I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 454

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When Lu Yao woke up, it was already late in the morning.

The three girls also stretched out and woke up one after another.

Last night was too chaotic, and the house was in a mess at the moment, and there was a pungent smell.

It is reasonable to say that you should be extremely exhausted after experiencing such a scene, but Lu Yao smelled the scent of Chilanacea all night. This magical pheromone made people unusually refreshed, his mind was clear and he was in a very good state.

The girls are also radiant, their skin is extraordinarily supple and tender, so that they are shining and reflecting.

Lu Yao looked at Liao Ya in surprise and said, "Senior Sister is amazing! "Heavenly Demon Dance of Bliss" is in your hands. It is bigger than Saintess Yun Qinglan's formidable power. I did it last night. My mind is lost."

In the Qinling Earth Palace, Bodhisattva and Yun Qinglan both performed heavenly demon dance, but it was far worse than Liao Ya's.

Be aware that the former has been practiced hard since childhood, while Liao Ya has just learned it for less than a day.

The reason should be her Zhilanxiang physique.

Li Pei and Liao Qi came up from left to right, staring with big eyes, said curiously:

"Your dancing posture is like a Heavenly Immortal woman, obviously dignified and holy, but it makes people I can’t get rid of myself."

"Sister, you dance so beautifully, pure and lusty, even I can’t help but be tempted."

Liao Ya recalled what happened last night, he was very shy and sorry:

"I don’t know what’s going on. I just feel that I am very compatible with this cultivation technique. I just lost love when I jumped and jumped..."

Li Pei said: "According to legend, the founder of "Heavenly Demon Dance of Bliss" has the same physique as you, and Joyous Sect has always been eager for a woman with Zhilanxiang. This cultivation technique is tantamount to tailor-made for you !"

She said this once before, and Lu Yao still remembered that she asked Liao Ya with concern at this time:

"Senior Sister has practiced heavenly demon dance, what's wrong Where?"

Liao Ya lowered his eyes somewhat sorry, and said in a low voice: "Absorbed a lot of your spiritual and essence...One day can be worth ten years of work."

Lu Yao wondered: "Is there? Why don't I feel anything? On the contrary, the state is surprisingly good."

Liao Ya's voice is lower: "I gave you back again..."

Lu Yao hugged her and happily said, "Senior Sister is good to me~ The benefits of eating will be back~"

Li Pei also puchi said with a smile:

"What she uses is no longer an evil way of supplementing, but a serious Dual Cultivation cultivation technique. As you said-martial arts has no righteousness and evil, it is the one mind of the user."


Lu Yao nodded, this is the reason.

Liao Ya is unwilling to take supplements, so heavenly demon dance has become the Supreme Dual Cultivation method of energy exchange between Martial Artists.

In addition to the in-depth study of Joyous Sect's classics on women's cultivation, this time, the three girls have also gained great benefits, which is really a surprise.

Lu Yao thought of something and said to Li Pei: "By the way, let your master also come and see, the same woman will definitely gain something."

Li Pei immediately Response: "I'm going to call her, just to see it together."


Li Pei and Liao Qi first wait for Lang Jun to wash and change clothes. , And restored the room to its original state and opened the windows for ventilation to dissipate the unfavorable smell for children.

Then I went out and invited Yu Yanmei, who had not seen her for many days.

Recently, Grandmaster Yu is either riding a falcon or admiring the beauty of Wudang Mountain, not meeting Lu Yao easily.

Even if I see you at this time, it's just a cold nodded, a look unfamiliar with you.

As she said, trying to treat the events in Earth Palace as an accident, a dream.

Lu Yao knows that he can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.

Only Li Pei took a suspicious look at the two of them, and always felt that something was wrong...

Fortunately, at this time, Lu Yao said: "I'm leaving for a few days, yours I'll help you practice the magic weapon."

Several girls listened to the magic weapon and took out the magic weapon in their bodies in a hurry.

Li Pei took out the Imperial Jade Seal of Chuguo, Liao Ya took out the image of the mysterious bird, and Liao Qi carried Mrs. Xu's dagger.

Yu Yanmei also solved Divine Sword shyly.

Outsiders only notice that a few beauties are the cultivation base of Above Innate, but they don’t know that they have a magic weapon.

The trip to Qinling Earth Palace made the whole family armed.

The combination of several women may not be able to deal with the queen mother, but they can definitely defeat the Great Grandmaster Zeng.

Unconsciously, Lu Yao gathered a terrifying battle strength in the harem alone.

But the disadvantage is that the beauty of the Spirit Refinement cultivation base is not enough. If you want to activate these magic weapons, you have to rely on the Star Spirit Power and aspiration that Lu Yao injected in advance.

As it should be by rights, you must pay a price if you want to use power that does not belong to you.

The daily maintenance of these magic weapons can be described as horrible, just like a person supporting 10 luxury cruise ships at the same time.

If it weren't for Bluestar's help, it would be absolutely impossible to afford it.

Put away a few magic weapons, Lu Yao asked about the treasure that can stay in your face and prolong your life: "Yuheng, are you taking turns?"

Liao Qi took off his neckline, Exposing the palm-sized semi-circular jade, she said softly:

"Take turns, and then put it in the water in advance when you take a bath at night."

Others are eager for it. Yuheng’s jade hang is not very useful to the Lu Yao family.

This thing can stay beauty and prolong life, but a few women are at the most beautiful time in their lives. Smooth and firm skin does not require any foreign object.

Lu Yao rubbed Liao Qi’s little head said with a smile: "Good cultivation, maybe there will be a big move when I come back."

"Oh? Big move "

Several girls are very curious, Lu Yao smiled without saying a word, waved and left.


Lu Yao has his own plan.

as the saying goes To reach and benefit the world, the next step is to gather the scattered sand of Shunchao and gradually transform the world into a pleasing to the eye.

This time, it happened that Zuo Gong’s east wind cleaned up a group of clowns.

The theme is "Shunchang Rebellion", some garbage that only eats expensive rice must die.

But there are some who are not guilty of death, Lu Yao doesn't mind giving them a chance.

Just as he was about to open the door to return to Blue Star, the tiger charm given by Ying Zheng suddenly fluctuated in his mind.

Presumably something is wrong with Yingzheng, Lu Yao took out to connect, and the other party’s voice immediately came out:

[There is good news to tell you that I have repaired the most damaged A light gold man recovered a bit of battle strength]

These gold men were war weapons built by the First Emperor, and they must have infinite power.

"That's very good, is gold and willingness still enough?"

[There is no shortage for the time being, but it will definitely not be enough in the future]

This Emperor Shi’s Remnant Soul is very generous, giving a lot of treasures, and Lu Yao will not be stingy:

"The matter of gold and aspiration is on my body, you can use it boldly."

Ying Zheng was relaxed at first, and then he reminded:

[Xu Fu and Demon God above my head don’t even know my reality, so I will inevitably test it next. I need your help as much as possible to stop them, never let them know that the daofather dragon is dead! 】

Lu Yao also became serious: "I will do my best!"

[They are not in the best state, then Demon God is half asleep and half awake, Xu Fu should have used it The method of body possession has survived to this day. Once you can’t do anything, you will retreat to the Afang Palace, and I will take action.]

"I know."


Hang up your heart According to news of divine ability, Lu Yao opened the door and returned to Blue Star.

There are a lot of things to do this time.

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