I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 473

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Many Martial Artists are furious and really want to kill Lu Yao with their lives.

Lu Yao's behavior is too nasty and funny. He first gave everyone hope, then cruelly crushed and stepped on it.

The act of making a woman Monarch Overlooking The Whole World is a ruthless humiliation in the eyes of others.

No one knows that Lu Yao simply wants to compensate his wife. After all, he loses virtue first.

For Li Pei, Yu Yanmei is also a teacher and a mother.

And also promised before, there is a chance to let her have the emperor addiction.

But not all the people in the field harbor hatred. Many of them are big opium growers, such as Taihumen, Qingcheng Sect, Diancang faction and other big landlords.

When the "mecha warriors" arrived, the crowd with their own minds seemed to be poured down by a basin of cold water.

At this moment, 500 people from the Wuwei Army and 100 folk Martial Artists led by Fu Fangsheng came.

These warriors do not have a trace of skin and flesh exposed, and they are all covered in steel.

In addition to the lightweight Battle Armor, there are 20 heavy mechas.

The mecha is all driven by the Exchanging Blood Realm Martial Artist, and every step you take will make the ground tremble slightly.

Pointed at by the big black tube, many angry people instantly calmed down, and everyone recognized that it was a cannon!

"Why are there so many Knight armors!? Which country's design style is this? It's definitely not Gad!"

"Damn! The one with the surname Lu is a demon! This The devil is ready!"

When everyone is trembling in fear, Lu Yao first said to the mecha warriors:

"If there is a war in a while, you don’t need to intervene, let me solve it by myself. "

After that, he looked at the fainthearted people and said with contempt:

"The Wuwei Army will not intervene now. I will give you another chance, as long as I win against me. It’s okay to make a constitution at will, or even make yourself a king."

Seeing that the other party does not leave the slightest face, Yuan Kaisheng said with a cold face:

"Mr. Lu! You really want to ignore morality, I ignore the overall situation for my own benefit!"

Lu Yao with a flick of sleeve, said calmly and calmly:

"Master Yuan said this is absurd. Now I am the overall situation. You are the one who ignores the overall situation."


At this moment, Lu Yao doesn't really matter. If this group of people started to kill themselves, it would be logical to kill them.

This is what the hard-working cultivation asks for-act wilfully!

Any crafty plots and machinations and political methods can only be broken in the face of absolute power!

Compromise and non-existent are the final word!

Lu Yao's attitude is full of randomness, as if he doesn't put people in his eyes at all.

The opponents on the scene hate gnashing teeth, but they are not as powerful as others.

The two Great Grandmasters and the governors looked at each other and exchanged silently.

Yuan Kaisheng and Liu Kun wanted to fight at the moment. They just showed their tails triumphantly, and they will definitely be taken care of by Lu Yao in the future.

But Zhang Wenda's eyes flickered, avoiding his sight.

Thousands of people together may indeed eliminate this demon, but they will pay a heavy price. A bunch of mobs absolutely cannot hold on.

Furthermore, when the new dynasty was employing people, he thought to himself that he had several points of friendship with Zuo Gong. It was not difficult to maintain his current position, and there was no need to be in danger.

A few people, look at me, I think you can’t make up your mind for a long time. The whole team is constantly backing down under the momentum of Lu Yao’s Heavenly Might.

Lu Yao looked towards Zhang Wenda, Yuan Kaisheng, Liu Kunyi, as well as representatives of the Taihumen, Qingcheng Sect, Diancang faction, etc., calmly said:

"Then everyone, it’s time to make I chose it."

tone barely fell, the mental phase has been completely manifested between Heaven and Earth, and the height of nearly 100 meters overlooks the shiver coldly ants on the ground.

For the first time, some people saw this magnificent silhouette like a god and devil, and they lost self-control and fell to the ground on the spot!

All of a sudden, with one tens of thousands, the heroes were restrained.

These famous powerhouse and oversee a area bosses were actually suppressed by Lu Yao alone in their imposing manner, and they did not dare to speak loudly.

At this moment, everyone in the field looked at him with different expressions.

Some people are in awe, calling a real man directly!

Some people also worship and admire, Yu Yanmei, Li Pei, and Liao Family's sisters are about to melt.

Besides them, I don’t know how many women are surging. Su Erya is one of them.

She stared at her uncle uncle intently, delicate and pretty oval face was red and shy.

Little girl feels that there is no better man in the world than Lu Yao!

Er Ya hates herself for being slow and young, so she can only watch the more and more women of her uncle...

Thinking of this, she suddenly feels Hot, a stream of heat gushes along the lower abdomen.

Little girl is 13 this year, and it will be called 14 after two months into January.

At this age, there are some things Liao Ya has taught in advance, and Er Ya instantly realizes that she has come!

Her face turned red, and she quickly started the movement method and ran to no one's place, picking up the sanitary products prepared by the father of the finished apprenticeship for herself.

Fortunately, all the attention in the court is on Lu Yao, no one pays attention to her.


At this moment, the expressions on the constitutionalists’ faces are stiff, but the supporters of Lu Yao are happy:

【Even if Lu Zhenjun does not become the throne, his power is even greater than that of the emperor! ]

[This is very true! And Yongping County lord obeyed his words, is there any difference between the two who enthroned?]

[In this way, many former widows will naturally support it! You see, several governors have already drawn a clear line from the "constitutionalists"! ]

[This must have been planned long ago by Mr. Lu, really a good method! 】

As they said, the constitutionalists have fallen into chaos, and many people who originally supported them are eager to draw a line at this moment and move away.

It didn't take long for the three governors Zhang Yuan Liu and their iron confidants to remain in the court.

A group of people who originally liked the sun at high noon became a minority!

At the same time, Zuo Xiaowei’s son, Zuo Xiaowei, also stood up and said loudly:

"My father supports all the decisions made by Lu Zhenjun. Today’s country is difficult. I hope you will focus on the overall situation, don’t be entangled in your own small gains, and ignore the righteousness."

At this moment, Lu Yao can be said to have overwhelming strength and support from Zuo Gong. The next occupies the moral commanding heights.

The overall situation has been set, Zhang Wenda sighed, and be the first to bow to Li Pei:

"Yongping County Lord is wise and has both ability and political integrity. He is really an excellent candidate to inherit Dabao. The minister has no objection!"

As soon as he spoke, the people of all colors who were backing him also bowed and saluted one after another to show obedience.

After that, a group of people moved away from their positions and moved to the side.

Yuan Kaisheng said with an ugly face: "Brother Zhang, you just watched this generation go crazy! He didn't even think about the country name! It's ridiculous!"

Zhang Wenda didn't look on Change: "We can do very things very often. Western powers often have queens. As for the country title... it doesn't matter, just think about it slowly."

Yuan Kaisheng was hearing this, and he was very angry.

He glanced at Li Pei, who had not yet come back to his senses, and he was quite unwilling to say that he was injustice!

The pursuit of my life was actually obtained by a woman with no difficulty!

On what basis two legs can be worthy of a half-life plan! It's really unfair!

At this moment, Yuan Kaisheng looked directly at Lu Yao and made his last struggle: "Mr. Lu, you are so arrogant and despotic, you don’t know that the disaster is here!"


"Reliable news from this official-the great powers will hold a post-war agreement meeting on January 18.

At that time, they will be able to free up their hands to clean up you!"


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