I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 460

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At this moment, the network of Xia Country is boiling!

[It is the wreckage of the Zhiyuan ship! I have seen popular science at the memorial! ]

[The Jingyuan Ship has also been picked up! There is another big... is Dingyuan! 】

[The whole army is annihilated and no one retreats, these people are a pity]

Xia Country has started exploring the battleship wreckage many years ago, even 1:1 The launch of a Zhiyuan ship was restored.

The heroic naval battle of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, hundreds of millions of nationals known to everyone, the admiration and admiration for more than 100 years has already accumulated an excellent foundation.

Seeing Lu Yao salvaging battleship wrecks one after another, Xia Country is even more excited, and the wishes of 10 and hundreds of millions of compatriots have turned into tides.

these all are high concentration of positive aspirations, full of admiration for heroes.

I saw the six arms raised high, palms facing the sky, turning them into a medium for communicating the two worlds to guide the aspiration.

The wreckage of the battleship is hung in the air wrapped by the force of wish, fading away the stains at the speed visible to naked eye, and becoming bright as new.

At the same time, Lu Yao can clearly perceive that metal is merging with the unique mental fluctuations of wishing force, transforming into a substance between reality and reality.

When several magic weapons were born before, his cultivation base was not enough, and he could not detect this magical scene.

Through this three-day deep-sea cultivation, Lu Yao's Divine Soul has made great progress, and finally can clearly observe how the magic weapon was born.

Time passed by one minute and one second, with the continuous infusion of the will, these wrecks exuding rays of light slowly gathered together, vaguely turning into the appearance of a ship.

This ship is really too big, 400 meters long and 60 meters wide. It is a circle larger than an aircraft carrier.

At this moment, the Blue Stars looked at this behemoth floating in the sky like a mirage, and couldn’t help exclaiming:

[This luminous thing...is Divine Immortal is building a treasure ship! ? ]

[Looking at the appearance it should be, a few pieces of seabed wreckage turned into magic weapons, it’s really amazing! 】

There are countless drones with the most advanced detection equipment hovering around to observe from a distance.

The highest scientists around the world are ready to go, trying to figure out the principle of the magic weapon.


It is not easy for this body shape to be turned into a magic weapon.

Next, Lu Yao raised six arms and guided him for one day and one night. The huge ship suspended in the void became more and more solid, and the whole body shone with glaze-like colors.

Lu Yao at first was also elated: "Sure enough, a good person has a reward, and he got such a powerful magic weapon!"

It didn't take long for him to laugh.

This magic weapon is really too big, a lap bigger than an aircraft carrier, compared with other magic weapons, it is like watermelon and sesame, it must have a terrifying demand.

While swallowed by its whale, the tide of willingness in the sky gradually becomes thinner, and the willingness of one billion people is actually exhausted!

The magic weapon only has a general shape, and the birth process has just begun!

Seeing this, Lu Yao immediately put away his mind, took out the golden dragon summon, rolled up the semi-formed magic weapon, and rushed towards the capital of Xia Country.

If you want to give birth to a magic weapon, the spiritual fluctuation contained in the strength of the wish must be very strong.

At this moment, of course, we must use the "Yanhuang Wish Power" full of high spirits!


At this time, Lu Yao is in the Yellow Sea, and the straight-line distance from the capital is 500 kilometers. Even if Golden Dragon carries a big burden Can also be there within an hour.

Lu Yao also called the Xia Country official.

Along the road, I encountered many residents who came to see Divine Immortal, and many drones were shooting at them.

Countless people jumped and cheered at Lu Yao on the ground. Lu Yao waved his hands friendly and did not slow down at all, rushing to the Canal Forest Park in the eastern suburbs of the capital as quickly as possible.

He ignored the others and quickly guided Yanhuang Yuanli down from the sky.

The Immortal Boat of Good Fortune was bathed in the high-spirited Yanhuang aspiration, and the surface of the hull immediately added a faint golden glow, and the body was slightly larger.

The whole ship gives people a feeling of refreshment like a fish back in water.

Seeing that it is useful, Lu Yao immediately relaxed, and fully guided the infusion of willingness.

The amazing appetite of the good fortune immortal boat appeared. Under its whale swallowing, Yanhuang Yuanli, which had been used no less, actually had a visible reduction in naked eye.

But this is the accumulation of thousands of years of civilization, and it is the limit that can be consumed to this point.

Under the perfusion of Yanhuang Yuanli regardless of cost, the fairy boat of good fortune became brighter and brighter, and then suddenly brightened!

High-intensity electronic pulses lased out, electronic devices within 10 kilometers of the area all failed, and the live broadcast room immediately went black.

The audience was suddenly anxious. Fortunately, this situation only lasted for more than ten seconds. Other drones quickly filled up their seats, allowing everyone to see everything in the field.

The brilliance gradually gathered, and a huge boat shining with colored glaze appeared in the air.

The overall appearance is like a battleship, but there is a dragon-shaped horn on the bow, and the bridges and the sides of the ship are pierced, full of ancient Xia Country style.

In addition, the hull of the ship's fluorescence is gleaming like colored glaze, and it's nothing ordinary at first glance.

Lu Yao's face was obviously exhausted, but he was in good spirits and jumped into the boat happily.

"What a huge ship, the size of this magic weapon is really huge..."

He felt like standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, and it was just a new born magic weapon. After constant sacrifice and training, it will be even bigger.

Lightly stroking the unique material of the magic weapon like gold but not gold, Lu Yao smiled and said: "I will call you-good fortune fairy boat!"

tone barely fell, Lu Yao thoughts move.

I saw the huge ship slowly floating in the air, flying up like an air-sky aircraft carrier, suddenly breaking through the clouds and reaching a height of 10,000 meters!

It not only travels on the water, it is also a spaceship!

Under the attention of the world, there is another uproar:

[This is a floating battleship? Or the boat of good fortune? ]

[It’s so unscientific...Such a big ship is floating in the sky]

[Divine Immortal I uploaded the cultivation technique before I have to practice two more laps, maybe You have to become immortal]



The outside world is full of surprise and envy, Lu Yao is testing the performance of the new magic weapon.

I saw the immortal boat of good fortune in the sky turning dexterously, and then suddenly accelerating.

During this period, I kept adjusting the flying posture to make various actions, and the speed also changed from time to time.

Let’s drive it, Lu Yao already knows it—it’s a lot of consumption!

Looking at his body type, you can know that whether you want to stimulate or follow-up sacrifices, the consumption will inevitably be terrifying.

"It is obvious that Saint Realm's Star Spirit Power can't control the immortal boat, it can only be motivated by the force of wish, unable to use the full power of the magic weapon... The speed is only 300 kilometers per hour."

"According to the consumption rate, if you fill up your aspiration power...you can use it for a quarter of an hour in another world."

Lu Yao's excitement is slightly reduced, the good luck immortal boat is too special and too much Powerful, far beyond your own control.

At this moment, Lu Yao's thoughts moved, and the collision angle on the front of Good Fortune Immortal Boat suddenly brightened, and a ball of light gathered up ahead.

But before anything happened, the ball of light suddenly disappeared.

This is the magic weapon's attack ability, limited by realm, not enough to use it!

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