I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 470

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Li Gong and a group of Imperial Family elders were originally smiling, and they are preparing a few polite sentences.

When I heard Li Pei's words, my smile froze on his face.

There is a very fat idle prince both shocked and angry:

"Li Pei! What nonsense are you talking about! Li's blood is flowing in your body, we are if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers!"

Li Pei even forgot who this relative was, but just one look made him cover his chest and take three steps back, like a quail egg shiver coldly.

This is actually a bone-forged mirror! It's funny to mix things up.

"For those of you who can't support the wall with mud, it's a god's eye to be able to go through a lifetime in peace. How dare you still wishful thinking?"

Under the pressure of Innate Grandmaster , A bunch of Imperial Family felt short of breath, they quickly looked towards Li Gong.

Li Gong coughed and opened the mouth and said: "Pepe, our requirements are very low, we just need to follow the example of Izumo and Innet to establish a constitutional monarchy. The country is not a different master, so you can say anything. We have analyzed Lu Zhenjun’s personality, and he has no intention of power..."

As he was speaking, the prince suddenly widened his eyes, and the rest of his words stuck in his throat.

The other people present are the same, as if seeing something unbelievable, their eyes are splitting apart!

It turns out that there is a big azure seal floating in front of Li Pei, and the fluorescence is blinking. At first glance, it is not a human thing.

The "received the Mandate of Heaven" engraved on the stamp pad makes people instantly know what it is!

"The magic weapon!!!"

"It's really a magic weapon...The Imperial Jade Seal of the country!"

"This is Lu Yao in the Earth Palace The benefits obtained in the game!? I actually gave it to Li Pei!"

A group of people shouted, and even the guests in the front yard heard the movement and looked over.

For a time, there were exclamations one after another!

These people have only heard the legends of magic weapons, at most they only know a thing or two through records or drawing books, and this is the first time they have seen the real thing.

There was a lot of noise in the field. Li Pei lightly tapped the Imperial Jade Seal with his finger, and a wave of naked eye visible ripples covered the audience.

In an instant, all the thoughts of everyone present except Li Gong were frozen, and they stood still as if they were given a fixed movement method.

After waiting a few seconds, they came back to his senses, and everyone's faces were not pretty.

I have no resistance in front of the magic weapon, just like fish on the chopping board, this feeling is not very beautiful.

While they were wondering whether their minds belonged to them, Li Pei said to father: "Daddy, my daughter will walk alone with you."

Li Gong's expression is complicated and nodded, put aside The crowd came to the pond in the back garden alone with their daughter.

The koi inside felt someone coming, and they squeezed out of the water and opened their mouths to beg for food.

Li Pei sighed then said, first opened the mouth and said:

"Father, before I was very interested in wealth and governance, etc., I am not afraid of your jokes, I I wanted to be the first female military minister.

Since I have followed Lang Jun, what I see and hear every day is extraordinary. Everything I experience affects the general trend of the world. I suddenly I thought I was naive."

Li Pei gently stroked the Imperial Jade Seal in his hand, and continued:

"I didn’t care much about it after I joined Innate. , Because this is only an insignificant improvement.

I feel incredible at the speed of my cultivation speed now. With the help of the lords, the golden body is just waiting for leisure.

Even the magic weapon is like this. I don’t think it’s great. Because I want it, Lang Jun will give me something better."

Li Gong stared at the magic weapon in her daughter’s hand, still feeling a little dreamy, she didn’t think so. I don't understand why my daughter has this thing.

How arrogant is Lu Yao! ?

Li Pei lifts the head, staring into father’s eyes and said seriously:

"Lang Jun once said that the emperor is only the emperor of the world. What he will do next, It will be an unprecedented feat!

My daughter just wants to follow him to see the most magnificent scenery in the world, and be the Divine Immortal family partner.

Please forgive my daughter for being unfilial and not obeying the court. 、Li Family say one more word, so as not to interfere with Lang Jun's decision."

Li Gong listened to her daughter's confession, and gradually spirit slowly recovers from the terror of the magic weapon.

Some regrets, but also very gratifying.

The princess left early, and he had a deep relationship with his daughter. Of course he was happy to see her find such a Divine Immortal husband.

"Daddy is also greedy, and when he is stunned by someone, he has thoughts that he shouldn't have..."

Li Gongchang sighed: "Never mind, there is a real monarch in the road. As long as I can be a wealthy prince, the Imperial Family of the Li family will not be killed to the last one. Such an ending is already a virtue of our ancestors."

Since ancient times The Imperial Family has a good ending? It's really fortunate not to be annihilated by the whole clan.

"Many thanks, Daddy is perfect." Li Pei was also very happy to persuade father, and she couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief.

Li Gongjie’s happy knot also smiled, and even more thought--his daughter even has magic weapons. The benefits of being an old father are definitely indispensable, so why bother to toss with outsiders! ?


At this time, the servants have served wine and delicacies, but no one cares anymore. They are all waiting for their father and daughter. Both come back.

There are still many people talking about magic weapons. The shock brought by this spirit refinement Supreme Treasure is far from over. It will explode and spread like a depth bomb.

Not long after, the dishes on the table were still hot, and Li Gong actually came back by himself.

There was an absolute silence in the field, and everyone looked towards him.

Li Gong four cup one fist in the other hand, lightly said with a smile: "The little girl is nothing, let you laugh. You are welcome, and use wine and food."

Everyone cursed secretly: Who wants to hear you say this!

The chubby prince asked quickly: "That...that..."

After talking for a long time, I didn’t say a whole word, but everyone knew he wanted to ask. what.

Li Gong cleared his throat and solemnly said: "It just so happens that everyone is here, this king is here to make a statement-abandon the small ambition of the bird, and Mu Honghu with high ambition! Unconditionally and fully support Lu Zhenjun!"

The crowd was stagnant at first, and then it smashed!

Many Imperial families gathered in front of Li Gong and wanted to argue. In the future, whether it is Lu Yao's ascension to the throne or the establishment of a constitution, it will not be them. Want to see.

But Li Gong has already gotten to know these people and doesn't want to care about these people anymore, so he waved his sleeves and said:

"This king is unwell, and he won't be with him anymore. Good drink, everyone. "

After speaking, he left the banquet.


At this time, Li Pei has returned home riding Ruyi.

It happened that the family was doing massage and True Qi tempering for Ling Falcon, so she and Ruyi also joined in.

The five Grandmasters served together, and it is estimated that the First Emperor would have this kind of treatment.

The three falcons cooperate very well, and they lift their wings from time to time to facilitate their own enjoyment.

After finishing their busy work, the falcons slumped in place comfortably and didn't want to move.

Yu Yanmei still feels shy and embarrassed in the face of everyone, and she leaves without saying a word.

It seems that Li Pei wants to say something, but he stops talking.

Lu Yao leaned over with a smile hehe, and said: "Peipei, I will take care of you at night? Bao Shuang~"

Li Pei pushed him away: "Deadly." , This half a month, you don’t want to touch me."

tone barely fell, Lu Yao didn’t say anything yet, Liao Qi said in surprise: "Ah! Really? So I can talk to Lu by myself at night Yao is asleep!"

Li Pei didn't get angry, and went to her mouth: "Could you not laugh so happy!"

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