I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 467

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South Camp of Wuwei Army.

The compacted ground is full of stone mills, stone locks, and wooden stakes thicker than humans that ordinary people can't move with all one's strength.

This is a training venue for officers above Viscera Refinement.

Zhu Inneng, the boss of the "Baihegou Sanjie", is dancing and sweating like rain on a 500-jin heavy stone mill.

After getting enlightened by Lu Yao, he deeply felt that his roots in becoming a monk were too shallow, so he simply joined the military and experienced cultivation in the military.

Some colleagues next to him occasionally glanced at him, their expressions full of envy, and at the same time surprised at Lu Zhenjun's magical methods.

Extracting a forging bone to wash the marrow alive, and it is not spoil things through excessive enthusiasm.

This Zhu instinct has been working hard for the past few days. Everyone sees the improvement, especially when he gets hands-on, he can feel the improvement.

Many people who are stuck in the Viscera Refinement environment, as well as those who have innate talents from younger generations at home, are even more envious at this moment.

But what is even more greedy is the situation of Zhu Inneng, who is actually favored by Lu Zhenjun, forged a fate, and the future will surely soar into the sky.

After one hour, Zhu’s cultivation came to an end.

He put down the stone mill, came to the side of the two younger brothers who were also in the cultivation, and guided them.

"Don't be lazy, go faster!"

"Straighten up! Integrate the power of the whole body!"

After some toss, two people will not need a moment Lie on the ground like a dead dog.

Taking a breath, the three brothers sat side by side and rested together.

Second Brother Zhu Benning and Third Brother Zhu Benjing looked at the powerful bodies of their big brother Marrow Cleansing Realm, and they were envious and jealous that they were about to separate.

I deeply hate why I didn't stand up boldly at that time, and missed the chance of splashing the sky in vain.

Fortunately, I didn’t miss it completely. The Third Brother rolled his eyes and stirred up the conversation:

"Big brother, do you think Lu Zhenjun will ascend to the throne this time?"

Second Brother also excitedly said: "If Lu Zhenjun becomes the emperor, wouldn't the big brother have more boundless prospects!"

Zhu Benneng glared at the two of them and said sternly: "Put away your mind and practice cultivation!"

The two of them don’t even have a mind to cultivation. They surrounded the big brothers one after another and said:

"Hiding the sky and Is the propaganda and constitution covering the earth created by those governors? Will Lu Zhenjun be the emperor or the prime minister?"

"Big brother, you know a lot as an officer. Tell us about it."

Zhu Benneng sighed and said: "Well, let me tell you.

At present, Zhenjun Lu is the strongest, and he has the support of Zuo Gong, so there are people I figured out a constitutional way to hold elections and hinder him from taking office."

Second Brother Third Brother immediately said anxiously: "Is there a way to deal with it? Is it going to be a war!"

Zhu Benneng glanced at the schoolyard with a lot of people, and said:

"It should be there. Even if it is improper on duty these few days, the officers have responded on time every day.

Some of these people are grateful for Lu Zhenjun’s kindness, some respect him as human beings, and some want to gain the merits of being a dragon. They are all holding back their energy.

Lu Zhenjun himself... doesn't seem to be very anxious."

After listening for a while, Second Brother Zhu Benning suddenly said:

"In fact, you can do anything, as long as Lu Zhenjun is in power. You see how peaceful the Beijing-Tianjin area is, not worse than Jiangnan. A few days ago, I wrote from my family saying it was a good year."

"Yes, I don’t want sage wise, but whole world at peace." Zhu Benneng gently echoed.

Lu Zhenjun has always hated the underworld gangs, especially when it comes to opium and human trafficking.

After fiercely's rectification from top to bottom, the Beijing-Tianjin area is really clear, living and working in peace and contentment.

Seeing that I had enough rest, the third brother was about to continue cultivation, but suddenly there was a noise in the distance.

I took a closer look, but the entire group came over.

The first person is very familiar, it is Grandmaster Fu Fangsheng. If this person has a good relationship with Lu Zhenjun, he must be his own.

But the rest is a bit strange.

I saw that they were all wearing blue military uniforms, with bright yellow stripes of different widths and narrows on the cuffs, representing the ranks of their ranks.

"This is... Zhenhai Fleet? Why did they come?"

Zhu Benneng was a little puzzled. Several well-informed officers in the distance have already given the answer:

[Most of the Zhenhai Fleet members were born in the Fuzhou Shipping Academy, this school was built by Zuo Gong himself, and he is naturally on our side at this time]

[This is so good, Suddenly one more strong support. But is it more useful for them to stay on board? ]

[There is also a fart ship! Battleships are all money-burning. The Imperial Court has never allocated funds for repairs, and there are few ships that can run at sea.]


They are all on the scene, talking from a distance Several of the officers had a loud voice and did not evade at all.

Three brothers heard it clearly, and immediately understood the whole story.

"Everyone gathered, it seems that a major event happened!"

Zhu Inneng tone barely fell, when he heard a rush of drums, coach Dong Fuxiang’s guards came over NS.

"All the generals above the Viscera Refinement level, immediately gather in the handsome account!"

The military order was like a mountain, and everyone hurried away.

When Zhu Benneng arrived, he noticed that there were many things covered with canvas in the field. I don't know what they were.

Moreover, not only the high-level Wu Weijun, Fu Fangsheng and the people from the Yihe Huihui, but also the Zhenhai Master were all present.

Seeing that everyone is there, the coach Dong Fuxiang also has no ink, and he said loudly:

"There is a news for you to know-Lu Zhenjun has issued an ultimatum to make all the governors The senior officials of Level 1 and the forces guarded by the Grandmaster came to the capital within three days to discuss the future of the country."

As soon as this statement was made, everyone was excited!

This is tantamount to an ultimatum! Still in such an overbearing way, people can't help but feel emotion-it really is the style of Lu Zhenjun.

Dong Fuxiang paused for a while to give everyone time to digest words, and then continued to shout:

"Next is the eventful autumn. We are all people in Lu Zhenjun’s pockets. Not much to say. Today, the true monarch bestows armor, and you will each receive a pair according to the cultivation base."

After talking, wave his hands, and the guards stepped forward and lifted the canvas in the field.

Countless flashing metal cold light Battle Armor and mecha appeared in front of everyone.

These iron and steel creations have the fierceness of a killing machine, but also contain the ingenuity of craftsmanship. They have a unique violent beauty, and they are no ordinary things at first glance.

Martial Artists were all present, and they were very interested in it, so they hurriedly came around to play around.

"The operation of wearing is very simple. You will be familiar with it as soon as possible. I believe you will be able to use it soon."

"I will wait to do it!"

Everyone is happy , Gearing up to fight urgently.

En, Wei, and Li all came together, and morale was high.

Dong Fuxiang is accustomed to this, even he wants to hear the high-pitched Golden Dragon roar again, in order to have a breakthrough.


With telegrams and telephone calls, Lu Yao's solicitation order spread all over the country in an instant, and was delivered to the hands of various great characters.

These people have different expressions, and some people gnashing teeth said:

"A domineering method! This is clearly imitating the Spring and Autumn League! If you dare not go, you will be This person named Lu finds an excuse to hit the door!"

"So arrogant and unreasonable, he is not afraid of the world’s leisurely people!"

"The person named Lu must ban opium! Lao Tzu still I won’t go. I have the ability to let him kill my whole family!"

It's spread all over the country, as well as various news in the newspapers.

There is widely recognized news that once Lu Zhenjun takes power, opium and population trade will definitely be banned!

These two industries are the most profitable industries.

To cut off a person's wealth is absolutely irreconcilable than killing his parents. I don't know how many people regard Lu Yao as a thorn in the eye!

In addition to what Lu Yao has done in the past, countless people firmly believe that they are not the same as themselves.

Amid the hustle and bustle, some people are very open to it.

As soon as Zhang Wenda Zhang Great Grandmaster got the news, sighed was ready to leave.

His confidant, Zhao Fengchang, reminded: "Dong Weng, the gentleman should not stand under the dangerous wall, in case the surname Lu starts to think badly..."

"It's okay." Zhang Wenda caressed his beard and said: "I am a guest, there is no danger in going there. If you ignore it and don't participate, it will cause disaster."

Zhao Fengchang browses tightly knit: "This person does not play the card according to common sense... …Dong Weng, can you be sure about establishing a constitution?"

"I have seen this person once. It's really hard to say what he can do. Just wait and see what happens."

In the Earth Palace, he saw the Great Grandmaster's death violently, Zhang Wenda has completely lost his thoughts of confrontation.

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