I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 462

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Joyous Sect’s "The Art of Watching Girls" is not intended to search for top grade stunners, but to find the dísciple of genius with good aptitude and protection of the inheritance of the sect.

This secret technique can tell a woman's physical condition and aptitude through the exposed facial features, hair, fingers, and even a mole on her face.

Each Great Sect has a similar method to facilitate the selection of excellent Inheritor.

So the cultivation technique has no good and evil, it depends on how people use it.

At this time, everyone was not wearing any clothes in the hot spring, and Li wore a curious mind to prove what he had learned with a few beauties.

When I watched the Liao Family sisters, I admired that the secret technique is true and accurate.

When I saw my master, Li Pei had some doubts whether he hadn't learned home and looked bad.

"The center of the eyebrows is relaxed, and the'Sulian Point' at the tip of the nose and the perineum is round and smooth...This is the characteristic of a woman already!"

"But it is impossible, Master cleansing himself. There has never been a man..."

With the help of alcoholic strength, Li Pei faintly started to touch Yu Yanmei.

No matter what kind of secret technique, you can’t get 100% accurate information just by looking at it, you have to figure it out yourself.

After everyone saw a flash, Yu Yanmei had already pinched Li Pei’s neck and subdued it like a kitten.

She calm expression, drank the Immortal Wine in the glass, and said: "You are getting smaller and smaller recently."

Liao Ya and Liao Qi respectively Hehe laughed and said:

"You don't use this secret technique to look at your own barren."

"Yes, the White Tiger is also the Top Grade recommended by Joyous Sect. "

Li Pei no longer feels low self-esteem a long time ago, and at the moment she is still triumphant: "Lang Jun likes it...Ah!"

She hasn't finished her words yet, Yu Yanmei has raised her hand." pa pa pa", fiercely slapped three fiercely on his snow-white round butt, leaving three bright red palm prints.

"Make you shameless! Make you not as long as the Revered Master!"

"Don't dare, don't dare, don't fight~"

Li Pei After hurriedly begging for mercy, Liao Ya also filled Yu Yanmei with Immortal Wine again, which stabilized the scene.

The women toasted again and drank them, and most of the 10-jin bottle of wine was unconsciously gone.

"It’s been a long time since I experienced this dizzy feeling."

Liao Qi leaned back leisurely by the pool, her crystal clear apricot eyes covered with mist:


"I don't know when Lu Yao will come back, let him taste this Golden Stem Immortal Wine."

Li Pei played with the empty wine glass and his face flushed, eating said with a smile: "This In less than a week, do you miss Lang Jun?"

Liao Qi is a little shy nodded: "I miss him if I don't see him all day, and I can't wait to be by his side all the time."

Seeing that this girl is so sincere, Li Pei couldn't make fun of it anymore, picking up a handful of hot spring water and splashing on him.

"When you said that, I also thought about it, why have you been there for so long..."

The hot spring water flows down her white and delicate skin, gliding deeply The ditches and alluring bright red.

"But after Lang Jun comes back, the three of us have to go into battle together and squeeze him dry. The man is deflated and there are not so many guts~"

I heard this, Liao Ya went to cover Li Pei's mouth: "Yu Grandmaster is still there, what are you talking about!"

Liao Qi pu chi laughed out loud, and Huazhi trembled:

"Li Sister Pei, you used to say that you don’t mind men three wives and four concubines, but now you are staring at Lu Yao to death, lest there be more sisters."

Li Pei laughed at herself and filled herself with Have a cup.

"At that time I was ignorant... Now I really want to tear my mouth off, I absolutely don’t want to share Lu Yao with others."

Then she raised her glass to Liao Family Sisters: "Of course, except for you two. Our sisters are of the same mind. Let's watch Lang Jun this piece of fragrant meat."

Liao Ya and Liao Qi also don't want to have multiple interveners. The pretty face is full A toast of fighting spirits.

Yu Yanmei was very embarrassed when she saw this scene, her face was a little uncontrollable, she forced herself to stand up without losing self-control and said:

"Immortal Wine is good, but don't drink too much, I Go out to get the wind, you guys slowly go to the bar."

Speaking, she got up and left the hot spring, and True Qi walked around in the blink of an eye to evaporate the water.

Then Xixi Suosuo put on his clothes and left in a beautiful posture.

Liao Qi stared at Yu Yanmei's back for a while, and said casually: "After Qinhuang's Earth Palace and his party, Yu Grandmaster seems to have become more feminine."

The speaker is unintentional and the listener intentionally, Li Pei's mind is divine light flashed!

Through his own intelligence and the super memory brought by the Changding realm, all the clues and the things that are wrong with Yu Yanmei and Lu Yao are connected in an instant.

[Master's body changed, Ling Falcon suddenly accepted her, the strange atmosphere between the two recently... Could it be said that what happened in the Earth Palace? 】

[Yes, at that time, the battlefield was wrapped by the pink aspiration power of Bodhisattva's subordinates, which had a strong aphrodisiac effect...]

The heart turned sharply, and Li Pei’s expression became more intense. It's getting more serious.

"What's wrong with you?"

At this time, Liao Ya reached out and shook her face, interrupting her thoughts.

Li Pei chuckled and shook her head: "It's nothing, maybe I think too much. Let's continue to drink~"

It looks all right on the surface, but her heart has been left in her heart. A thorn.


After Yu Yanmei left the hot spring, she didn't know whether she was drunk or ashamed, but her face was hot.

So he waved fiercely at the three spirit falcons in the sky, wanting to fly to the sky for a drive.

But I haven't seen one for a long time. When she was a little confused, the one who had the most contact came over.

Yu Yanmei touched the other's neck affectionately, but after sniffing her two mouthfuls, she retreated suddenly, obviously rejecting her approach.

Afterwards, the wings were safe for a while, and the flying sand running stone returned to the sky.

Yu Yanmei froze in place, and she knew the reason after a little thought.

The strong smell will slowly dissipate over time.

It has been almost 20 days since the last close contact, and the smell of Lu Yao on her body is almost nonexistent, so Ling Falcon no longer waits.

Just as Yu Yanmei was feeling dull, a silhouette that she had tried to avoid recently appeared at the foot of the mountain, and it was Lu Yao who was back.

Yu Yanmei was about to turn around and leave immediately, but she did not know why her feet were a little slower, and when she made up her mind, she could clearly see the other party.

She changed her expression, she didn't care about avoiding taboos, but leaned forward:

"You...closed the Tanzhong acupoint!? You are so bold! How can such a thing happen? Do it alone!"

As she spoke, Yu Yanmei's hand was already on Lu Yao's chest, and she reached out to explore with True Qi to make sure she was relaxed before she was okay.

Martial Dao at the later stage each layer breakthrough has to be cautiously, not only about life, but also to avoid leaving serious repercussions to affect the way forward.

Seeing that there is no one around, Lu Yao hugs the slender and tight waist of the opponent with his backhand, and said with a shy face:

"Yu Grandmaster, I am full of doubts about what I have gained from next. I also hope that you will give me your advice so that I can think about the body without any leakage."

Yu Yanmei backhanded to push the disciple away, but when the opponent touched her, she was soft and soft. strength.

And this seems to be a very legitimate reason. Cultivation is about your life and you cannot refuse it.

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