I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 457

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The agreement was signed, and the domestic David TVs and social giants immediately began viral marketing campaigns in order to maximize profits.

But in fact, it does not need much publicity. The news that Blue Star’s only Superman, Divine Immortal, will start a live broadcast, spread across the country in just one hour, and spread across the world in less than three hours.

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and the Blue Star people immediately used their subjective initiative to overcome a series of difficulties such as work, study, and jet lag, and squatted in front of the screen to watch the show.

Under the expectation, Lu Yao came to the Sea Territory between the two countries.

When that world war broke out, "He Guo" alone had 174 ocean-going submarines, and 130 were sunk!

At the end of the war, He Country Final Struggle, madly plundering wealth from Xia Country to make up for itself, there must be the most precious gold in it.

Now, these wealth are sleeping on the seabed of the ocean, waiting to see the light of day again.

"First put this buoy-type base station on the sea surface..."

Lu Yao put a hat-shaped buoy on the sea surface with solar panels distributed on it.

Set up the signal transmitting and receiving device, turn on the shooting equipment that comes with the unmanned submarine, and turn on the live broadcast.

With his motion to beckon to the camera, the entire Blue Star suddenly boiled.

【Superman is really live! ]

[The theme of this live broadcast is deep sea exploration treasure hunt! ? What on earth is he going to do?]

[You don’t care about Divine Immortal]

At this moment, Lu Yao clearly perceives that the concentration of aspiration has skyrocketed, and that it is positive. The proportion has risen sharply.

"Is it so effective to start a live broadcast..."

He was a little surprised. The original wish was just a smooth move. Didn't expect the effect was unexpectedly good.

Lu Yao still greatly underestimated his influence on the Blue Star.

It can be said that since ancient times, no one is more famous and affects people's hearts than him.

"It seems that I need to be more serious in a while."

Lu Yao smiled gently at the camera, and then dived into the sea, with an unmanned submarine chasing him behind.


The primary purpose of this deep-sea journey is of course cultivation, which is the basis for survival in the two worlds.

Among the classics contributed by Joyous Sect, there is a bamboo slip named "Continued Strange Harmony", which was written by the famous alchemist "Zhengbo Qiao" during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. It is about this person's cultivation in the deep sea. An experience.

He believes that in the deep sea, the pressure of the sea will make the cultivator feel painful, but as long as you persist, your body and spirit will be greatly tempered and great benefits will be obtained.

Looking back on the content of the article, Lu Yao dived quickly.

His body contains tyrannical power, and the overall force is close to 11 tons, which is turned into surging power at this time!

With two kicks, Lu Yao is like a torpedo, with a clear trail behind him rushing out three hundred meters away.

The unmanned submarine at this speed can't keep up at all, so Lu Yao swims behind the submarine like a fish and pushes it down.

The acupoints of the Rendu Second Meridian also automatically open to absorb the oxygen in the seawater.

At this time, it is located at a depth of 200 meters under the sea, which is the most wonderful and magnificent place in the sea.

Brightly colored marine life abound, many fish have never seen people, and they are curious to post them, and let Lu Yao touch them.

At this distance, the unmanned submarine can transmit 4K signals, and the audience is amazed when they see all this clearly.

【So beautiful, by the way~ Superman can breathe underwater! ]

[He is more flexible in the water than imagined, and the speed is no less than Yu Lei]

[He is definitely not here to appreciate the scenery, looking forward to what will happen next]

Lu Yao continued to set off after playing for a while, diving to a depth of kilometers with super fast maneuverability.

This depth is the limit of a nuclear submarine. Even if it has a strong and thick pressure-resistant shell, it cannot stop the increasing sea pressure.

Lu Yao moved for a while and felt that the problem was not big, that is, the ordinary person carried a 10kg weight, so he swam deeper.

As the dive got deeper and deeper, first the light disappeared, the water temperature dropped sharply, and the signs of life gradually disappeared, and the originally vibrant world became a dead silence.

At this time, it is 2 kilometers deep in the ocean. Under the huge sea pressure, Lu Yao finally feels a long-lost fatigue.

At this moment, he saw a sperm whale swimming in front of him. The 18-meter-long body was very leisurely.

The highest diving record of a nuclear submarine is less than 1,300 meters! The sperm whale is a flesh and blood body and can live here leisurely. People can't help but admire the magic of nature's creation!


This section of the sea has reached the bottom, and Lu Yao walked a further distance to the seabed at a depth of 3 kilometers.

It already feels very strong here. He feels like he is carrying a gas tank, which means that he is a little bit difficult.

"It's almost there, let's start here."

I saw that Lu Yao first appeared in Divine Soul, and then his heart also appeared.

The tall heart is in the dark seabed lustrous shine, so there is a ray of light here.

With these light sources, unmanned submarines can work better.

At this distance, he can only detect vague video signals, just like the video effect of Nokia mobile phones back then.

The viewers who watched the live broadcast still don't know what Lu Yao is going to do.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Yao started his own plan.

I saw that the body and the soul weapon were divided into two ways:

The body used the sea to pressure the three merits; while Divine Soul hit Opening Heaven Eye and searched for the seabed sunken ship.

As a result, Lu Yao suddenly felt double pain.

The Divine Soul, who was originally invisible and ignorant, fluctuated and was unstable under the pressure of high-intensity sea pressure.

Under the dizziness, Lu Yao quickly tried his best to stabilize.

But at this time, the body is not feeling well, the whole person seems to be stuffed under the roller, and the acupoints of the bones and bones are about to be crushed.

Lu Yao gritted his teeth and insisted. He has realized that this is a good opportunity to squeeze the limit. There is no such environment on land.

Although it is painful, the effect of cultivation is really unexplainable.

Innate is to open the acupuncture point, and if there is no leakage, it must be closed, and it becomes the world by itself.

This opening and closing is to "practice the acupuncture points", and the ultimate goal is to make the acupuncture point "breath".

At this moment, Lu Yao uses True Qi to clean the acupuncture points under the terrifying sea pressure, and at the same time draws oxygen from the sea water, his body is squeezed to the limit.

After persisting for a while, he suddenly felt that the acupuncture points that were originally self-contained were gradually being clearly sensed and becoming under his own control.

The first control point is the Tanzhong point on the chest, which is also the first place most people control.

I saw Lu Yao thoughts move, this place of physico-pharmacy actually closed like an eye!

Although it was less than a second, he was overjoyed!

"Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as this small step is sold, there will be a smooth journey! When I can fully control the 720 acupuncture points in the whole body, it will be the time when I have no leakage."

"What I have is gold, the golden body must be very easy, and then through the fleshy body to nourish the Divine Soul, the Spirit Refinement Realm world will gain breakthrough again!"

Lu Yao thinks more and more I am happy, and Divine Soul, who is scanning around like a radar with the sky eyes open, has gained something!

5 kilometers southeast, there is a submarine sunk in the seabed!

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