I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 453

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Joyous Sect has a longer history than Wudang. In order to hold Lu Yao's thighs tightly, Yun Qinglan can be said to be a blood base, and the classics he brought are beyond imagination.

Martial Dao, spirit refinement, and other miscellaneous studies.

Joyous Sect is unique to women's cultivation because of the special nature of Sect. Many cheats Li Pei and Liao Family sisters can't take their eyes away anymore.

Not only that, but the side books are also very useful.

At this moment, Lu Yao held a book called "The White Snake" in his hand, which was greatly shocked!

The author is the spirit refinement powerhouse Xu Hanwen of the Tang Dynasty. This person raised a white snake all the way to the Innate Realm until it turned into a human body, and finally rode the white snake to a happy life.

Although snakes are somewhat different from poultry, many methods of raising Spirit Pets are worth learning.

Then he hurriedly called to Zhou He for a detailed discussion.

Zhou He was very interested. After watching it for a long time, he opened the mouth and said:

"It’s the experience of the young friend of the road. It turns out that Spirit Pet needs to be exchanged afterwards. The monster core is formed first, and after the Core Formation... it can actually be transformed into a human form!"

"But each step is very difficult. If you let Spirit Pet come by yourself, it must be nine deaths and still alive. , Even if there is our help, it is not foolproof. You still have to be careful."

The two of them have gained a lot of research for a while, and their faces suddenly become happy.

Lu Yao also shouted Jixiang and Ruyi down, and explored the Star Spirit Power internally for comparison.

The eyes of the two spirit falcons are full of human doubts, letting their masters play with them.

After busying for a while, the harvest will be completely digested. Lu Yao said with a smile: "When they break the border, I will help them to grasp it more."

Zhou He looked at The chest full of precious classics was shocked, and people were willing to take the initiative to offer it.

"Little friend Lu, unconsciously you are already the number one character in Divine Province, even if you look at the powerhouse in the world. And..."

Zhou He took a look. Sisters Li Pei and Liao Family, who are also twirling books, said sincerely:

"Your family, including those close to you, are all courageous and benevolent. It is very rare.


With you here, it is the blessing of the people in the world. No matter what happens in the future, I will always be on your side, and Wudang Sect will be on your side too!"

Lu Yao heavily nodded: "many thanks, Daoist trust!"

The past few days have been discussing and communicating with Zhou He's senior and junior brothers, during which many young Wudang dísciple will also watch.

Lu Yao has a good impression of this Sect and thinks it can be supported.


After chatting for a few more words, Zhou He got up to say goodbye, and went back to compare his Immortal Crane.

After Lu Yao sent him away, he was planning to see what else in these Joyous Sect classics.

Turning around, I saw that the three girls were studying a secret technique. The title of the book was "Great Ascension Heavenly Demon Dance"! !

This is the supplement method of Joyous Sect highest. It is unbearable to look at with pictures and texts, but it is very detailed.

The girls watched attentively, with keen interest pleasure, and their fair faces were flushed.

"Hey, don't look at things that are not suitable for children."

Lu Yao hurried up to stop it. This thing has been seen in the Earth Palace before, and the formidable power is very strong.

Now, relying on the physical surge brought by the three-door Divine Art full-automatic cultivation, I can barely resist the oppression of the three.

If they learn the professional supplementation method again, that would be great!

The three girls put down the heavenly demon dance and went to read books about women's serious cultivation.

But they are always spirit refinement, they have long kept in mind the unsuitable content for children, Li Pei and Liao Qi also looked at Lu Yao hehe with a smirk.

Only Liao Ya has a blushing face. For some reason, she feels that heavenly demon dance is especially suitable for herself, and it is very easy to learn.


After that, Lu Yao quickly turned through the books, focusing on the aspects of spiritual training, especially for Thunder Tribulation ’S writings.

I confirmed that what I have to do next is to further strengthen Divine Soul and step into the first small realm of Manifestation-Fuyao Realm.

Divine Soul can exist completely out of the body, even if it does not return to the fleshy body for three days and three nights, it will not die, but it can go up to 90,000 miles by the wind.

And the second small realm is named-Tinglei. This is the necessary preparation for Divine Soul to go through Thunder Tribulation after it becomes stronger.

Many people have had the experience of being shivered by the sound of thunder. Just hearing it can understand the danger.

It is too dangerous for the fragile Divine Soul to enter the thunder rehearsal at once, so it must first go through the baptism of thunder, which is both strengthening and adapting.

The road ahead was clear, Lu Yao couldn't help but breathe a long sigh of relief. He looked up and saw that it was late at night, unconsciously watching all day.

"The classics Yun Qinglan brought is not bad, and it is a great move to subdue her."


I stretched my waist and got up and went back to the room, only to find that the three girls were brightly lit, and none of the three girls slept.

Liao Qi ran over enthusiastically, holding Lu Yao's arm and said softly, "I'll do a dance for you~"

Lu Yao expression moved: "Huh? It won’t be "Great Ascension Heavenly Demon Dance"? You really learned...Come on, don’t underestimate my concentration."

Liao Qi close the door and let Lu Yao sit down On the bed, then slowly took off his clothes.

The beautiful snow-white body gradually unfolds, reflecting honey-like fluorescence under the light.

The girl danced with a strange rhythm, showing the beauty of women to their fullest.

Lu Yao's mouth is dry, but he can bear it.

Li Pei said with a smile: "Lang Jun, after reading the classics, we found that the world has some misunderstandings about Joyous Sect. Its cultivation technique seems to be tailored for women, which is very suitable for our cultivation. Especially this heavenly demon dance, both inside and outside, we cultivation twice the results for half the effort."

Lu Yao nodded and said: "Martial arts has no good and evil, there are talents, and just useful practice. "

Li Pei covered her mouth and chuckled: "Then you also see how your concubine is doing."

After speaking, she also joined the court with her clothes. Reminded: "Liao Qi, your actions are more subtle, half-concealed and half-concealed are the most tempting."

Liao Qi did so, and the two's actions quickly became complementary.

The two beauties are fair and beautiful, with enchanting figures, even if they wriggle wildly, they are extremely tempting, not to mention professional movements.

Lu Yao screamed out loud, but they just learned it after all, and they can still resist it.

So the two women greeted Liao Ya to come together, but Liao Ya shook the head: "Forget it, it's embarrassing."

Lu Yao raised his hand to follow her A slap on the ass: "I have experienced the more embarrassing, go, let me see and see."

This slap hurts a bit, Liao Ya glared at Junior Brother: "This is you I asked for it."

Then, with a slightly excited expression, he came to the court as eager to have a try.

Lu Yao feels that this dance is also very good in terms of artistry alone. It is very enjoyable as a boudoir, and I am about to enjoy it at this moment.

As Liao Ya twists her slender and tight waist, the atmosphere on the scene is instantly different!

An inexplicable scent of lust appeared in the air, and Lu Yao's breathing suddenly became heavy.

I saw that Liao Ya's actions are not much different from younger sister and Li Pei, but they contain strong emotions, and every gesture is inspiring the most primordial instinct in the depths of human genes.

Soon, Li Pei and Liao Qi stopped jumping and looked at Liao Ya with surprise.

This level of difference is like a primary school student who has practiced a summer vacation, facing a national dancer.

Liao Ya dances unconsciously, just feels that these movements seem to be specially designed for him, especially comfortable.

Soon, a wonderful refreshing fragrance slowly wafted, it was the fragrance of Zhilan.

Liao Ya actively released this fragrance for the first time without the help of Lu Yao!

At this moment, everyone in the house was flushed and their hearts were surging!

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