I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 450

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Wudang Mountain is known as "unparalleled beauty in ancient times, first under the heavens fairy mountain".

Wudang Sect is located here.

Zhang Yunshu and Zhou He led a group of dísciple fast as lightning to rush back. Regardless of talking to the gatekeeper, they immediately rang the ancient bronze bell on the top of the mountain.

This is used to summon the doormen in an emergency at a major event. The melodious and far-reaching bells rang through the mountains under the impetus of Star Spirit Power, all the way to the towns at the foot of the mountain.

Outer sect, Inner Sect, the true story...All Wudang dísciple heard the summoning order clearly and hurried back to the mountain gate.

Soon, nearly a thousand dísciples gathered in the square in front of Void Jade Palace.

Although they were full of doubts, they did not make a noise, watching their noses and noses, patiently preparing to listen to Sect Master's instructions.

Zhang Yunshu didn't let everyone wait too much, and said loudly:

"Mr Lu Zhen is about to visit Wudang, all dísciple orders-open the mountain gate, ready to welcome the distinguished guests!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone looked happy, and there was a lot of noise in the court.

"I have long heard that Mr. Lu has a good relationship with me, and I really want to visit."

"We Wudang's Chamber of Commerce has a firm foothold in Yun Prefecture, and even more Beijing-Tianjin has gained a lot of benefits, all because of Lu Zhenjun’s face.

And there is an old man wearing a suit and obviously a higher seniority opened the mouth and said:

" More than that! The latest news that I just got is that Lu Zhenjun killed three golden bodies in the Earth Palace of Qinling, and he also showed his saints and killed Zeng Great Grandmaster in full view! This day, it's going to change! "

Hearing this, everyone around was suppressed. They are youngsters who practiced hard in the mountain gate, the news is blocked, and they don’t know what happened in the Qinling Earth Palace.

After a while, someone said: "Uncle Hua, take this seriously! ? Even spirit refinement should not have this kind of battle strength. "

The old man in a suit is in charge of Sect's foreign affairs. He is well informed, and he said for sure:

"Can’t fake it. We received a telegram from Sect Master before we came. Just now I also checked with True Disciple who followed Zhou's Ancestor Master. "

The news spread quickly, and the noise in the crowd rose from wave to wave.

Since the beginning of the dynasty, Wudang Sect has gradually declined, and it has been somewhat depressed.

It must be a great thing to be good with such a powerhouse. Maybe it can reproduce the glory of the past!

Zhang Yunshu raised his hand to suppress the sound and shouted:

"Lu Zhenjun will arrive in a few hours, so prepare quickly, don't lose Wudang's face. "

The crowd stopped the noise, bowed and bowed in an orderly manner, and all excitedly performed their duties.

Next, it was like welcoming the inspection of the superiors. Order dísciple cleaning, Zhang Yunshu and the others arranged the reception plan, make sure to make Lu Zhenjun leave a good impression.


Martial Artist Swiftly very , It didn’t take long for the whole Wudang Sect to look new.

At this time, three black spots appeared in the sky. It was Lu Yao’s family.

According to the worship ceremony, they were in Xuanyue Gate landed.

Here is a 15-meter-high and wide archway. On the forehead of the Zhengzhongfang, there are 4 large characters "Zhi Shi Xuan Yue" written by Emperor Jiajing's book. The gesture is timeless and vigorous.

Zhang Yunshu, Zhou He, Wudang Seven Sons, Elder and the others have been waiting for a long time.

At this moment, these people wearing waxy daoist robe, divine poise and sagelike features, and graceful graces all salute. :

"Under Wudang, welcome Zhenjun Lu! "

Lu Yao calmly cup one fist in the other hand: "Happy meeting! "

Several girls behind him also gave a generous cup one fist in the other hand to salute.

Many of the Wudang doormen who saw Lu Yao for the first time looked like Innate Realm at the beginning. The whole family is extremely shocking!

[whole family Grandmaster! It's spectacular!]

[Envy the other people’s Divine Immortal couple......]

Welcome With respectful gazes, Zhang Yunshu introduced several elder in the Sect.

After the greeting, he was like a tour guide and led the Lu Yao family to inspect Wudang Sect.

Starting from the Void Jade Palace, the Supreme Harmony Palace, Jingle Palace, Red Sandalwood Palace and other main buildings have not been left.

Everywhere, the stationed Wudang dísciple will salute respectfully.

Lu Yao waved his hand in a friendly manner, and a leader of "good comrades" inspected the posture.

Zhang Yunshu's posture was so low that his master and disciple were saved by Lu Yao.

After a round, I came to the final destination——Hidden Immortal Palace.

Here is the place where Wudang Sect cultivation secrets are stored, and the innermost is the Sect secret library.

When I came here, most of the people have dispersed, only Zhou He, Zhang Yunshu and their dísciple Bailu are left.


As soon as I entered this palace, I saw an old man reading at his desk.

His beard and hair were white, but his face was flushed like a baby, and his thin body rolled True Qi. The surging surging, you can see that there is a perfect cultivation base at a glance.

Zhang Yunshu and Zhou He hurriedly bowed and saluted: "Martial Uncle Bai." "

Bai Lu said crisply: "Supreme Grandfather." "

The old man is still looking down at the book and has nothing to say.

Zhang Yunshu explained: "This is Martial Uncle Bai who guards the Immortal Palace. He doesn't like to socialize. No wonder he is rude." "

Lu Yao smiled broadly: "It's okay. "


Continue on, I saw that there are shelves full of books like a library, not only books, but also many The bronze figure and the jade figure are engraved with exercise routes and acupuncture points.

These all are Wudang unspread secret, but Zhang Yunshu generously showed the Lu Yao family and didn’t feel anything wrong. .

In his opinion, if Lu Zhenjun could mention a few words casually, it would be really a bargain.

However, Lu Yao’s attention is particularly huge. On the bookshelf.

A bookshelf is full of books in foreign languages, such as "Cell and Molecular Biology", "Brain and Consciousness", "Single Neuron Research of the Brain" and so on.

Zhang Yunshu noticed and said:

"Foreigners perceive the human body from a microscopic perspective, which is very inspiring for cultivation. A scholar named Compton thinks that our Martial Artist's True Qi and inner breath one year old are things called "Cell Will", which is quite interesting. "

Lu Yao nodded, just take out a few books and flip through it.

Some open-minded Martial Artists are already opening their eyes to the world, inclusive of all rivers, and learning from others.

However, Zhou He sighed: "These Western Human Race scholars have been given first embraces and become monsters with a longer life. Their research will be immediately applied to the military. There are rumors that Innet has mastered the method of mass production of'Knight'..."

Zhang Yunshu interrupted Junior Brother: "With the suppression by Lord Lu, my Divine Province will soon become a big power. There is nothing to be afraid of. Not to mention these unhappy ones, let's go to the sect secret library. "

While speaking, everyone came to the end of the Immortal Palace.

What you see is a stone chamber dug inward along the hillside, and there is no way forward. It is a thick rock.

There is a sharp feeling in the air, as if countless sharp blades are against the body.

Lu Yao glanced up, there is a stone chamber on top of the Many gossip patterns.

Zhang Yunshu explained: “Here is the guardian of the Black Tortoise Seven Sections Formation, which requires the blood of the three of us to open it. "

While talking, he took a step forward with dísciple Bailu and Taoist Zhou He, cut his fingers and dripped crystal clear and near-transparent blood like lead and mercury on the stone slab.

In the next second, amid a violent muffled sound, the rock at the end slowly let out a passage.

Zhang Yunshu raised his hand and said, "Mr. Lu, please! "

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