I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 459

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The Yi 400 submarine is known as an underwater aircraft carrier, and this one departs from Luda Port in Xia Country.

The treasure on the top is just a piggyback, and its main purpose is to add enough diesel to sail nearly 30,000 kilometers!

It takes such a long voyage to perform the famous "PX operation".

This action is to launch an attack on the mainland of the Star Alliance country.

Back then, Heguo completed human experiments on innocent Xia Country people and some western prisoners of war, and developed terrifying bacterial weapons.

"Px action" This kind of "underwater aircraft carrier" with airplanes throws bacterial weapons at the densely populated areas on the west coast of the Star Alliance nation.

Unfortunately, the "high aspirations" sank, and the metal cans in the warehouse are germ weapons that are still available in the future!

At this moment, Lu Yao is reading a confidential document and telegram by the captain's skeleton.

Simply photographed these textual materials, and immediately scolded them in the live broadcast room.

No one felt that the soldiers on the ship were innocent anymore, and they scolded them for a good death.

At the same time, Lu Yao was thinking about moving the entire submarine to shore.

Heguo denies all the crimes committed that year, and this submarine is the best evidence base! Not to mention there are many national treasures.

So, he first took out the hundred tons of gold, and then amidst the exclamations and surprises of countless people, he used his willingness to strengthen his mentality and make it 200 meters high!

This kind of flexibility is not suitable for combat, but it is suitable for physical work.

I saw six strong arms around the submarine, and slowly lifted it up.

"It's just right, let the heart feel tempered."

Lu Yao gave a simple instruction, and the heart was moved towards Zhenhai City, Dongshan Province.

At this moment, the energy consumption of willingness is already an astronomical figure of genuine. If the spirit refinement expert of the other world sees it, he will faint distressedly.

But this is the most indispensable thing in Bluestar. Billions of people around the world are providing inexhaustible aspirations, and Lu Yao can toss at will.


Let the mind work hard, Lu Yao tempered the fleshy body while charging the Star Pass, successively Tons of gold are put into time and space.

Previously, too many things were installed and the energy was not enough. Fortunately, after Saint Realm appeared, the Star Spirit Power surged like the Yangtze River, and the charging speed was also greatly increased.

He is methodical, but the entire Blue Star is boiling.

The 200-meter-high psyche carried the submarine and shook off its steps on the seabed. The movement of The earth shook and the mountain quivered was easily detected by sonar and radar.

Some ships were even shocked by the big heads that suddenly appeared on the sea!

As we get closer and closer to the shore, the shallow water cannot cover the heart completely.

The direction it is heading and where it is expected to log in is quickly calculated.

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered at the beach, waiting with eager hearts for the arrival of their hearts.

The Xia Country government sent people to maintain order, and some people suggested to disperse the civilians, but it was quickly rejected by the upper level.

I want to know that since Lu Yao's live broadcast is to make a big noise, he can't hinder him anyway, he can only do his best to cooperate.

The happiest thing is the TV station and social giant that signed an agreement with Lu Yao!

They really made a profit this time, and the advertising fees alone have already generated huge profits.

The daily activity of several platforms such as Douyin and B Station has increased by 100 times, and many foreign users have even registered.

Several giant social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in foreign countries have been a step slower and can only buy broadcast rights from Xia Country companies, failing to immediately seize the opportunity.

Although some benefits have been gained in this event, it is far less than that of Xia Country counterparts.

In this turmoil, the people on the beach first saw the waves are abnormally turbulent, and then felt a slight tremor of the earth at the same time.

Everyone was subconsciously holding their breath and staring at the sea. Then, a Three Heads Six Arms giant appeared like a god and demon, and a submarine was still held in the six supporting heaven giant pillar arms!

In an instant, countless devices were aimed at this side to shoot, and the flashlights were connected together.

In the sky, there are helicopters and drones in the aerial photography, not to miss any angle.

At this time, there is no one to control the mental state, just accept simple commands.

Along with cheers like mountain cry out and sea howl, it placed the submarine on the highest clearing with a vague expression, and then turned back to the sea without the slightest hesitation.

The official Xia Country, which had been prepared, entered immediately.

First, the army surrounded the wreckage of the submarine, and professionals such as biological and chemical weapons experts and cultural relics experts stepped into it to operate.

At the same time, there were armed police holding large speakers and shouting to maintain order: [Please do not get too close, take pictures in an orderly manner]

Everything on the scene is in order.

Fortunately, the bacterial weapons in the submarine have lost their usefulness after several decades. The cultural relics in it are relatively well preserved, and they are successively taken out and transported by the crowd amidst the cheers of the crowd.

Many logs, letters, telegrams, etc. in the submarine have also been sorted and summarized one after another, as favorable evidence of war crimes against the country.

The entire Blue Star has witnessed this, and even if Heguo denies it, it cannot erase the common memory of billions of people.


In the deep sea

After Lu Yao got this hundred tons of gold, the next good luck seemed to use It’s gone, there’s no big gain anymore, only something that doesn’t hurt or itchy.

He didn't care, it was still a cultivation of mind.

The goal of "gold, cultivation, and willpower" has been completed with one stone and three birds with one stone. This time, the harvest is big enough.

As he continued to move in the sea, he gradually moved from the Eastern Sea to the Yellow Sea.

At this time, Divine Soul’s eye suddenly discovered that 200 kilometers to the north, there were scattered scattered wrecks of many unique ships, rusty and eroded by the sea.

Lu Yao checked the location after seeing the wreckage, and his heart suddenly moved:

"It is the wreckage of the Beiyang Navy during the Blue Star Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895... Zhiyuan, Jingyuan, Chao Brave, brave..."

He participated in a war in another world, but he was helpless with the outcome of this battle in Blue Star.

"Never mind, anyway, it is necessary to cultivation, just grab them all together and see the sun again."

Lu Yao immediately ordered that he had walked halfway and turned his head to the north. He also carried the pressure of the sea and moved forward to meet.


After the Sino-Japanese War of Sino-Japanese War, the wreckage of the Beiyang Navy’s battleship was salvaged and split up by the country and displayed as spoils of war. Yasukuni Shrine and school and park.

But the main part of the battleship is too difficult to salvage, and they are still there.

After Lu Yao rushed over, he first bowed to the wreckage of the battleship and respected his courage.

This group of people has really reached their limit. Most of the generals have died in battle or committed suicide to serve the country. The low-level officers and soldiers even took the initiative to lock themselves in the burning cabin, which is called heroic.

At this time, the water depth is only 100 meters, only to the waist of the heart.

Lu Yao manipulated his heart to gather the battleship wreckage together, and walked towards Liao Province with his 6 arms.

There were several drones in the sky shooting at them, and he didn't care much.

Doing this by myself is just a peace of mind.

What is never expected is that countless people in Xia Country saw this scene, and the heroic oath to sink with the enemy ship suddenly appeared in their minds!

Looking back to the Heguo submarine just now, there was an unprecedented aspiration!

Lu Yao, who was halfway there, immediately found out that something was wrong!

At this moment, it turned into a real aspiration, and even made thousands of tons of battleship wreckage float in the air!

"Sure enough, good people have rewards, and a magic weapon is about to be born! My chance is here!"

Lu Yao quickly became one with his heart, and his six arms were raised to the sky and turned into The medium to guide the force!

I saw these battleship wrecks filled with a tsunami-like force, and the rust retreated at a speed that was visible to the eye.

"The magic weapon of battleship!"

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