I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 463

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Yu Yanmei likes to be quiet, so the room she lives in is on the edge of the cliff on the north side of Tianzhao Peak, which is relatively remote.

Lu Yao hugged others and walked there. In name, he wanted to ask for advice, but in fact it was self-evident.

Yu Yanmei was originally muddleheaded, but when she thought of Li Pei and the Liao Family sisters, a strong shame arose in her heart, and she bit her tongue to recover a trace and soberness and calm, soft body With a little strength, Lu Yao slammed away.

"Smelly brat what are you going to do! Believing or not I will make you more transparent holes!"

"Yu Grandmaster, I am sincerely asking for advice." Lu Yao full The face said sincerely.

Martial Dao high realm's cultivation is very dangerous, and it is absolutely impossible not to point out.

Yu Yanmei hated that she really owed him in her previous life, so she took a deep breath and said:

"Then don't move your hands and feet, you are three feet away from me, I will know it. Teach you."

Lu Yao repeatedly nodded: "You have the final say."

It is already evening, and the leaves of the forest are magnificent in the afterglow.

The two were walking in the woods. While Yu Yanmei was alert to someone, she whispered:

"People are born with 720 acupuncture points, connecting all parts of the body around the sky. Innate Realm has opened them all, but no leakage is to close.

During opening and closing, all the acupuncture points are under control. The fleshy body becomes a world of its own, and the acupuncture points are turned into stars. At that time, the Martial Artist fleshy body will have incredible power. Look forward to it!"

I saw Yu Yanmei roll up her sleeves, revealing her snow-white crystal arms and wearing ice jade hand bracelets on her wrists.

The skin and the fine jade complement each other, Lu Yao clearly perceives-the 11 acupuncture points of the "Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian" on the beauty's arm, vibrating and flashing like stars in the sky, giving out a trace of undetectable detail Strange rhythm.

Immediately afterwards, a huge amount of Innate True Qi burst out, and Yu Yanmei's arm was wrapped in a cyclone visible to naked eye!

"The essence of no leakage is to practice the acupuncture points, so that the Martial Artist's body has the power of the acupuncture points, bursting out incredible power!"

tone barely fell, Yu Yanmei raised her hand A palm slapped the rock as big as a car around him.

But after hearing a loud bang, the moss-covered hard boulder all split up and in pieces on the spot!

Lu Yao praised: "Awesome! There is such a formidable power with just a single blow. It is worthy of the fleshy body is extremely powerful!"

Yu Yanmei stretched her arm over and said:

"Carefully remember the rhythm of the acupoints. This is the basis for the bursting of the acupoints. Your task now is to make the 720 acupoints around your body open and close freely. At the time of the realm!"

Lightly touched the snow-white powdery arm twice, Lu Yao said with a shy face: "It is better to go to the room if you only touch the arm to understand it."


"Lu guys don't want to be so full of brains, concentrated one's mind to experience the rhythm of the acupuncture points!"

Yu Yanmei's arms are wrapped around the cyclone, fiercely threatening:

"If you dare to belittle me, I will give it to you! Let you taste the formidable power of Fleshy body!"

Lu Yao is not afraid at all. If the opponent wants to fight, he will become the horizon. The meteor is coming, how can there be a chance to spend some time here.

And he also found Yu Yanmei a weakness.

I saw Lu Yao's hand suddenly moved down and put it on the opponent's waist. With a little effort, Yu Yanmei suddenly lost strength, and the whole person became soft again.

"smelly brat... let go..."

Yu Grandmaster's waist and hip joints are very sensitive.

Of course, it must be someone who is unwilling to resist in her heart to have this effect.

At this time, Lu Yao can do good things with the trend, but his spirit refinement senses clearly that although the other party wants to refuse and welcome, there is really a trace of unwillingness in his eyes, there seems to be something concern.

Yu Yanmei's scruples are Li Pei, the Liao Family sisters she also likes very well, as well as close friends, and the eyes of the world.

These worldly shackles made her unable to face up to her inner desires and feelings, and her heart was deeply entangled.

Seeing that Fairy in the moon seemed to be caught in a battle between heaven and humans and trembling all over, Lu Yao quickly let go, and said with concern: "What's the matter? Your True Qi clashes all over the body... …"

Yu Yanmei quickly calmed her mood, blended True Qi thoroughly, and gave Lu Yao angrily at the same time.

"It's not all you hurt! It's getting late, you don't want to entangle you anymore, go back and follow the cultivation I taught you."

I'm leaving.

"Don't worry, there is something else." Lu Yao quickly took out the Divine Sword Tai Ah, said with a smile:

"I will give you your magic weapon After the sacrifice is complete, even the golden body can be killed with it~"

Yu Yanmei took the Divine Sword, only pulled out an inch and quickly took it back.

I don’t pay attention to divine object. Even if only about one inch is exposed, it also emits a bright cold glow, illuminating a small mountain.

If all of them are pulled out, it is estimated that the entire Wudang Mountain can be seen.

She looked at Lu Yao with a complicated expression. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, the magic weapon has disappeared, and even Wudang Sect has only one Magical Artifact.

The value of Divine Sword Tai Ah really cannot be expressed in words, and normal people must be careful and careful to get it affirmed, and no outsiders can take a look.

But for such a precious thing, this kid will give it away... and he helped himself to practice it.

Yu Yanmei gently stroked the Divine Sword, touched the ice jade hand bracelet on her wrist, and thought of the perfect Immortal Pill that she had eaten every day, and the three thousand tael of gold she received Wait...

It turned out unconsciously, I have already gained so many benefits from others.

For a while, she was a little speechless.

At this time, seeing Yu Yanmei is fine, Lu Yao said:

"If you feel uncomfortable, please rest early. I will go back. But I will treat you sooner or later. Swallow it~"

After that, I turned around and left.

Yu Yanmei hung Divine Sword around her waist, sighed: Well, anyway, she has been lost to him, so I am still trying to do something.

At this time, Lu Yao had already walked more than ten meters away, but suddenly heard Fairy of the Moon yelling to himself.

"Wait a minute."

Yu Yanmei lowered her head and whispered softly:

"Your first opening and closing of the mutton is a death hole, too It's dangerous. Come with me and observe carefully."

"You mean..."

Lu Yao hearing this I couldn't believe it. Tanzhong point is on the chest, this observation... is obviously a veiled invitation! Happiness comes so fast that it makes people a little dazed.

Yu Yanmei was the first to lead the way, and turned around a little shyly: "Do you want to come?"

"If you want to, of course!" Lu Yao hurriedly followed. Behind.

The autumn breeze was blowing, the branches and leaves hua hua rang, and two emotionally charged men and women came into the room.

Yu Yanmei closed her eyes and said like a mosquito: "I call you to teach Martial Dao..."

Lu Yao embraced the long-awaited one from behind Beautiful woman, fiercely sniffed: "Don't delay, you can do it at the same time."

Let’s say it’s not being honest.

"Lu boy, wait a minute, we have three chapters!"

Yu Yanmei held down Lu Yao's hand, turned her head and met her eyes, and said seriously:

"First of all, I only talk to you once a month; secondly, this matter must be kept strictly confidential and must not be leaked; finally, you must remember-I am not your woman. We are... lovers."


"I agreed!"

Lu Yao readily agreed, Yu Yanmei's last defense was gone, and the whole person softened on him.

The desire for powerful flesh that has accumulated for decades is like a violent eruption of a volcano, and the two are tightly entangled together.


At the same time, Li Pei and the Liao Family sisters who were soaking in the hot spring vaguely heard Yu Yanmei's palm pat on the rocks before.

"Yu Grandmaster is practicing?"

It was silent after only one ringing, and the Liao Family sisters didn't care.

And Li Pei knows the most. Spirit refinement induction has quickly connected all the information together, sending out reminders secretly.

She stretched her waist calmly and said: "I'm a bit too drunk, go to rest first, you guys slowly soak."

Then use True Qi to steam dry. Moisture, put on your clothes and touch the place where the master lives.

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