I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 452

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Gong Zuo doesn’t mind a little fame. In his opinion, as long as Lu Yao ascends the throne and suppresses it with absolute martial power, regime change will inevitably be achieved at the lowest cost and at the fastest speed. Stabilize the national situation.

But Lu Yao is not very interested. This emperor is like a "squad leader". When he was in elementary and junior high school, he yearned and felt very prestigious, but he only found it troublesome when he grew up.

Moreover, he also has his own plan-Weili belongs to his own world, and political means such as compromise are too inefficient. It is more straightforward to "Shunchang adversity"!

To do this, some preparations are needed, but this day is not too far away.

Lu Yao put down the newspaper, set aside the matter for the time being, and asked Li Pei: "Where is your master?"

"I went for a safe ride. This is her every heavenly thunder Untouchable activity."

Li Pei also leaned over to help Lu Yao massage his chest, and the upright and rich beauty went straight to his face.

"Speaking of which is quite strange, Ling Falcon suddenly accepted my master and let him ride."

The sisters of Liao Family are also nodded, and are equally puzzled. However, they all knew Yu Grandmaster's temperament, and didn't think about it.

Lu Yao calmly said: "It may be the reason why their spiritual wisdom is getting higher and higher. Now they don’t eat raw food anymore, right?"

"What more, now Ling Falcon I love drinking, they are almost finished drinking the golden stem dew."

Li Pei complained, and Liao Qi also said:

"And their three mouths are very tricky, The taste is still different. Ping An likes to eat salty, auspicious and Ruyi tastes are sour and sweet, but hard to serve. Wudang Sect called the cook from down the mountain overnight."

Looking at three little fellows breaking their shells However, they have been raised until they grow up, and everyone is extremely fond of them.

Daily food and drink are waiting for him, and I use Innate True Qi every day to help him massage and cleanse!

Even Wudang True Disciple like Bailu does not have such a good treatment.

Now the three little fellows are 4 meters long and have a wingspan of 8 meters. You can consider becoming an Innate Realm in a while.

But there are also difficulties. In Zhou Daochang’s notes, Innate Realm’s poultry-related records have only a few phrases, and there is no clue as to how to break through...

Just as Lu Yao was thinking, Zhou He came over suddenly.

"It’s a good time to come, do you have a clue about the promotion of spirit birds to Innate Realm?"

"This is really not true. Since the Han Dynasty, the wild demonic beasts have become less and less. Everyone in Exchanging Blood Realm has to be seen occasionally in the wild, and some people in Innate Realm suspect that they are all extinct."

Zhou He talked about spirit birds:

"The way the old way can think of is to wait for the master Divine Soul to come out of the body during the breakthrough, and to have his body to help the spirit bird. But it must be communicated in advance, and some spirit birds will instinctively resist. My Xueyi is like this. I am possessed..."

Lu Yao heard nodded repeatedly: "It's a way to possess the spirit falcon. I will find three little fellows to try later. I think they will definitely not reject me. "

At this moment, Zhou He suddenly patted his head said with a bitter smile:

"I almost forgot, the old way is not here to talk about spirit birds... Come and talk to the little friend, Joyous Sect Saintess Yun Qinglan came to worship the mountain, do you want to see? She brought a lot of things."

"Brought a lot of things?" Lu Yao said: "Then see you."

Zhou He was nodded, and then sounded to the heart of the mountain.


At this moment, Yun Qinglan is waiting for the Zhishixuanyue Archway at the foot of the mountain with a few confidants.

The entire group are all beautiful women, surrounded by Wudang dísciple with different looks.

Some people speak righteously and have their faces full of contempt; others look evasive and often go to the shop opened by Joyous Sect for consumption.

However, the people of Joyous Sect kept in mind Saintess's teachings, put away the normal posture of being obedient and obedient, and stood obediently and honestly.

After a while, Bai Lu appeared, and the pretty face said coldly: "Mr. Lu has the same opinion of you, let's go."

"Many thanks to the little lady for the pass." Yun Qinglan's full of smiles thanks, and then she will take people to the mountain.

But Bai Lu suddenly stretched out his hand to stop the way, coldly said: "Mr. Lu only sees you."

Yun Qinglan's expression remained unchanged, and she smiled and made one more than a coffin. The box, which was several times large, was carried with one hand.

She is Martial Dao Innate. She has a strength of 18,000 jin. This is nothing difficult.

The two one after the other, started the movement method and soon came to Lu Yao.

Yun Qinglan put the things down gently, and cheerfully gave a wishful gift: "The slave servant has seen Mr. Lu."

She is still wearing white clothed bare feet. Dressed up, quite seductive, and said delicately:

"The concubine body has brought all the classics in the sect, and the ones that are inconvenient to carry have also been printed. They are all here, please visit Zhenjun Lu. "

Lu Yao reached out and beckoned, the big box opened automatically, and the contents flew out one by one.

Holy Sect, the predecessor of Joyous Sect, has existed since the Warring States Period. Even if some things are lost, there are more things handed down than Wudang Sect.

Lu Yao was satisfied with a glance, but it was not over yet.

I saw Yun Qinglan took out a thick stack of silver tickets and handed them up with both hands: "This is 50,000 taels of silver, please accept it."

The classics are also huge sums of money, and this Saintess seems to be determined to take refuge.

Looking at the silver, Lu Yao waved his hand: "Keep it for yourself, I don’t need this."

There are hundreds of tons sponsored by the Star Alliance in the time and space bubble. Silver, I don't like Joyous Sect at all.

The surrounding Bailu, Zhou He and the others suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air!

First, I was shocked by Joyous Sect's financial resources, and he was able to directly come up with 50,000 tael of silver! Zongmen is similar to a company, with a lot of assets, but the money that can be paid out is often not much.

Then I was shocked by Lu Yao’s confidence, and he turned it off indifferently, as if he disliked getting money in the way...

Only Li Pei and Liao Family sisters were pretty behind Husband Shen Rushui, calmly.

Seeing Lu Yao's casually appearance, Yun Qinglan was excited by the strength of her patriarch and strengthened her determination to take refuge!

It's a small sect, she's a trifling Innate simply can't hold it, she will be swallowed at any time.

"Lu Zhenjun, your servant also got a piece of news. After Zuo Gong spoke in the newspaper, you became famous. People from all over the country responded, but some people didn’t know the current affairs.

They I didn't dare to know it, so I used the newspaper I controlled to target it in public opinion. This is the news that will appear in the newspaper tomorrow. Please check it out."

Yun Qinglan took out a copy from her arms Pass the information.

At a glance, it turns out that some people are very reluctant to see Lu Yao ascend to the throne and want to advocate a constitutional monarchy, or even a presidential system.

In short, everyone voted to determine the throne, and Lu Yao should not be the emperor.

Countless dignitaries, compradors, and warlords agree that once he is in power, he will have no good life.

I have to say that they are very accurate.

Yun Qinglan continued: "At present, the information on Yuan Great Grandmaster's mansion is controlled by Elder Duan Zhigui and cannot be passed on; however, it is not difficult to guess the attitude of Yuan Great Grandmaster. This matter must have his secret support."

Lu Yao nodded said: "You did good, you worked hard. Come on, what can I do for you?"

This Saintess is so dedicated and fanciful. It's definitely not the strength of Lu Yao who is simply fearful. There must be a deeper reason.

Sure enough, I saw Yun Qinglan bowing to the ground and crying: "Sect Lord's Position should have been inherited by your servant according to the rules, but your servant has shallow seniority and has been repeatedly oppressed. . Especially Duan Zhigui Elder Duan, taking advantage of Yuan Great Grandmaster's power to covet your servant body, he also asked Lu Zhenjun to be the master."

"This matter is not difficult."

Lu Yao As soon as he bent his hand, a walnut tree in the mountains dropped a round and full walnut.

Star Spirit Power was immersed, and the skin of the walnut faded and became shiny, as if it had been in the pot for more than ten years.

After that, Lu Yao handed the walnut to Yun Qinglan, saying: "If you hold this thing, you will be my sect in the future. If anyone dares to bully, I will help you."

Yun Qinglan quickly accepted the walnut entrusted by a sage true monarch Star Spirit Power, and her excited eyes gleamed.

"Many thanks from the true monarch! There is still gold in my Joyous Sect secret vault, but it takes Sect Master, Bodhisattva, and Elder to work together to open it. When your servant succeeds to Sect Lord's Position, you must offer both hands !"

Lu Yao waved his hand casually: "Let's go."

"True Monarch..."

Yun Qinglan is not very paster and chirp She wanted to go to bed, but she glanced at the three girls behind Lu Yao with an uncomfortable look and could only leave unwillingly.

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