I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 472

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There are nine governors in the Shun Dynasty, all of which are the most high-level officials, but their status is very different.

For example, Governor Yuan Kaisheng of Zhili and Governor Zhang Wenda of Huguang, these two people’s turf is so fat and oily, they are no different from Lord of a Country.

The Governor of Yunnan and Guizhou is often the place where ministers make mistakes. The strength is very weak, and the sense of existence is also very low.

The Governor of Liangjiang, Liu Kunyi, who is about to speak at this moment, is the second only to Zhang and Yuan's chief official in Xinjiang.

For these important ministers, only the implementation of a constitutional system can guarantee independence and protect their rights to the greatest extent.

At this moment, Liu Kun talked eloquently:

"Today's Divine Province is weak and repeatedly bullied, and its roots are the backwardness of the state system. Looking at the world powers today, who is still an authoritarian monarchy?

As long as I emulate the overseas constitution, I will be able to enrich the people and strengthen the country, and rebuild the rivers and mountains. The foreign country that originally despised me will turn to respect me and change its policy of aggression into a peaceful diplomatic relationship."

This is very familiar. I saw it in the newspaper before. Lu Yao laughed directly:

"Sir Liu is making me laugh? You actually think that the powers invaded because of us The government?"

At this time, the neutral people who also thought the words were ridiculous also laughed out. Coupled with the "have a big laughter" of Lu Yao's supporters, the field became a sea of ​​joy.

Liu Kun couldn't hold on to his face suddenly, looked towards Zhang Wenda and Yuan Kaisheng, and said:

"The officials are talented and shallow, and the two adults must have insights."

Liu Kunyi thought that they had common interests, and motioned the two to stand up and advocate constitutionalism, and quickly settle the matter.

Lu Yao also said: "The visitor is a guest, so please let me know if you have any ideas."

Zhang Wenda said with his beard: "The current situation is difficult, and everything is waiting to be dealt with. I must strive to reform and rejuvenate.

This official praises the establishment of a constitution! It is time to open a parliament, promulgate the constitution, and follow the Western system to vote for the president and prime minister."

After he finished speaking, Yuan Kaisheng also Said loudly:

"The constitutional reform of the dictatorship must be a good thing, so we can all work together and plan for the country."

This Yuan Great Grandmaster is very good at talking, come up Just drew a pie for the Martial Artist in the field.

Many neutral Martial Artists think that this is true. After the constitution is established, everyone can mix their own abilities with members of parliament. Isn’t it beautiful?

Furthermore, if Lu Yao becomes the emperor, wouldn't everyone have multiple ancestors on their heads? That would be uncomfortable.

So, everyone at the scene with a heart-sounding heart, you said and I said together to establish a constitution.

From the establishment of the Preliminary Constitutional Committee, to the change of the official system, the establishment of state-owned banks and new schools, and finally the "Kindom Constitution Outline"...

The hard work was taken seriously, and the things were fixed as they said.

Lu Yao said with a smile: "They are all masters of the country."

At this moment, his supporters are as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

We must know that many people are optimistic about Lu Yao and want to win the favor of the true monarch from the merits of the dragon.

There are also officials from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yun Prefecture, Martial Artist, Wudang, Wuwei Army, and Joyous Sect Saintess who is not eligible to sneak in, and so on.

It can be said that there are quite a few. At this moment, Lu Yao smiled and was not in a hurry, they were extremely anxious first.

Officials from Jinmen objected: "Our country and Western countries have different customs and customs. We cannot copy the laws. This matter should not be urgent!"

But it was immediately refuted: "The constitution was unanimously welcomed, and even True Monarch Lu didn't say anything, what right do you have to oppose!"

In this way, Lu Yao's supporters were speechless at all.

They are like a disc of loose sand, completely weatherless.

Furthermore, at the critical moment, Zuo Gong was not there yet, so he only sent his son Zuo Xiaowei to the scene.

Seeing this scene, the "constitutionalists" became more and more arrogant, and suddenly felt that the victory was in their hands today.

And Lu Yao’s supporters are like prepare for there funeral: "Zuo Gong has too much trust in Lu Zhenjun, how can the power of the country be easy for others to handle!"

So, everyone All thought that the overall situation had been decided.

Even Yuan Kaisheng, who has always been happy, angry and invisible, also said to Lu Yao cup one fist in the other hand:

"It is really admirable that Lord Lu does not greedy power. , Divine Province will rely more on you in the future."

But after he finished speaking, he made a sound in his heart, with an ominous premonition.

Lu Yao's four girls have the same expressions, calm demeanor, and always stand silently.

Although he himself was smiling, he looked at it carefully but it was a mocking sneer!

The next second, he slowly raised his hand.

I saw the clamoring crowd stopped talking from near and far, until absolute silence.

"I follow the way of hospitality, let you and others speak freely." Lu Yao said loudly: "Next, it's time to talk about my views."

At this moment, A huge illusory shadow of Three Heads Six Arms appeared indistinctly behind him. Three faces looked over at the same time, and the heartbeats of many sensitive Martial Artists suddenly accelerated!

Zhang Wenda, Yuan Kaisheng, and Liu Kun are the three governors inwardly shouted. It's not good. They and the others seem...too simple to think of the surname Lu!

Other people also dare not take a breath, and wait for the following.

Lu Yao slowly said: "You people are not thinking about the country and society, you just want to do everything possible to benefit yourself.

The so-called constitution sounds good, but it's too boring. I'm not interested, let this matter go."

Yuan Kaisheng's expression changed and he quickly said: "But you just said that you won't ascend to the throne and become emperor..."

Lu Yao nodded: "It's true, I don't have the energy and interest to be a mortal emperor. So..."

Everyone looked a little slow when they heard this sentence, but then Lu Yao actually embraced Li Pei On the shoulder, he said to everyone:

"So I found you a queen! Comrade Li Pei is both virtuous and virtuous, but also talented and far-sighted. She is a more suitable candidate for the emperor."

tone barely fell, the noise in the field rushed into the sky!

"Jiji Sichen!? This is absolutely impossible!"

"After a thousand years, how can I dare to replay the old Wu Zetian story!"

"Lu Zhen Isn’t Lord joking? I can only make the woman Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!"

The crowd was indignant, and several girls were also surprised.

Especially Li Pei, Wan never expected Lang Jun to come out like this, staring at Fengyan and unable to speak.

"Don't be so excited, please calm down." Lu Yao lightly saying: "The national fate of the Shun Dynasty has been lost. Everyone should be loyal to the queen first, and then slowly think of a new country name."

"Absolutely not!" The three governors Zhang, Yuan, and Liu were blushing and couldn't accept this proposal:

"Mr. Lu! The national major event is a trifling matter!"

"How can you use the power of society to please a woman's boudoir pleasure!"

"Are you going to risk the world's greatness and do ridiculous things!? You are not afraid of the public!"

Lu Yao's expression turned cold, and his voice turned into a thunder with tremors and muffled noise:

"Then make it clear. I'm not asking for your opinion!

If you obey, wait for the enthronement ceremony of the new emperor;

If you don’t want to, you can get out now. I will not be rude to the guests who come. Slowly settle the accounts."

With such an arrogant and rude naked threat, countless people immediately shouted:

"How can you be so reckless, strength to bully the weak!!! "

"Really when we dare not fight for life!!!"

Faced with what Qianfu pointed out, Lu Yao still looked calmly:

"Very Energetic, you still have a choice-to besiege me together at this moment. How come there are thousands of people, you can give it a try."

With his words, the heart behind him It became more and more obvious, the two faces on the left and right showed abusive and expectant expressions looked towards everyone.

The furious people looked towards the three governors Zhang, Yuan, and Liu, but they also looked gloomy and uncertain.

At this moment, there was a shout out loudly: "Who dares to be disrespectful to Mr. Lu!"

I saw Dong Fuxiang and Fu Fangsheng carrying a group of Iron Guards. The taxi is here!

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