I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 464

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Li Pei has a serious expression and is racing through the mountains.

The movement method she used is very peculiar. The broken air will rotate to cancel each other out. It is obviously fast but there is no sound.

This is the movement method in Joyous Sect "Great Ascension Heavenly Demon Dance". Divine Art is infinitely useful. It is simply tailor-made for women. Several girls, including Yu Yanmei, have gained a lot after cultivation.

At the same time, Li Pei also used the secret technique in the heavenly demon dance to fuse his spirit with Heaven and Earth to dilute and dispel his own existence so as not to be noticed.

If you think too much, you can leave quietly.

But soon she knew that she was right...the woman's mournful cry was heard in the distance.

The shouts are full of joy of liberation, full of joy from the heart.

Li Pei quietly approached with a cold face, and could still hear the people in the room talking.

"Lu kid, close your eyes and don't look at me."


"Your eyes are full of jokes, you must be Make fun of me!"

"Where is it, I am admiring you~"

The voice that is being talked comes from the two most important people in Li Pei's life, and she instantly knows everything.

Forcibly resisting the loss of self-control, I leaned to the window and saw two familiar silhouettes, Lu Yao and Yu Yanmei.

Lu Yao turned his back shirtless, unable to see his expression clearly. On the other hand, Yu Yanmei's face looked like anger and joy, she was infinitely shy, and the corners of her eyebrows and eyes were full of spring.

For the first time in his life, Li Pei saw Master's expression. The cool Fairy of the Moon no longer exists. At this time, there is only a delicate and beautiful woman.

She seems to be a little confused, and her eyes, which are as bright as jewels, are misty and about to drip out of water.

Witnessing this scene with his own eyes, Li Pei covered his heart and lost his voice in pain: "A thousand guards against a thief is hard to guard against..."

The two in the house are immersed in incomparable beauty , I found out that I touched the person in front of me. In addition to Li Pei's use of the secret technique, her lack of hostility is also an important reason.

Yu Yanmei suddenly lost her color, cry out in surprise: "Peipei, why are you here...I, we..."

She spoke with scattered clothes Cover the body.

Heavenly thunder was too eager to hook the earth fire. There were clothes left on the two of them that they had not had time to take off. Yu Yanmei even wore shoes, which didn’t look so unbearable...

But the legs are all carried on the shoulders, what good is this?

Li Pei lowered his head and wanted to cry.

The Liao Family sisters are pure-hearted and can't hold back their faces to control Lu Yao. If they hadn't kept their eyes on them, there would have been groups of concubines in the family.

I have worked so hard to maintain for so long, I can't think of being betrayed by the person I closest to trust.

In fact, she is not against Lang Jun's collection of Yu Yanmei, but she feels very unhappy to be stabbed back by the person closest to her.

At this moment, Yu Yanmei doesn't know what to say, so she can only put her clothes on her face and wear an ostrich.

Lu Yao was about to say something cheeky, Li Pei had already walked into the house.

I saw that she first took off Yu Yanmei's shoes from Lu Yao's shoulders and placed them gently on the ground.

Then fiercely pinched the soft flesh of Lu Yao's waist and gave him an angry look.

After finishing all this, Li Pei turned and walked out of the house, closing the doors and windows intimately.


There was a bit of silence in the field. After a long time, Yu Yanmei put down the clothes covering her face.

Her face is red to the root of her neck, she is about to fry eggs. "What does Peipei mean?"

Lu Yao rubbed the pinch around his waist and said: "She agreed to the two of us when she helped you take off your shoes, but there is still resentment in her heart. Don't worry. , I have a way to coax her."

"You still say! I have no face to meet people!"

Yu Yanmei reached out to push Lu Yao: "You get up quickly, I want I leave and never come back."

"don't, don't, don't." Lu Yao can't let her go: "Next, I will do a major event. I count on your help. You are the person I trust the most!"

Yu Yanmei turned her head and didn't struggle anymore.

Lu Yao leaned over and kissed her and said: "This is the end of the matter, enjoy the moment."

Yu Yanmei took the opportunity to bite fiercely on his shoulder, and the blood leaked. Out.


The next morning, Yu Yanmei still got up to face the sunrise to adjust her breath.

After all, it is the realm of Fleshy body. Even if she has been busy for most of the night, she does not see the slightest fatigue and discomfort, but she feels refreshed and full of energy.

Especially with a clear and bright mind, just like the dusty pearl is wiped, the Spirit Refinement cultivation base is soaring!

"Sure enough, it is better to block than to sparse...Blindly repression is not the best policy."

Yu Yanmei looked at her brighter skin, and her heart was full of flavours.

After that, she waved to the sky. Ping An immediately swooped down and stopped by his side.

Summon's super powers are back!

Yu Yanmei performed "Dynamic Power to Lower the Dragon" to give a careful massage for peace, auspiciousness, and wishful thinking.

The true Qi without leakage is extraordinarily thick, and the three falcons are extremely comfortable with their eyes closed, and their feathers become brighter and brighter.

After a while, Lu Yao's family also got up.

Li Pei came from a distance, and Yu Yanmei was about to get up and say something. The relationship between the two is very close. They are master and disciple, mother and daughter and sisters.

But Li Pei turned his head and walked away, completely meaningless to communicate.

When it was time for breakfast, Li Pei still didn't even look at Master.

She used to sit next to Yu Yanmei to eat together, but this time she leaned next to Liao Ya.

At this moment, the atmosphere during the dinner was quite strange, and the sisters of Liao Family were at a loss. Fortunately, the meal really shared a lot of depressive atmosphere.

The main dish is a plate of "Purple Dragon", which is very small and looks like shredded pickles.

But it was made from thousands of eels without using meat and only using their blood. It was time-consuming, labor-intensive and troublesome. It was a well-known medicinal diet in the world.

Yu Yanmei got up and helped Li Pei pick a chopstick, Li Pei didn’t say anything, and ate with a dull head

Lu Yao said with a smile: "Wudang Sect is careful, but let’s It’s time to leave. After dinner, let’s say goodbye to Master Zhang Sect and Dao Chang Zhou."

Several girls have no objection, Lu Yao said again:

"Yes~ I have no time to tell you the good news. I have successfully opened and closed the Tanzhongqiao acupoints, and if I have Grandmaster's help, I will surely be promoted soon."

As soon as I said this, Li Peihe The faces of Liao Family sisters are ecstatic!

Liao Ya was the first to say: "Junior Brother is great!"

Her excited little ears are red: "We are not short of gold. Wouldn't you be able to cross it soon? Enter the golden state! Great Grandmaster!"

Liao Qi happily wielded a fan fist: "Sister, our progress is not slow, when the time comes, our family are all Great Grandmasters, let’s see how foreigners return Dare to bully us!"

In a few words, the depressive atmosphere is completely gone, and everyone's appetites are very open.

Liao Ya grabbed a bowl of rice, raised his head and said: "By the way, Junior Brother, did you say that you need a'big move' when you come back this time?"

Lu Yao nodded and said : "Yes, I want to twist Shun Chao into a rope. Then I killed Izumo and Rakshasa, and then Innet and Menis." He said casually, but the content is really amazing.

Li Pei, who was originally dull and silent, is crying out in surprise: "You, you want... Are you trying to conquer the world?"

"Almost, let this world Pleasing to the eye." Lu Yao took a bite of the "Purple Dragon" and chewed slowly and said:

"as the saying goes —— Daze will benefit the world, it’s almost when the time comes. This is a long-term project, and you still need your help."

Several girls repeatedly expressed their views:

"Langjun has great ambitions, how can I be left behind!"

"Junior Brother, we will definitely help!"

Four pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Lu Yao unblinkingly, with brilliant colors in his eyes.

Li Pei’s excited feet have no place to put them, and they keep stepping on the ground-how many surprises Lang Jun still has to bring to himself!

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