I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 466

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When I went home this time, Yu Yanmei originally wanted to ride with Li Pei to ease the relationship.

When Li Pei ignored her, instead he came to Liao Ya and said: "I will be with Daliao younger sister."

So the combination of several people became After Yu Yanmei rode Ping An alone, Li Pei and Liao Ya rode auspicious, and Lu Yao hugged Liao Qi.

This half a month, the three falcons didn't grow up much, but they were obviously fattened. Wudang Sect arranged a team of professional chefs to serve them.

In addition to the Golden Stem Immortal Wine, they did not drink less and saved a lot of fat.

At this moment, Li Pei is holding Liao Ya's waist, moving his hands up without honesty, while grasping said with a smile:

"Da Liao younger sister is really a Stunner, I should have shared a ride with you a long time ago~"

Liao Ya's reaction was slower and obviously more than one beat. After a few seconds, he screamed and pinched Li Pei's leg with his backhand. : "Catch your own!"

"Not as fun as yours."

Li Pei put the cushion on Liao Ya's smooth and pink back neck, and whispered:" The reaction is so slow, are you practicing?"

Liao Ya as it should be by rights said: "The industry is good at diligence and playfulness, of course, you must always work hard."

Li Pei solemnly said: "I won't even let it go for such a short period of time...but I have been slacking off recently, many thanks to remind you."

"That..." Liao Ya turned his head slightly and asked in a low voice: "What's the matter with you? What happened?"

No one can see the awkwardness between the three.

No outsiders, Li Pei sighed and mumbled: "Lu Yao put my master to sleep."


Liao Ya cried Out in surprise, Ping An was so scared that he shivered, tilted his head and glanced at it.

"How can it be like this..."

Although Martial Artist is open, it has a unique set of ethics, which is not a glorious thing.

Liao Ya took a sip: "Lu Yao, this beast! He actually ruined Yu Grandmaster..."

It can be cursed, but she is not so angry in her heart.

Liao Ya originally liked Yu Yanmei very much, and even admired a little. At this moment, she is not very repulsive.

She glanced at Li Pei secretly, and whispered: "So you are angry because of this, then what should you do next?"

"What else can I do, admit it . I can’t bear either of these two people... And thinking about it, it’s a good thing for outsiders not to be cheap."

Li Pei reached out from behind and fiercely rubbed Liao Ya’s big steamed bun, seeming to vent his depression. :

"But it can’t be cheaper Lu Yao this bastard! I want a month...half a month not to have the same room with him!"

~~~~~~~~~ ~

Strictly speaking, Yu Yanmei is not alone at this time, she still carries the sword in the lake.

The surging of True Qi without leakage is like a river. Fran enjoyed it once, and has been very close to Yu Yanmei ever since.

At this moment, she asked inexplicably: "Why are you awkward? Isn’t it normal for powerhouse to have many women?"

Yu Yanmei lowered her head and whispered: "It’s different, I It’s Li Pei’s master..."

"I think you are very suitable. There is no better combination than this."

Fran said directly: "And yours The soul can't fake it. You enjoy it when you are with him, and you are also very happy."

"I can't help but Pepe..." Yu Yanmei whispered and said nothing.

On the contrary, Fran explained the ancient principles to appease and enlighten Yu Yanmei.

The word "fate" is very wonderful. After 2000 years, the two of them made a special agreement.


Wudang Mountain is less than 1,000 kilometers away from the capital, and it takes only one hour to fly.

This amount of exercise can only be said to have just warmed up for them.

When I returned to Jingyi Garden, it was already time for dinner. Lu Yao calmly wrote a greeting to Zuo Gong, thinking about visiting again the next morning.

But he didn't expect that in the afternoon Zuo Gong personally came to the door, followed by the military commander Dong Fuxiang, and little girl Su Erya behind him.

During the days when Lu Yao's family left, the little girl had been studying and cultivation with Zuo Gong, and she looked very energetic at this time.

"Uncle Master, you are back!"

Lu Yao rubbed her little head and said, "Yes, the cultivation base has improved again."


Then he said to Zuo Gong: "How dare you to bother you to come to the door yourself!"

"It's no good for a group of dragons without a head. Some things are better as soon as possible."

A few people are seated. , Zuo Gong took the tea that Liao Qi brought up, and took the lead directly:

"I mean you must have known it. This will definitely unifies the world at the lowest price and avoid the suffering of hundreds of millions of people."

Now Lu Yao has the most powerful martial power, and only a few women can't stop it.

Fuxiang on the side also cup one fist in the other hand salutes: "Wu Weijun only Young Master Lu is the head of the horse!"

The two met earlier, the name "Young Master" More close.

"Many thanks, Zuo Gong’s love." Lu Yao solemnly cups one fist in the other hand, and then said:

"Junior also doesn’t want to see Dahaoheshan so depressed and scattered, it is inevitable I’ll clean it up. It’s just maybe not what you expected."

The long sighed left of the father said:

"As long as the world can settle down as soon as possible, no matter it is It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a constitution or a republic. I’m time is limited. In the future, I still have to rely on you. You can decide this by yourself."

"Please rest assured, Zuo Gong, reunification, living and working in peace is inevitable. It's."

Zuo Gong is nodded with satisfaction, and he fully trusts the youngster in front of him.

At the moment of life and death in Divine Province, there is always a hero who comes forward, and this person must be conforming with destiny it's person!


After that, Lu Yao turned to say: "I heard that some people jump up and down really well?"

Dong Fuxiang knew in detail, and said quickly:

"It is nothing more than a few great officials in Xinjiang, as well as two Great Grandmasters Zhang and Yuan who have opinions. They are currently advocating a Western constitutional system and want to establish a parliament. Engage in elections."

Currently, Lu Yao martial power is dominant, so a group of people think that the hard things will not be the soft ones.

Let Lu Yao put on layers of shackles, so that he dare not risk the world and do whatever he wants with martial power.

To set off a constitutional craze throughout the country, and to engage in an electoral system, you can pull Lu into the field where you are good at defeating him.

No matter how bad it is, you can also use this to control more voice.

"If it is louder than the voice, this group of people must have a louder voice."

Lu Yao said: "The constitution has been unanimously approved by the whole country, right?"


Dong Cixiang said indignantly: "It's true that even the lowest-level traffickers are talking about constitutionalism. But these propaganda of constitutionalism are just for personal gain!"

Lu Yao sneered: "I'm not interested in tossing around with them!"

He said to Dong Fuxiang: "General Dong, give me a list of the attitudes and actions of the governors and Zhizhou on this matter. "

Dong Fuxiang's face was full of excitement, and he responded quickly: "I'm going to send it over right away."

Zuo Gong expression moved What he wanted to say, Lu Yao was calm He opened his mouth: "Don't worry, I will not start a large-scale civil war."

Zuo Gong nodded: "The best policy is to be enlightened, and you can do it if you need it. I can do it if you need it."


"You can sit in the capital, and leave the affairs to the next."

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