. This time he saved their master and disciple. It is not a freeloader.


The matter of the Shihuang Mausoleum is over, and then we will head to Wudang Mountain.

The people of Wudang Sect take a step first and use the movement method to return to the mountain gate at full speed to prepare for the work.

Lu Yao’s family took a break, and at the same time, in their leisure time, they informed Zuo Gong of the incident.

After listening to Lu Yao’s narration, Zuo Gong muttered for a while, Dao:

【Emperors and queens are all dead, and time is also fate. But the sky cannot be without the sun, the country cannot be without the king, and the dragons without a head is not the way. Lu Yao, when you return to Beijing, we will discuss in detail the matter of cleaning up the mountains and rivers. 】

Lu Yao took a deep look at the left father of Calm and Collected, and nodded hung up the communication.

The girls who heard the conversation were not calm.


Liao Qi said excitedly: "The meaning of Zuo Gong's words... is to make Lu Yao ascend to the throne and become emperor?"

Liao Ya echoed: "The strength of Junior Brother is the best. , And the prestige is growing, this is a matter of course. "

Li Pei was a little unhappy, Zuo Gong basically gave up the Li Dynasty without the slightest hesitation.

Although it was for the sake of the world, it was true that it made people hard to hold on to it.

But she didn’t have the energy to worry about this soon.

I saw three spirit falcons descending and preparing to travel. In order to fight for who to carry Lu Yao for a while, the three of them fought again. .

The sharp claw that can shred the steel and the sparks flying in all directions.

The spirit falcon is lively and active, and similar scenes can basically be seen every day.

Li Pei was about to stop, but didn't expect his master could not see that the falcons were injured, so he took the initiative to separate them.

Li Pei was a little surprised—the falcons were so arrogant, simply Don’t put Yu Yanmei in your eyes.

But at this time, she is obedient, but at this time she is obedient, no longer fights, and is not disgusted with being kicked twice!? Very counterintuitive.


Yu Yanmei herself was a little surprised, originally thought she would be disgusted by Ling Falcon...

But she quickly realized what was going on, she must have the breath of Lu Yao.

Thinking of this, Yu Yanmei looked towards Li Pei somewhat guilty, just to look at him.

Fortunately, a woman is a born actor, and Yu Yanmei has a cold expression without missing the slightest weak spot.


Li Pei rubbed his clean chin, speculated: "It seems that they have been getting along for a long time, and they have also identified with Master. "

Yu Yanmei nodded gently, expressing her acceptance of this statement.

She was just madly complaining about Lu Yao, which made herself an actor for the first time in her life! I realized the embarrassment of being so embarrassed. !

Next, the family took the Ling Falcon to Wudang Mountain.

This time, Yu Yanmei finally did not need to hitchhike, but could drive the Ling Falcon by herself!

She rides on a reluctant safe back, the first one rises from the sky.

The pleasure of riding a falcon, sitting behind others and driving by herself is incomparable.

Yu Grandmaster, who has always been cold and cold, faced the strong wind coming from the face, accompanied by the various stimulating flight movements of the Ling Falcon, unexpectedly screamed rare, obviously extremely happy~

The Liao Family sisters are not Suspecting him, Liao Qi still shrinks in Lu Yao’s arms said with a smile:

"In the past, I could only let the disciple fly with me, and the rest of the Grandmaster finally got his wish~"

At this moment, Yu Yanmei is enjoying the fun of flying at high speed, and suddenly feels that it is not bad to be broken by Lu Yao~

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