I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 465

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In the Ming Dynasty, Wudang Sect was highly respected. Emperor Yongle confiscated 300,000 soldiers and civilians to build the Dao Palace, which stretches for 140 li, and Emperor Jiajing is here to rule the Xuanyue archway.

This is not just a title, it also means that Wudang Sect's spirit refinement practitioners can gather incense at will, and even enjoy the power of the dynasty.

Unfortunately, the dynasty was changed overnight, and the scenery is no longer there. The original scenery of Wudang Sect has gone from bad to worse.

At this moment, Zhang Yunshu is looking through a bunch of information, telegrams, ledger books, etc. This is what Everyday All has to do.

Since taking over as Sect Master, he has worked hard, neglect sleep and forget about food, and laid his mind on the construction of Sect.

Unfortunately, the results were very low. Wudang Sect didn't show any signs of rejuvenation, but barely stopped the decline.

However, Zhang Yunshu's always solemn face now carries a bit of briskness.

The sky is endless, Wudang Sect is now close to Lord Lu, and Feihuang Tengda is in front of him.

Zhang Yunshu focused on summarizing information related to Lu Yao over the past few days, with the words "constitutional" and "parliament" vaguely written on it.

Looking at these things, Zhang Yun wrote with disdain: "His mouth is full of benevolence and morality, and he is full of treacherous crimes. Actually inciting public opinion and committing moral kidnapping."

At this time, Bai Lu came in and bowed and said, "Master, Mr. Lu Zhenjun bids farewell, and he is leaving."

Zhang Yunshu gently nodded: "It seems that he is going to return to the capital. I don’t know what Lu Zhenjun will do."

He took the telegrams on the table in his hand, got up and said, "Luer, you call elder in the Sect and Zhen Chuan, and go with me. Farewell to True Monarch Lu."

Bai Lu bowed and hurriedly passed the pass, and at the same time knew that Wudang Sect must stand firmly on Lu Yao's side.


At the same time, Lu Yao and his family have packed their bags and are ready to return to the capital.

There are very few luggages. Most of the harvest this time is in the time bubble. There are also a few magic weapons and ice jade jewelry girls who have been wearing them.

Liao Qi was holding a few newspapers, and filled with indignation:

"Zuo Gonggang showed his support for your enthronement, and newspapers across the country will immediately hide the sky and covering the earth. The propaganda of'oppose monarchy and support constitutionalism' is obviously something someone deliberately targeted."

Most recently, celebrities from various parties have enthusiastically spoken in the newspapers, detaining the country’s weak and insulting people. The system of the Shun Dynasty-the monarchy.

I saw the national newspaper "Current Events" saying:

[The reason why the great powers are rich and strong, I am so poor and weak, it is all about'constitutional' or not.

I am the only one among the powers who still follow the backward autocratic monarchy.

This is also the fact that the great powers believe that I am a semi-civilized country, so they do not treat each other as equal countries.

Once the constitutional government is changed, people who despise me will turn to respect me and change his policy of aggression into a peaceful diplomatic relationship...]

This article will laugh at Lu Yao "Who wrote this, actually thinks that the powers invaded because of the regime." Li Pei said dully from the side: "This is the newspaper controlled by Liu Kunyi, governor of Liangjiang. These high-ranking officials in Xinjiang must be more willing. Delimitation of autonomy, absolutely don't want you to be Emperor Lu Zhenjun."

"so that's how it is, I still know a lot." Lu Yao hugged his wife's waist with a shy face.

Li Pei turned his head to look at him. Being "back-stabbed" by the two closest people, this imperial family lady is both aggrieved and jealous.

Lu Yao gently stroked the girl, sound transmission said: [I blame me for this, I will serve you alone at night, and make a special trip to make amends to you]

Li Pei swings his waist Leaving him aside, she groaned: "Who wants you to take care of it~"

But when she thought of Lang Jun's method of tossing people, she was a little itchy, after all, she hadn't seen her in a week.

Just as the two were flirting, Zhang Yunshu suddenly brought Wudang's key figures such as Zhou He and Bai Lu to the door.


"Thanks to the hospitality of Sect Master, the past few days have been disturbed, and it is time to say goodbye."

"Where and where, it is my honor for Mr. Lu Zhenjun to come to Wudang Sect, and Tian Zhaofeng will keep it for you in the future."

The two were a little polite, and Zhang Yunshu pulled out a few telegrams and took the lead:

"Mr Lu Zhenren went to the capital to be afraid that it would not be peaceful. Some people did not see your favor, so they did not dare to confront directly and used a lot of crooked tricks. Now the big rivers are hiding the sky and covering the earth. The advocacy of'constitutionalism' claimed that this was the only way to save the dynasty. There was a lot of publicity in Dalian, and even Li Shu Xiaomin believed in this."

Take a look at it. The telegrams are all the officials in Xinjiang. No one supported the attitude towards this matter, and they all provoke the establishment of the constitution overtly and secretly.

Lu Yao laughed. He actually didn't have any desire to be an emperor. As a result, this group of people used themselves to save others and did little tricks desperately.

He looked up towards Zhang Yunshu and suddenly asked:

"Sect Master Zhang, what kind of image do I look like in the eyes of the world?"

Out, Zhang Yunshu subconsciously wants to compliment a few words.

But when I think of Lu Yao’s deeds since his debut-donating food to relief victims, killing Izumo Martial Artist, eradicating the Sacred Heart Temple, donating ten thousand taels of silver, and bringing the rare Rebirth Good Fortune Pill It was given to Mr. Zuo, and in the end he even risked a mortal danger to resist the allied forces of the great powers.

This is only something that can be remembered at once, and there are many trivial and unknown things.

At this moment, not only the Wudang people who came with Zhang Yunshu, but also a few sisters also feel that Lu Yao's past behavior is fully enough for Saint to descend from the sky.

But the girls quickly took a sip, and felt that their sorrows were definitely not enough.

Zhang Yunshu and Zhou He glanced at each other, and they were convinced: "Imperial rape, An Li Shu, noble character, and benevolence."

Lu Yao suddenly said with a smile: "Sect Master overpraised. But also because of this, outsiders thought that I was a benevolent person who took fame into consideration. This time it might surprise many people."

Zhang Yunshu hearing this, hurriedly said: "So, I Wudang Sect is willing to attach the road to the true gentleman Jiwei, let it be sent."

"Master Zhang is interested, many thanks."

Lu Yao is a little accidental, didn't expect This person took refuge in such a straightforward manner in front of a crowd of dísciples. Tunnel:

"Thanks to the hospitality of Wudang Sect, I have a little gift here."

tone barely fell, Liao Qi greeted Bailu and other familiar Wudang dísciple to go to the yard Soon, 20 Battle Armor and 5 mecha were moved out.

"This is...Western Knight A!?"

"Yes, it is indeed A. But the workmanship is more exquisite and it is very strong at first sight!"

"Which country's standard is this?"

The Knights of the great powers wore this armor to fight and went to newspapers many times. Many people were familiar with them.

Lu Yao took out two more bottles with a total of 100 Shiquan Dabu Dan to Zhang Yunshu: "This pill is best taken by Marrow Cleansing Realm."

Zhang Yunshu was in Zhou He saw this thing and knew it was precious, so he quickly thanked him: "many thanks for the gift from Zhenjun Lu!"

But he just received the medicine pill, but he saw Lu Yao reached out and beckoned. 9 by 9, 81 flying needles fly out in a neat formation.

Before Zhang Yunshu could respond, Elder subconsciously exclaimed: "This is... the Magical Artifact Nirvana taught by Golden Lotus!"


"The true gentleman of the difficult road will give this thing!?"

In this excited gaze, Lu Yao gifted this set of flying needle Magical Artifact to Wudang Sect:

"There is no righteousness and evil, and it cares about the user. I hope Wudang Sect can use this Magical Artifact in the right place."

Zhang Yunshu's expression becomes solemn, and he takes a deep breath solemnly. Pass:

"Lord Lu, don’t worry, I will re-practice and use it again!"

Lu Yao smiled and shook his hands around: "Then we are going to say goodbye. we'll meet again some day !"

Wudang Sect everyone gave a uniform salute: "Gongsong Lu Zhenjun!"



Next, the three falcons fluttered into the sky.

Wudang Sect everyone held back their excitement and watched Lu Yao leave before they surrounded Sect Master together, wanting to see it.

Liao Qi glanced back, then curled up comfortably in Lu Yao’s arms, and asked:

"Why don’t you put the Queen Mother’s ankle ring and the one that can transmit Let Sect Master Zhang practice the sword again?"

Lu Yao replied: "This is made by Heren Xiaogui. He is probably Thunder Tribulation Realm. Don’t take out his things. Okay, save any secret tricks."

I still remember Ying Zheng said that the Heren little devil, also Xu Fu, seems to have lived until now by relying on body possession.

His things are still obediently and honestly to stay in the bubble of time and space, and wait until the realm is higher in the future.

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