I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 461

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The consumption of the immortal boat for good fortune is too terrifying, that is, the blue star has the inexhaustible willingness to urge it at will.

At this time, the dust has settled, Lu Yao reached out and beckoned, and Xianzhou shrinks immediately.

Other magic weapons can shrink to the size of a matchstick, and then enter the Divine Soul through the facial features to warm up.

But the immortal boat of good fortune can only be shrunk to the size of a tablet, like a very delicate and beautiful model.

Hold it in his hand and play with it for a while, until Divine Soul came out and put it in by Lu Yao.

At this moment, the entire Blue Star people are discussing his new good fortune immortal boat, admiring its magic and power.

Lu Yao's heart moved, he hit Opening Heaven Eye and looked up.

With the help of this live broadcast, the positive component of the tidal force in the sky has accounted for more than 70%.

Together with the hundred tons of gold in the bubble of time and space, as well as the huge benefits of Fleshy Body and Divine Soul, all the goals of returning to the hometown have been over fulfilled!

Lu Yao is very satisfied, and consciously it is time to leave. There are still many things to do in the alien world.

Before leaving, I took out my mobile phone and took a look. There were more than a dozen bank arrival notices.

His deposit now has 12 digits and it is still increasing.

The clicks and likes of the live broadcast are all profitable, and the advertising sharing and broadcasting rights operation will be paid in succession.

"I can become the world's richest man by just playing live broadcasts...Interestingly, extraordinary powers can be transformed into wealth and power in any world."

Lu Yao opened the light door and returned to Wudang Mountain.


"Autumn sun is scattered with green hills and red, coral trees and glaze are scattered". Wudang Mountain The most beautiful season of the year comes quietly.

An autumn rain, a gust of autumn wind, the verdant Wudang gradually fades from layers of emerald green, golden and red creeping, it is truly picturesque and unparalleled.

Lu Yao's family lives in Tianzhao Peak, where the building is regulated by the Imperial Family, but the walls and tiles are exquisitely exquisite, and the terraces reflect the atmosphere of gold and silver. In the artistic conception of "Xianshan Qiongge" With a touch of grace.

In order to prevent someone from disturbing the quiet of the distinguished guests, Wudang Sect arranged an elite disciple to guard the foot of the mountain.

Because there are female dependents, Bailu is responsible for this matter.

At this moment, this young and beautiful Taoist woman is helplessly listening to the own master nagging:

"Luer, for the teacher, I know that you have always wanted to find a dual-stay dual-flyer I’m married, but it’s so difficult."

Zhang Yunshu caressed his beard and preached:

"Look at your senior and junior brothers, it’s Exchanging Blood Realm, which one is not There are more than a dozen housewives.

Lu Zhenjun has only three wives, and he definitely deserves to be "Martial Dao not in love with beauty".

You can have it when you marry him. Belonging can also make the relationship between the two families more intimate, which is really a good thing for the best of both worlds."

Bai Lu pretended to be shy, and rolled his eyes secretly.

Master has mentioned this matter countless times, but she first saw Lu Yao pick someone, and then she saw the same hobby as the Queen Mother, and she has already had a serious psychological shadow.

When Zhang Yunshu saw dísciple, it seemed that he still didn't know what to do, nor was he too forceful, but sighed and walked away.

Just when Bai Lu was also relaxed, suddenly three shadows came away, but it was Li Pei and the sisters Liao Family who came back from the fun.

Three beautiful women walked side by side, with cheerful smiles on their faces.

The fair and delicate skin becomes more beautiful in the sun, even the loose clothes can't hide the imaginative and proud figure.

“Today’s good luck, I actually stepped on a seven-leaf tree, and it’s more comfortable to put it in the hot spring when I take a bath for a while.”

Li Pei held a flower in his hand. Herbal medicine, full of smiles, chatting with the sisters of Liao Family, when they saw Bailu, they were nodded and friendly to each other.

Bai Lu looked at the three female Grandmasters with deep emotion.

The rumors in the arena-Mr. Lu Zhenjun everyday all will help his wife massage and condition, possess the body to guide the cultivation, so it will let them break through Innate in a very short time.

Countless people are envious, but Bailu knows that Lu Yao is more generous than the rumors. Even Rebirth Good Fortune Pill this thing is let them eat.

Thinking of Master's suggestion, Bai Lu was slightly moved, but the silhouette of the Queen Mother and Lu Yao gradually overlapped again, and the thought suddenly disappeared.


Li Pei is also emotional at this moment.

According to the normal life trajectory, the core of Wudang like Bailu really said that he must be treated with courtesy, how can he be a doorman like he is now.

shook the head to dispel distracting thoughts and prepare a bath with sisters Liao Family.

There are natural hot springs in Tianzhao Peak, so a refreshed bath is particularly comfortable.

The three women came to the hot spring with the various snacks of Blue Star and the newly brewed golden neck dew, and found that someone had arrived early, it was Yu Yanmei.

"Master, you are here, you are just together."

Li Pei took off his clothes and plunged into the steaming pool, holding Master's arm happily:


"Liao Ya suddenly have a thought, soaking Jade Heng into the newly brewed golden neck dew, he actually got a jar of Immortal Wine, we just soaked and drank~"

" So I have to taste it.” Yu Yanmei became interested, the higher the Martial Artist realm, the harder it is to get drunk.

Liao Ya and Liao Qi also took off their clothes and entered the hot spring, and filled an inflatable tray with various snacks, and today's protagonist-Golden Stem Immortal Wine.

This is the name the girls just took.

"Yu Grandmaster, please~"

Liao Ya has always admired Yu Yanmei and is a small fan of her. At this moment, he immediately filled her with a glass.

As soon as Golden Stem Immortal Wine came into contact with the air, it instantly suppressed the sulphur smell of hot springs, and the rich aroma of wine filled the nose and orifices of all women.

Yu Yanmei moved her index finger and raised her glass to drink from her slender neck.

"Good wine!"

She only felt a stream of heat burned into the stomach along the esophagus, and then scattered to the limbs, the whole person was warm, even the hot springs It doesn't feel hot anymore.

The three of Li Pei each drank a full glass, and sighed comfortably.

"Comfortable, I don’t want to change it for a Divine Immortal."

At this moment, in the cloud-filled hot spring pool, four Fairy faces are red, and their bodies are white and smooth. They are really beautiful. Nothing.

"Unexpectedly, there is such a wonderful thing about Jade Heng! Big Liao younger sister should remember the first work!"

"I also had a good heart when making wine, Genius tried it."

Li Pei and Liao Ya, two stunners with extraordinarily large displacement, respected each other and drank a cup, and then filled them up again.

Yu Yanmei and Liao Qi also drank together.

Pour down one cup after another, Golden Stem Immortal Wine made these four Grandmasters rarely drunk, and the subsequent chatting became bold.

I saw Li Pei smiling hehe hooking Liao Ya’s shoulders and said:

"There is a copy of "Miaoshu Guanzhi" in the classics presented by Joyous Sect. Have you seen it? ~"

Liao Ya yelled: "This is not Joyous Sect's technique of observing women. It's nasty, let's see what it does!"

"It's interesting, you can Through the woman’s exposed posture, she knows her private parts..."

Li Pei glanced at Liao Ya triumphantly, and said: "Daliao younger sister is a stunner at first sight~"


Then she looked towards Liao Qi, said with a smile: "Little Liao's younger sister is not bad, it can suck out the soul of a man~"

Next, she borrowed Jiu Jiner looked towards Yu Yanmei, and immediately browse tightly knit when he was about to say something witty:

"I don't seem to have learned home...Master, why are you not a virgin..."

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