I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 456

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Lu Yao sits on the head of Yuanli Golden Dragon, galloping freely.

The magic weapon this thing is originally used by Heavenly Monarch of Thunder Tribulation Realm.

Daily maintenance and power activation will consume a huge amount of Star Spirit Power or willingness. If the realm is not enough, it will cost a high price to activate it.

Fortunately, Blue Star has an inexhaustible willingness to use it. Golden Dragon can be used at will here, and there is no need to worry about consumption.

And as the entire Blue Star began to learn more about the worship of Xia Country dragons, Golden Dragon can become stronger as long as it appears on the planet even if it doesn’t do anything, and it’s better than Lu Yao’s owner. All ruthless.

Unconsciously, it is a hundred meters long and is still 13 larger than a passenger plane.

At this moment, Lu Yao drives the Golden Dragon to fly in the direction of Xia Country along the North Pole route, constantly navigating through the geomagnetic field along the road.

This cyan planet is magnificent and beautiful, and it provides a lot of help.

"My hometown is my foundation, and I have to maintain it."

The Golden Dragon flew at extreme speed and set off waves of more than ten meters high, and galloped towards the destination.

Lu Yao planned to buy a deep-sea camera to solve the gold problem, but didn't expect Li Jin and Zhao Ya and his wife to call first.

After switching on, Zhao Ya’s voice sounded: [Lu Yao, your things are ready]

Looking at the time, only 6 hours have passed, Lu Yao has some Surprised: "Is it so fast?"

[This is the top ten military industry company in the world, what you want is simple in structure, of course fast]

Zhao Ya added: [Of course, the above is also paying attention to it, immediately mobilizing elite soldiers and strong generals, and the production line is fully opened]

"Then many thanks."

This is also good, you can take things first, It can also solve equipment problems along the way.

Lu Yao immediately said: "By the way, can Sister Zhao find a way to help me build a deep-sea live broadcast equipment."

[Deep-sea live broadcast equipment? What are you going to do? ]

"Of course it is a live deep-sea exploration treasure hunt~"

[Why suddenly... OK, you wait for my message, there should be no problem]


Xia Country, the western suburbs of the capital, 073 warehouse.

Since yesterday, traffic control has been implemented within a radius of 20 kilometers, and the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Military drones are also patrolling the sky, ready to shoot down those who dare to pry.

When the time came to 8 o'clock in the morning, Lu Yao arrived on the Golden Dragon.

Let Golden Dragon grasp the stone lion in the sky to absorb the energy of Yan Huang, Lu Yao jumped down from the midair, and the imperial Qi fell in front of the two people lightly.

It is Li Jin and Zhao Ya who are waiting here.

The two were not surprised when they saw Lu Yao descend from the sky. Now, hiding the sky and covering the earth are all his videos on various apps. Normal people have never watched a hundred and eighty.

After meeting, Li Jin enthusiastically reported to Lu Yao, who hadn’t seen him for a long time:

"Your deeds are really fantastic, I still feel like I’m dreaming. But no matter what. , Our whole family is always grateful to you and support you!"

Lu Yao and his family had two life-saving graces, and Li Jin’s family is grateful from the bottom of their hearts.

"You two, don't be sour." Zhao Ya opened the mouth and said: "Give things to Lu Yao first, don't delay Divine Immortal."

Li Jin led Lu Yao to the warehouse.

I saw 1000 light Battle Armors and 100 heavy mechas neatly stacked, with 50 machine guns and revolver guns on the shoulders.

The quality of Xia Country's military industry is definitely far beyond commonplace. These Steel Fortress look extraordinarily hideous, but there is a touch of roundness in the details, showing the meticulous workmanship.

Lu Yao is very satisfied, and not only that.

I saw Li Jin took out a thinner and lighter "mobile phone" and handed it over:

"This is the latest communication terminal, connected to the Big Dipper satellite, which is more practical than you are now It’s safer and more reliable, and it can adapt to a variety of extreme environments."

"Thanks." Lu Yao nodded, took over this special mobile phone made of all-alloy.

Afterwards, Zhao Ya pointed to a two-meter long diving equipment like a Big Black Fish and said:

"Aren’t you looking for deep-sea live broadcast equipment? This is an unmanned submarine. Earlier, the Star Alliance country often sent this thing to our Sea Territory for investigation, but it was later caught by fishermen. This is the domestic version after reverse cracking."

Zhao Ya pointed at this. Very advanced military equipment, I said:

"The control program has been integrated in the mobile phone just given to you, and the communication equipment transmits optical signals. You only need to set up a simple base station on the sea, and it will You can work in a seabed at a depth of 10,000 meters."

Lu Yao wrote down all the usage methods and looked up and said: "It's very advanced. How much do these things cost?"

Li Go in and take out a briefcase, said with a smile: "You don’t need a penny, you might still make money. Here are some agreements you can look at."

Take a look, yes Several provincial satellite TV and social giants' broadcast agreements.

There are also several media groups that want to represent the overseas authorization of this live broadcast.

The amount involved in the agreement is all in 100 million yuan, and they all add up to nearly 10 billion yuan.

These all are large-scale enterprises, which have inextricable relationships with government departments. I immediately received the news that Lu Yao wanted to broadcast live in the deep sea, realizing the amazing profits contained in it, and immediately rushed up. .

Lu Yao looks like a giant domestic enterprise. All the authorizations needed only need to be signed by himself. It happens that he also wants to expand his influence to maintain his willingness, and he simply waved his hand to agree.

In an instant, a tens of billions of business was negotiated.

Li Jin and Zhao Ya and his wife also relaxed, and said with a smile:

"I was begged by this group for a long time before I came, for fear that you are Divine Immortal not eating the food of common Mortals, this time is finally at ease."

The husband and wife hadn't said a word before, and let Lu Yao decide for himself. At this time, everyone was very happy.

Next, Lu Yao let the Golden Dragon dive down and put everything on the ground into his body.

At this time, in a mobile command base 10 kilometers away, countless scientists exclaimed: "What exactly is this dragon made of!? All the detectors The data is all messed up! It seems to have been subjected to strong electromagnetic interference!"

"The lineup itself is composed of a strong magnetic field converging ions, which inadvertently release electron pulses."

At this moment, the instruments around these scientists have been completely messed up, and the readings are like a roller coaster ride, which has completely lost reference significance.

An old man with white beard and hair said: "Let Li Jin and his wife find a way to get his hair! It should not be difficult to do it with their relationship."

The middle-aged man in the military uniform stopped:

"No! Never do anything that affects bilateral relations! Don't worry, focus on being safe, and there will be opportunities in the future."

~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

On the other side, Lu Yao hugs Li Jin and Zhao Ya again and prepares to leave.

"I have to go, and I will find you guys to get together after I have time."

"Goodbye~Lu Yao, wish you a pleasant journey!"


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