I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 451

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Everyone came to the secret library together.

The first thing that catches the eye is the "Governing the World Xuanyue Seal" floating in the air to absorb the power of wish.

This is just a Magical Artifact, which needs to be recharged from time to time, and its power and magic are far inferior to magic weapons.

Moreover, it depends on the scale of willingness, that is, hundreds of thousands of people, not worth mentioning.

There are also many books stored here, as well as jade wares with inscriptions, stone tablets, etc., all exuding mental fluctuations.

Presumably the core of Wudang Sect and spirit refinement is here. Zhang Yunshu is really open and generous this time.

Lu Yao said: "Master Zhang Sect is bothering."

Zhang Yunshu said with a smile: "It's all righteous, just read it at will. "

Lu Yao was not polite anymore, and turned around immediately.

Wudang Mountain has had many experts retreating here since the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Wudang Sect was originally just a loose party of people who practiced and lived in seclusion here.

So the saved spirit refinement cheats myriad are sorted and sorted according to the year.

Lu Yao is the first time to come into contact with a complete spirit refinement inheritance that covers the entire history of the sect.

Along the way, it is a history of the decline of Transcendent World.

In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, there were still writings related to the emergence of the awakening and the manifestation of the sacred. Later, it collapsed all the way. The most talked about in this dynasty is actually related to "changing"...

Lu Yao looked at it with emotion, but the guess in his heart was finally confirmed.

At this time, he was looking through a manuscript.

The author is an unknown person in the Southern Song Dynasty, but his master is very remarkable——

Deng Andao, a holy monarch, still enjoys the Imperial Teacher enshrined in the Imperial Court !

The Southern Song Dynasty was struggling to breathe under the pressure of Mongolia, wind and rain were on the verge of total destruction.

Deng Andao thought that he was deeply favored by the emperor, and he had reached the limit, it was time to breakthrough, so he ignored the warnings from all sides and wanted to get through Thunder Tribulation.

That's how the tragedy happened.

The author of the manuscript witnessed his master "swing up to ninety thousand miles" crossing the Thunder Tribulation and being captured by the God of Unity in the sky.

The original text reads: The monster cloth net Tianque covers a radius of 30,000 li, and the sticky Divine Soul cannot be taken off...

Without the suppression of the manifestation of the sage, the Song Dynasty soon perished . This person left a text to warn future generations not to cross Thunder Tribulation.

There are not a few people who are lucky, and there are always people who think that they are special.

There are a lot of deaths, and various sects of various sects have sealed everything about Thunder Tribulation.


Lu Yao quickly finished reading the paper books, and finally finished reading the utensils with words.

"Sure enough, Thunder Tribulation cannot be crossed in another world, and the rising channel is blocked by the monster."

Lu Yao has no unexpected expression, just thought:

"According to the experience of the last manifestation of the saints, I can go back to Blue Star to cross Thunder Tribulation and bypass the block..."

At this moment, watching Lu Yao meditating, everyone around him dare not take a breath. For fear of affecting him.

Fortunately, although there are many things to look at, spirit refinement is often cherish words like gold, so I finished reading it quickly.

Getting some knowledge of Thunder Tribulation Realm, Lu Yao is quite satisfied with the gain this time, with a smile on his face and said: "Many thanks Zhang Sect Master is generous, I have no doubts."

"Lu Zhenjun is satisfied." Zhang Yunshu modestly said: "Although Wudang has a long history, it was in the Ming Dynasty at the time of Daxing. There are not many things related to Thunder Tribulation."

It’s all the truth, but Lu Yao is already content: “Master Zhang Sect is too modest, Wudang Sect has a complete spirit refinement inheritance, and I really benefited a lot.”

At this moment, Lu Yao thought to himself. : You can go to Joyous Sect and take a look.

Don't look at the reputation of this sect, but it has a long inheritance, even older than Wudang Sect.


I have read the entire Wudang spirit refinement secret, no need to wait here, everyone moves back.

Zhang Yunshu led the way and talked about some allusions: "speaking of which, the ancestor of Bailu, has some connections with Grandmaster."

As soon as this statement came out, everyone suddenly came. interest.

Zhang Yunshu continued:

"The golden army entered the customs in the last year of the previous dynasty, burned, killed, looted and looted along the road, losing of life.

There are 7 experts who can’t see it. Eye, sacrificed his life outside the capital and assassinated Hachi, the Great Khan Nuer of the Kingdom of Jin.

This battle was really startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping, and even rewritten the general trend of the world.


Bai Lu’s ancestor, the sixth generation of Ancestor Master in Yu Zong’s sect, participated in this assassination."

Hearing this, Lu Yao also remembered that Yu Yanmei once said this. What happened, her Ancestor Master and Jin Guo Batulu perish together.

"Unexpectedly, there is this kind of origin."

The eyes of everyone looking towards Bai Lu are obviously different.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Yunshu’s conversation turned: "My dísciple has always admired Lu Zhenjun, you are all youngsters, so you can communicate a lot."

I heard such straightforward words from Master. , Bai Lu was obviously stiff.

She has not been able to recover from the Qinling Earth Palace. When she closes her eyes, she is terrifying the queen dowager withdrawing a sword.

This fresh little Taoist aunt has already developed an instinctive fear of men and women. At this moment, she glanced nervously at Lu Yao for a few moments.

Fortunately, Lu Yao just politely said: "It's easy to talk and talk, and come and go."

Zhang Yunshu hit the railroad while it was hot: "It's better to live in my Wudang Mountain. In Japan, we can also exchange ideas with each other."

Several girls thought that Lang Jun would politely refuse, and quickly return to the capital. After all, there is still a great thing waiting.

But he didn't expect Lu Yao but agreed: "I can't ask for it."

So, the family lives in the beautiful Wudang Mountain with peace of mind.

In the daytime, I discussed and exchanged with Zhang Yunshu and Zhou He. In the evening, I closed the door and exchanged views with my family members. It was also very happy.

It's just that Yu Yanmei deliberately avoided Lu Yao and never got along with him alone, so that she didn't have a second time, which is a pity.

When it was the third day, a few sisters reacted-my Husband didn't seem to be so interested in being an emperor.

At this moment, the Liao Family sisters are giving Lu Yao a massage.

Liao Qi squeezed his feet, and asked nonchalantly: "Lu Yao, don't you want to be the emperor?"

"To be honest, I didn't think too much. The emperor of the world is meaningless. "

Lu Yao's head rested on Liao Ya's chest, and he narrowed his eyes comfortably:

"There is nothing good to say, there are a lot of troubles. Compared to being an emperor, I prefer to break through Thunder Tribulation Realm or Martial Dao as soon as possible."

Liao Ya's spring-like fingers help Junior Brother massage the top of his head, and I agree with him:

"It doesn't matter if the emperor Junior Brother is improper, he is strong, otherwise he will be like Emperor Yong'an."

Hearing this, Lu Yao used his head to rub his head against the rich and beautiful:" Senior Sister said well that being strong is fundamental. And as long as you are with you, I will be satisfied."

"It will make people happy~" The sisters smiled like flowers and were very happy.

At this time, Li Pei, energetic and bustling ran in, with a newspaper in his hand:

"Langjun, Zuo Gong personally created momentum for you!"


I saw the newspaper staggeringly written-Zuo Gongyan Li's failure of virtue, or may imitate the system of concession to create another Mingjun!

Lu Yao suddenly smiled bitterly: "This is too anxious..."

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