I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 469

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Although Lu Yao only gave it three days, all the participants in the meeting were Great Influence, which is the best in the country.

Everyone is a cultivation base profound Martial Artist. With their feet, there is nothing that can't come if you want to come.

It's just the second day, and even people from Dianzhou and Yuezhou have arrived.

Some are elated, such as the Martial Artists in Yun Prefecture and Jinling. They had a good relationship with Lu Yao when they settled the "Sacred Heart House". This time they are bound to be successful.

There are also a few Martial Artists and officials who hold themselves upright and are equally excited. This Lu Zhenjun is well-known, and Divine Province will definitely be able to work hard if he leads him.

But overwhelming majority people are as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

In recent years, the Imperial Court has been dim and weak. He has become a local tyrant and lived a happy life. Suddenly, a strong man will come on stage to control and rectify, and no one can stand it when he is free and used to it.

Not to mention that the cultivation of opium in some state capitals is now a pillar industry, and it is "a system of food and clothing for millions of water workers." Absolutely does not tolerate Lu Yao Hulai.

Fortunately, the arrival of the two Great Grandmasters Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng gave them a little confidence.

And Jingyi Garden has gradually become busy, and many people come to visit every day.

But not all came to Lu Yao, some came with Li Pei.


"The princess, the servant and maid, please settle for you."

The one who came to the door was Father Li Pei’s in-house waiter The leader-Wang Zhen Wang Duke.

The prince's hair is gray, and he looks obviously older in just a few years.

Li Pei said with a calm expression: "Unexpectedly, the prince came to the door himself."

The prince's expression was with a hint of eagerness that could not be concealed, said with a smile:


"The prince has always wanted to invite your husband and wife to the mansion for a banquet, but you always shied away, and the old slave had no choice but to come to the door with a cheeky invitation.

Many of the same sect elders came to discuss the major event... The princess, it's a father and daughter after all, and you are also a member of the Li Family."

Li Pei knows exactly what her natal relatives want to do.

Blindly shirking is always not a solution. At the moment, he said: "Well, I will go back and make things clear."

The prince opened his mouth and stopped. ...

Li Pei knew what he meant, and said directly: "Lang Jun is cultivation, so don't bother. I can decide this matter in one word."

"The old man The slave will return first to prepare and wait for the princess lord to drive."

It is good to be able to invite the princess back. Old Court Eunuch accepts it as soon as he sees it, and bows to leave.


Since ancient times, every autumn is sad and lonely.

The Imperial Court has collapsed, and there is no powerhouse on the table.

The Imperial Family of Li’s Imperial Family has repeatedly invited and showed good wishes to Mr. Lu, but they were all blocked by the princess. They were obviously unwilling to speak for Li’s.

This time the princess reluctantly agreed to go home, but it was just for the sake of the past...

"Goddaddy, you are here!"

While thinking about it, I suddenly met an acquaintance, his godson-Court Eunuch Zhang Jin.

Contrary to the desolation of the princes at this time, Zhang Jin is full of red light, quite ambitious.

The prince said with emotion: "As the real Monarch Sect, you are now a character."

Zhang Jin waved his hand quickly: "We are the running dog of Luzhen Monarch Sect. Doing some chores in the nursing home is not a who thing."

He said that he was humble, but he couldn't hide his pride.

The prince secretly sighed when a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven, and then said: "There is still something in our family, and I will talk to you another day."

After talking, walk towards the car parked at the foot of the mountain and rush back to the palace.

At this time, Zhang Jin suddenly said afterwards:

"The Great Grandmaster recognized it is the Imperial Court; the Great Grandmaster denied it, and it was nothing. Tell the king. , There is a princess who can't help him short, don't need to get ahead."

The prince figure stopped, without turning his head back, he quickened his pace and got into the car.

"Quickly return home."

He yelled, but found that the driver was stunned.

This driver is the son of the royal family, staring at Zhang Jin in a daze, with envy and jealousy on his face.

Sometimes people's circumstances really depend on luck. Who would have thought that the princess could find such an ideal son-in-law!

Those who ran away with the princess back then are really the blessing of three lifetimes, the blessings of several lifetimes, can become the real Monarch Sect!

After a few seconds, the driver reacted to the prince's gloomy eyes, and quickly stepped on the accelerator and galloped away.


The formerly dilapidated King Mansion is already in the market.

Today is even more lively. There are so many cars that there are nowhere to park, and the ones that come one after another can only park two streets away.

The lively scene of guests and friends coming one after another made Li Pei's father, Li Gong, look a little better.

In all kinds of flattery and flattery, he is more imaginative.

In addition to the Imperial Family of Li’s, there are a few officials who are still loyal to the Shun Dynasty.

These people have one thing in common, that is, there is no "power".

Most of them are Viscera Refinement, rarely washing the marrow, and Exchanging Blood Realm is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Martial arts training is full of pain, and there is even a mortal danger at the later stage. On the contrary, a good living environment will not give birth to a powerhouse.

"Born in sorrow and died in peace, the ancients sincerely did not deceive me."

It was an official named Lian Wenzhong who sighed. He is from the Governor of Liangjiang, and came to find out the news.

There are still many people like him. They look at the to-and-fro crowd in the field, with contempt in their hearts:

"This world does not have the strength to fart without sound , A group of marginal figures, come to seize every opportunity."


At 6 o'clock in the evening, the sky was already half dark, and everyone present gradually changed. Why don't people who are getting anxious and waiting in a hurry still come.

At this moment, there was a loud hum from the sky, and a god Junling Falcon with a wingspan of more than 8 meters descended from the sky!

White feathers with some black spots, reflecting the cold metal light in the sun.

The wings vibrated, the flying sand running stone was suddenly in the spacious yard, and the guests had to protect their heads and faces.

Without Martial Dao's intuitive warning, everyone knows that they are by no means an opponent of this spirit bird.

They hurriedly bowed their hands to Li Pei, flattering and fawning constantly.

Li Pei simply didn't bother to pay attention to these people, and dealt a few words at will, and then came to the back house to meet father.

Here, Li Gong has led a family of relatives waiting.

Another pair of young men and women ran over, holding a falcon and said to Li Pei:

"The eldest sister is back, the falcon you gave us has grown a lot."

This is Li Pei’s younger brother younger sister, who is not yet 16.

Take a look at the falcon, which is still an ordinary wild beast, and then think about the three spirit birds in the family. They are obviously the same species but in completely different situations.

Li Pei became firmer and firmer.

I was nodded to the younger brother younger sister, and then went straight to the father, and to the father and the bunch of uncles beside him, brother blunt, said:

"Great Shun is over , I’m a member of Lu Family, and I won’t ask my Husband for Li’s Imperial Family. You will die."

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