I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 468

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There is a lot of disturbance outside, Lu Yao stays at home for cultivation leisurely, and there is a beauty master to accompany him.

At this moment, he was in a fiery-red maple forest and opened a metal can.

This silver composite container is the size of a motorcycle helmet and contains a lot of white powder. It is the "Plutonium-239" snatched from the Army Laboratory of the Star Alliance.

Lu Yao picked a little with his little finger and sucked suddenly, shivering all over his body and said: "Enough! It is a weapon-grade nuclear material!"

He has completely controlled a place. A glimpse of the acupuncture point, you can see the whole leopard, the door to no leakage has been opened.

So at this moment, you can properly open and accelerate, without worrying about the unstable foundation.

Through the intense radiation, Lu Yao's body functions exploded nearly 10 times in an instant, and there was a sound of "shua shua" of blood washing the blood vessels in the maple forest.

"Compared with Senior Sister's Chilan Fragrance, although nuclear radiation has a stronger effect, it is too intense, not as soft as Chilan Fragrance."

Even Yu Yanmei did not dare to directly apply "Plutonium-239" inhaled in this way, Lu Yao can do this through the powerful Spirit Refinement cultivation base.

He can precisely control every muscle, every blood vessel, every strand of True Qi, perfectly maintain internal balance, and eliminate the sudden increase in body function caused by "Plutonium-239".

Next, it’s time to "practice."

But this time, Yu Yanmei said that she would not let Lu Yao come by herself and insisted on taking care of her.

At this moment, she stretched out her slender hand to put her hand on the back of Lu Yao’s neck, carefully perceiving her back saying:

"Let’s practice the Dazhui point next, this is the upper governor channel. The important acupuncture point is the intersection of the Three Yang Meridians of the Foot and the Three Yang Meridians of the Hand. Controlling here has the effect of twice the results for half the effort for future cultivation."

Speaking of Master Beauty, Lu Yao has nothing to do with it.

Yu Yanmei immediately turned and lowered her head, revealing her snowy white light neck. The Dazhui point is located at the highest point of the back of the neck.

She manipulated the Dazhui point to send out the force of the Acupuncture Point. Lu Yao stretched out her hand and touched it. With a ready reference, she immediately understood how to practice here.

The next thing is simple. With the power of "Plutonium-239", under the blessing of Spirit Refinement cultivation base, Dazhui point was successfully brought into control by only one hour, and between opening and closing. Generate the power of acupuncture points!

In addition to the first control of Tanzhong acupoint, Lu Yao has one after the other two important nodes.

At this time, manipulating two key acupoints to tremble at the same time produces the "acupoint force", Lu Yao instantly feels that his True Qi has grown by 30% out of thin air!

"This is the only way to achieve this effect!"

Lu Yao was amazed, and at the same time he felt a message from in the depth of one's soul Pleasure!

This is the instinctive excitement after the body has evolved again!

Yu Yanmei put her hand up again, and felt it through True Qi:

"While you are in good condition, we will continue. Next is Gushing Spring Acupoint and Zusanli acupoint."

Lu Yao nodded, and at the same time understood what Yu Yanmei meant. This is to first form a big circle on her body, and then turn the spot into a face to cover the whole body.

After Yu Yanmei finished speaking, she remembered where Gushing Spring Acupoint was, her face flushed slightly.

But after another thought, a more intimate relationship between the two has happened, let's see what's on the feet.

So he took off his shoes generously, and then gently took off his socks, revealing a pair of snow-white soles.

These feet are slender and round, but Lu Yao feels fleshy in his hand. The hand feels so good that he couldn't help playing with it a few times.

Yu Yanmei glared at him, coldly said: "Put your mind on cultivation!"

Lu Yao laughed withdrawing his hand, "Next time I will hold it in my hand and have fun "

Yu Yanmei, who has been through the personnel, can't resist the veteran molesting at all, blushing and screaming:

"Little Sebastian, concentrate, this is not a joke! "

Lu Yao stopped teasing her, holding a pair of beautiful feet, spent the same time controlling Gushing Spring Acupoint.

After that, he touched the beauty's slender and tight calf and controlled Zusanli acupoint.

As the next step was about to proceed, Yu Yanmei, who had been quietly watching, suddenly said:

"As expected, you are a true monarch, you are already very skilled, and you don't have to worry about cultivation deviation. In that case, call a few young girls over and let them see how to practice."

This is indeed a rare opportunity. Lu Yao hurriedly passed the "heart and soul sustenance" given to the girls. Shake people.

Taking advantage of the time when people came, he casually asked: "Are you reconciled with Li Pei?"

Yu Yanmei looked bitter and shook the head.

"Don't worry, you will be fine in a few days." Lu Yao confidently said: "This is all to my fault, and I will compensate her."

"What is the compensation?"

Li Pei and Liao Family sisters have rushed over.

Liao Ya and Liao Qi look at Lu Yao, and then at Yu Yanmei, they look strange.

Yu Yanmei’s face immediately couldn’t hang up. Luckily, Lu Yao’s thick-skinned face resolved the embarrassment in time:

"Yu Grandmaster specially asked me to call you to observe the process of practicing. Look carefully."

Under the gaze of a few pairs of beautiful eyes, Lu Yao mastered Quchi Acupoint at his elbow with ease.

One opening, one closing, one trembling, the power of the acupuncture points covers both arms and connects the whole body.

Lu Yao instantly felt that his True Qi was no longer just a strand, but a wave of waves!

"Very good! I will be more sure about things after a few days in this way!"

Several girls are also surprised by their knowledge, and the benefits are real. .

No matter how many cheats and spirit pill and marvelous medicine are available for cultivation, it can't keep up with seeing it in person.

Yu Yanmei solemnly reminded from the side:

"The three of you will look back, but you must not come by yourself when you want to try to practice, you must be in my or Lu Yao’s It’s only under care."

Liao Ya and Liao Qi were solemnly nodded, and Li Pei nodded imperceptibly.

They are not the Spirit Refinement cultivation base blessing of Lu Yao. Trying without authorization is likely to cause serious consequences such as paralysis and hemiplegia.

The "True Qi Wenyangqiao Point" just after Yu Yanmei's on-site teaching and training, as the end of today's cultivation, a few people moved their ears and noticed movement under the Xiangshan Mountain at the same time!


Standing up high and looking down, it was a parade of about two to three hundred people.

These people are very young, and they are more Western-styled, and some are dressed up as students.

They held up slogans and shouted slogans:

[Against the monarchy, support the constitution]

[Death to the death, not fear power]

[It's better for jade pieces than for tiles]

Looking at this group of demonstrators, the faces of several girls are very ugly. It is self-evident who they are aimed at.

Lu Yao said with great interest: "Someone is actually playing the kidnapping routine of public opinion, and I don’t know who it is."

Liao Qi could not sit still, and said first: "I'll go Let them go!"

Lu Yao said with a smile: "No, we don't need to take action for this little thing."

tone barely fell, I saw a swift silhouette rushing violently Out, it was Su Erya!

The little girl is only 13 years old this year. The cardamom is very beautiful in her age. The delicate and pretty oval face is very lovely.

But she is also a Martial Artist of Marrow Cleansing Realm!

I saw Su Erya went straight to the crowd up ahead, raised her hand and blasted the air with a loud noise!

People who were originally angry and imposing manner saw this dramatic change in their expressions and immediately calmed down.

The little girl in front of me must be Marrow Cleansing Realm, she can easily crippled everyone in the field!

Su Erya stood up, her beautiful eyes became extremely sharp, and she slowly glanced at everyone.

The parade was like a wave of wheat blowing in the wind, and it became a commotion in an instant. Some people stood still stubbornly, while others retreated timidly.

Two or three hundred adults were shocked by a 13-year-old little girl. This is the unique scenery of Transcendent World.

For thousands of years, mortals’ fear of Martial Artist has been deeply buried in the bones, and it is also a natural awe of higher life.

The scene suddenly silenced, but there are a few extraordinarily intrepid silhouettes hidden in the crowd about to instigate again, and some people who are tenacious or have practiced martial arts have to act.

But Su Erya's sight has been shot over in advance! I don’t feel trembling in fear for those who are seen, their skin tingling.

This is a suppression phenomenon that occurs when there is too much difference in strength.

Many people are inexplicably surprised: the imposing manner of this little girl really strong! The cultivation base is really strong!

Lu Yao also praised: "Er Ya is making rapid progress. With this mind suppression, she has already entered Ding?"

Liao Ya proudly said: "Just entered Ding, 13 years old has This achievement is truly Heaven Blessed Genius!"


With a few words of effort, the situation on the court has changed drastically.

Su Erya from start to finish didn't say a word, but the crowd was slowly retreating, and some people turned around and fled. The scene suddenly became chaotic.

At this time, there are already three silhouettes that are obviously not right. They are not ordinary persons, but they have a Viscera Refinement and a cultivation base.

Lu Yao raised his hand and pointed, and three falcons fell from the sky in an instant, killing one each.

These Martial Masters had no resistance in front of the exchange-blood bird, and they were torn into sky fragments by sharp claw only with a scream.

Several youngsters carrying banners screamed and threw away the banner slogans with blood and internal organ fragments. They broke out at the fastest speed in their lives and stumbled for their lives.

Lu Yao from start to finish is very leisurely. At this moment, he said softly: "Interesting, I am curious what else they can have fun."

Li Pei said: "Great Lu Yao, you don't want to be an emperor. Do you have any other regulations?"

"You will know when the time comes." Lu Yao felt the surging True Qi in his body, clenching his fist and said:

"I don’t have time to grind with them, I will use the most blunt method to solve the problem. When the time comes, our whole family must act."

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