I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 471

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Three days passed, and finally the day set by Lu Yao came.

This day happens to be the first day of November, and the almanac says: Everything is inappropriate.

Early in the morning, Liao Qi likes to help Lu Yao wash and change clothes.

Last night it was rare to enjoy Lang Jun alone, and the girl was in a very good mood. With the hot water in the copper basin, carefully scrub every part of Lu Yao's body.

She has a special physique, and every time she makes Lang Jun dirty, she has to clean it up carefully. For this reason, Li Pei has teased him many times.

Liao Qi has been busy for a long time, and finally puts on Lang Jun a very sloppy white gown.

But seeing the wide dress, big sleeves, thin clothes wrapped in belts, the dust is elegant, and at the same time full of flying spirit.

Liao Qi is satisfied and nodded, and his eyes are full of admiration:

"Lu Yao is so beautiful! Today you will be able to achieve everything you want and win!"

"Many thanks Little Senior Sister, good luck." Lu Yao took the girl's waist and sat on his lap, lightly said with a smile: "I will rely on you more from now on."

"Don't worry~I Covering you~" Liao Qi squeezed her pink fist with full confidence: "I am a Grandmaster ~ there is a magic weapon~"

After saying this, she suddenly got down and touched her lower abdomen and said:

"The cultivation progress is too fast, unconsciously innate, I still want to give you a little baby."

The stronger the life, the harder it is to leave offspring, Martial Artist The same is true, high realm makes it difficult to conceive.

Looking at the beautiful girl who looked like a spring flower in front of her, Lu Yao said with relief:

"We will have a lifespan of 200 years or even longer in Japan. Try a few more times. There will be a chance."

Liao Qi feels a little peaceful and nodded gently.

Ready, the two went to the venue of this gathering-Imperial Palace.

Yu Yanmei, Li Pei, Liao Ya, and Su Erya have rushed to make arrangements in advance and are not at home.


Today, the cold Miyagi becomes lively again, with more people than the Imperial Court Great Assembly on the first day of each month .

There were tens of thousands of officials, gang leaders, patriarch and their entourage from all over the country gathered in the square in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. This is not yet considered the armed guards to maintain order.

The most eye-catching ones are Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng, the two Great Grandmasters, with the most people gathered around them.

Secondly, there are several great officials in Xinjiang headed by Governor Liu Kunyi of Liangjiang, and their momentum is also not weak.

There are also large and small martial arts Sects, too many to list.

Standing here, there is no ordinary person, and the one with the lowest realm is Viscera Refinement.

People of all colors whispered to each other, and the slogan "Against the monarchy and support the constitution" came vaguely outside the Imperial Palace. Many civilians were marching and demonstrating with banners and slogans.

Someone was sneaked: "ordinary person just likes whimsical things. How can someone with the surname Lu be shaken by a few slogans."

"What do they know, I'm afraid it's not someone behind the scenes. ."

"It's good to watch the changes, and constitutionalism is also very good for us."

When this statement came out, everyone was convinced.

If you imitate the Western electoral system, then you can be a congressman or a "public opinion representative", and you can get some rights by the number of votes in your hand.

Zhang Wenda, Yuan Kaisheng and other people of the cultivation base profound moved their ears and heard the conversation, and the corners of their mouths showed a faint smile.


As time passed, the expressions on everyone's faces became more serious.

When it was 9 o'clock in the morning, a white clothed silhouette descended from the sky and landed on the platform of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. It was Lu Yao!

There are tens of thousands of people present, and only 300 are qualified to stand in front of the stage and speak.

According to their own strength and the size of the forces they belong to, they stand in a row, cup one fist in the other hand salute: "I have seen Mr. Lu!"

After they salute, More than ten thousand people behind him also greeted him at the same time: "Meet Mr. Lu!"

Nearly ten thousand Martial Artists shouted together, and the sound went straight into the sky.

The large swarms of birds were startled, and the voluntary or hired marchers outside the Imperial Palace were also shocked.

Lu Yao looked calm and waved his sleeves. The voice is not loud but clear to everyone’s ears, showing a good cultivation base:

"Thank you all for being here. Today, I gather you all to plan the future of Divine Province, so everyone can speak freely. "

There was a moment of absolute silence in the scene, and no one spoke.

At this moment, many people who knew Lu Yao earlier felt that this scene was very fantastic.

For example, Yun Prefecture Zhizhou——Wen Renliang, Lin Zhongqing of Zhenhai Fleet, Du Wenlan of Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau.

Lu Yao has soared into the sky in just a few years. At this moment, tens of thousands of Martial Artists are chatting.

"There are talented people from generation to generation, and they have led the way for hundreds of years. Child of Destiny...really extraordinary!"

Just when countless people thought about it, Lu Yao's 4 women come in different styles.

The three sisters Yu Yanmei and Liao Family stood up on both sides of the Yulu, Li Pei took a page of paper and walked forward, and handed them to:

"Lang Jun~ Already done Good statistics-this time, a total of 432 forces and individuals were summoned, and 29 of them failed to come."

Lu Yao took a casual look and said calmly: "Those who didn't come, just count them. Extinguish."

Li Pei bowed and responded: "The honorable man ordered."

The couple reported their work on stage, but the people in the audience were in an uproar!

"Exterminate as many as possible!? This is too much..."

"A word of trifling will make people travel far and wide, and those who don't come will be wiped out. It can be so vicious!"

"The emperor is far away from the mountain, I would like to see how the surname Lu can be killed!"

Liao Ya frowned, seeing everyone making noise, Riot shouted: "Quiet!"

This shocking loudly is like a thunderbolt in the sky, and the heads of people nearby are buzzing.

The crowd gradually calmed down, and the woman staring at Lu Yao was shocked:

"One wash, three Innate...The four women are all Grandmasters! How much resources are needed? And energy!"

The distinction between whether a power can be on the table or not is to see whether it is suppressed by the Grandmaster.

Many people reacted shockingly-they couldn't even deal with Lu Yao's woman!

Some people are also envious and jealous:

"Liao Family Boxing was originally a small character who could not be on the stage. The good skins of these two sisters are worthy of waiting for decades of hard work. It's so maddening!"

At this moment, countless people thought:

One four Grandmaster, and three falcons calling Blood Realm! Those forces that relied on the mountains and the emperor were far away, ignoring Lu Zhenjun's orders, were afraid that they were going to be extremely unlucky.

Some hate Lu Yao. He hates in the bones, but I still hold my nose to join the conference. I am very grateful!

There is also a youngster facing Su Erya, with obvious envy and said:

"There is a little one too! A 13-year-old Jessie!"

The little girl followed Wu Weijun to maintain order, both in terms of cultivation base and appearance.

At this time, Lu Yao once again opened the mouth and said: "Since no one is speaking, let me talk about it."

Everyone looked awkward and listened carefully. .

Lu Yao continued: "There is a rumor that I want to be emperor. Many people have investigated. I have no interest in mundane power. I will definitely not ascend to the throne and become emperor..."

As soon as this statement came out, the sentiment was suddenly excited, and I don't know how many faces showed ecstasy!

Liangjiang Governor Liu Kunyi even interrupted in a rude manner:

"Mr. Lu, this is true!"

Just after speaking, he again Asked and replied: "It's the official who is rude. If the true monarch speaks in front of so many people, there will be no falsehood." At this moment, this Governor Liu is really overjoyed. , Wan never expected Lu Yao will really be on the set!

This is the one who got the protesters!

Lu Yao didn’t mean to be angry when he was interrupted. He looked at him with a smile and said:

"Governor Liu seems to have a great vision. You are a guest from afar, you might as well. Let’s talk about it. If you have opinions, please say that this seat will not be rude to the guests."

In the eyes of his colleagues encouraging, Liu Kun said with restraint: "The official just said a few words."

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