I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 458

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This is a pile of steel debris piled in seabed, half-covered by silt.

From the outline, it should be a submarine search vessel. It was directly hit by a torpedo or depth bomb, and it was cut into two neatly. It was so broken that it was impossible to see what model it was.

Lu Yao controlled Divine Soul, which had been dull a lot, to enter it, and all the things inside were soaked into mud by the sea.

It is estimated that it will not be long before the existence of this submarine will be completely erased by nature.

He found countless dirty clods in the cabin. These things were scattered around and looked worthless, but Lu Yao already knew what it was through the eyes of the sky.

Lightly waved, the unremarkable clods reveal a golden light. These are all gold! A rough calculation is about two tons.

"Yes, a good start."

Lu Yao eagerly resisted the sea pressure and rushed to open the time and space bubble and put the gold in his pocket.

At the same time, he also suddenly discovered that this exercise is more effective.

So next, while allowing Divine Soul to continue searching with his eyes open, Lu Yao punched his fist against the huge sea pressure.

This is the "Liao Family Boxing" first learned in another world, or Liao Ya taught him, and he can practice until the Exchanging Blood Realm.

I haven't practiced since Innate. At this moment, I review the old and know the new in the sea at a depth of 3 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the audiences who are watching the live broadcast have mixed reactions.

[He is using the deep sea to suppress cultivation? Did Yang Guo also cultivation in the sea?

[It’s a big difference, it’s 3 kilometers deep in the sea. You didn’t watch him and he also discovered the seabed shipwreck at the same time]

[Just now, the ship was soaked in sea water, and it was deep in the sea. It’s boring in the middle and black, I don’t know if there are any good-looking ones later]

Ordinary person just watched the excitement, but many military experts were shocked by another thing:

[What shooting equipment does he use? ]

[Xia Country said this is a new type of unmanned submarine developed by itself...but I prefer to call it "smart torpedo"]

[Damn! Xia Country can already apply this technology to actual combat! 】

In the future, the blockade of the port does not require laborious dispatch of fleets, only a dozen small smart torpedoes can prevent the enemy from leaving the port with a single inch of sail.

At the time when the opinions were divergent, Lu Yao's Divine Soul hung overhead and searched, and found again-a very well-preserved submarine!

It's just a bit far away, a hundred kilometers away in the north.

Lu Yao didn't feel any trouble at all. He just regarded this as a rare exercise opportunity and took steps against the huge sea pressure.

At this time, the pressure of the seawater is about 35,000 kPa, which is already crushed by normal people.

He now feels like an ordinary person climbing stairs carrying a gas tank, sinking as he walks.

At the same time, the separated Divine Soul is also very unstable, with ripples flashing across the soul from time to time.

The double tearing pain of body and soul is very painful, it is really the limit of genuine squeeze.

In the original half-hour journey, he walked for a full 4 hours before arriving.

Here is a kilometer deep seabed, and the sea pressure is much smaller.

The scene in front of you is very spectacular, let Lu Yao say that it is not for nothing!

I saw a 122-meter-long large submarine crashing on the seabed rock.

The preservation is very complete, the shell is not damaged, only the propeller of the tail section is deformed and damaged.

The shape of this submarine is very peculiar-on the main deck, there are three airplanes with folded wings in the engine room.

As we approached, words on the boat were faintly obscured by mud.

Lu Yao stretched out his hand, and the notorious "Sun Flag" sign appeared.

"Sure enough, it was a submarine that sank during World War II."

When Lu Yao thought, Divine Soul took the lead to check the situation.

When he saw the scene inside, he was taken aback for a moment, and finally he raised his mouth with a strange expression:

"It's really strange, just go in and live it, let everyone open their eyes."



At this time, the audience who are watching the live broadcast can’t wait for a long time, and a series of barrage appears:

[This is He Guo’s Iraq-400 submarine, with a load of 300 tons, is also equipped with three attack aircraft, known as the "underwater aircraft carrier"]

[submarine carrying aircraft? I’m curious]

[This is the killing move of the country back then, I want to use it to attack the mainland of the Star Alliance country]

[There is no obvious damage from the outside, it should be a depth bomb The sinking caused by the destruction of the power system is likely to be very well preserved. Let Superman go in and have a look]

Lu Yao will certainly not disappoint the audience, and immediately enters through the two-story hatch of the control tower submarine.

As the seawater in the isolation layer was drained, Lu Yao opened the door of the pressure cabin and saw the scene inside the submarine.

I saw messy and worn-out, cracked pipes and various debris everywhere, and the passage was still inclined.

Fortunately, the overall preservation is fairly good.

took a deep breath, the air is full of chlorine, and the temperature is only minus 7 or 8 degrees.

Lu Yao didn't come down by himself, he still carried the unmanned submarine as a camera.

Here, the submarine can only transmit static pictures, but it still allows the audience to see the broken and messy interior of the submarine.

Continue to move forward, and the amazing scenes gradually unfold before the eyes of the world.

I saw that Lu Yao first came to a locked cabin and tore open the cabin door with his bare hands amidst the troubling movement.

The air here is extremely turbid, and there are several skeletons tied to pipes by chains!

There are obvious marks of cutting and cutting on their skeletons. Two black holes looked at the ceiling in vain. The surrounding metal pipes and deck are full of marks caused by struggle.

Some viewers wondered: [Where is this place? Why are they tied up here? Cell? 】

There was silence in the field, and after a while, someone answered:

[Dear~This is not a cell, but a "food storage room"]

[Food storage room...God! The tragedy of cannibalism happened here! ]

Aware of what happened, the barrage instantly boiled:

[When the submarine sank, the internal facilities were basically intact, only the power system was damaged.

In other words, these Japanese soldiers were trapped alive in the seabed steel cage!

There is only endless darkness and death around, how desperate it should be! ]

[Those who are eaten are even more desperate! There are obvious traces of struggling in the picture, which means that when they are alive, they watched themselves being cut off one after another... and their friends are probably their friends...]

【Stop talking, I'm going to throw up! 】

Many viewers expressed that they could not accept it, but the more shocking thing is still to come.

Lu Yao soon came to the submarine’s cargo warehouse, where there are many goods tightly wrapped in canvas.

Lu Yao raised his hand and lifted the canvas, the dazzling golden light radiated out, this is a golden mountain!

Tear off the canvas behind, there are also golden mountains with hundreds of tons!

More than just gold, there will be many rare cultural relics of Xia Country in the future, including paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, bronzes, etc., each of which can be called a national treasure.

It is already obvious that this submarine is transporting the treasure robbed from Xia Country.

Many Xia Country netizens have already scolded this submarine deservedly.

But there are still some strange metal cans in the warehouse, which look like a gas tank. I don't know what they are used for.

Many experts thought about this stuff: [Is this...]

The answer will soon be revealed.

Lu Yao continued on, seeing many people tied up by chains along the way.

I came to the command cabin non-stop, and found the submarine's logbook and confidential telegrams.

I even met the captain!

There was a skeleton lying on the desk in the command cabin. Seeing that the rank on the uniform was the captain, he finally swallowed his gun in despair.

This is also the only person on the entire submarine who is not bound by chains.

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