I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 474

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Hearing this news, Zuo Xiaowei and the others looked worried.

During the civil war of the great powers, the Divine Province did not improve, but the fortune of the country was declining.

If the foreigners enter the bandit, how can it be good?

Yuan Kaisheng continued saying with a cold face:

"Lu Zhenjun, dealing with you is already on the agenda of the powers.

Innet gave Izumo A lot of support has helped him regain his vitality.

The Heavenly Sovereign of Saint Realm is also desperately collecting your information!

Withdrawing the resolution, we can sit down and have a good talk.

If you want to go your own way, don’t blame me for being worldly-wise and play safe!"

Yuan Kaisheng finished speaking and watched carefully. Lu Yao's reaction.

He has two purposes for this remark. First, he forces the opponent to withdraw the absurd Queen’s resolution, and everyone sits down again to discuss constitutional matters.

Even if it fails, Lu Yao will be able to put his energy on the powers and have no time to deal with him.

But no matter how you look at it, the expression on the face of Lu Lu is always calm and collected!

At this moment, Lu Yao nodded gently and said: "Izumo Heavenly Sovereign, we have been in love with each other for a long time. There will be a battle sooner or later, so I won’t bother Master Yuan. You should worry about yourself first."

Yuan Kaisheng's expression changed: "You want to take action against me! I came here by invitation, you are not moral!"

While speaking, he put his hand on his waist without leaving a trace. On the hilt of the sword, it is the Divine Weapon "Budu Yuhun" who has not left the body for a moment.

Liu Kunyi's expression is also uncertain, and his fists are sometimes loose;

At this tense moment, Lu Yao suddenly laughed.

"I am so afraid of doing what? Since I came here by invitation, I will keep you safe and sound."

Yuan Kaisheng and Liu Kun suddenly relaxed.

Liu Kun swallowed and said, "Mr. Lu is a man of spectacle. Then...what if we don’t want to be loyal to the new emperor?"

Lu Yao said with a gentleness. smile: "The rebellious courtiers and thieves, of course, are to be eliminated. But Governor Liu, you are behind, and I will first kill those who have not come today."

Liu Kunyi: "..."

Lu Yao looked at this man with a sluggish expression, said with a smile:

"As usual, the enthronement ceremony is held on January 1st, and I will eradicate you before that. Wait, go back and get ready for a while."

The two of them looked terribly bad, and they were shaking all over by the other's arrogant attitude!

At this moment, everyone in the field saw that Lu Yao was clearly taking advantage of one's position to bully people, act wilfully.

But no one can do anything with him!

Yuan Kaisheng and Liu Kun have experienced the feeling of being bullied on their faces after a long absence.

At first, they were secretly happy when they saw that Mr. Zuo hadn't come, but at the moment they missed the upright old man very much.

With him here, Lu Yao must not dare to be so arrogant and despotic!

At this moment, the two confidants have come forward to whisper:

"My lord, it is not advisable to stay here for a long time! In case the surname Lu's repentance will not be beautiful."


"Stay in the green hills without fear of no firewood, leave quickly!"

Continuing to stay will only be humiliated, and the two will leave in embarrassment surrounded by cronies.


Wait for a while, the rest of the people immediately gathered around to flatter and please.

Zhang Wenda even expressed his willingness to draft the edict of enthronment and plan the ceremony of enthronment.

This person is more acquainted, and he is naturally handy to do such a thing as a bachelor, Lu Yao simply agreed.

However, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Zhang Wenda asked: "I don't know what the title of the new dynasty is? There are also various laws..." hear.

Lu Yao groaned for a moment, and said, "While everyone is here, I'll just talk about it briefly.

The various system laws, the group of people said when they discussed the establishment of the constitution. A lot of changes, the establishment of state-owned banks and new schools...all make sense. Just follow these steps."

Zhang Wenda and the others hearing this, with an awkward smile on his face .

Those are what their new attachments just said, some are too ideal...but Mr. Lu had to do something, he really shot himself in the foot.

Lu Yao said: "Also, in the future, opium and human trafficking will be illegal, and all agreements signed with the great powers will be invalidated. For the time being, there will be an uproar in the field."

One piece, everyone talking at once and want to ask again.

Lu Yao stretched out his hand and pushed Li Pei over, saying: "For details, you can discuss with the future queen Your Majesty."

Li Pei's face is calm and calm. People familiar with her must be able to see that she is a little at a loss at this moment, obviously not ready to be the emperor yet.

Lu Yao patted his shoulder and said softly: "I support you, let me do whatever I want."

Hearing this, Li Pei suddenly felt courage: With the support of Lang Jun, even a pig can become the emperor. What is my fear!

I only saw her staring at her, her imposing manner instantly sharp, yet majestic.

The imperial family is full of aura, and it's really a good idea to be an emperor.

Lu Yao laughed, leaving the stage to the newly released Queen Your Majesty, and retiring with a chic accomplishment, he took the remaining girls home and went home.

Only Yu Yanmei took Fran to stay with her.


In Jingyi Garden, Lu Yao comfortably leaned against Senior Sister’s huge and flexible chest, enjoying the flowers of his sisters Full body massage.

"Today I have seen what it means to make a backhand for the cloud and cover the hand for the rain. Junior Brother, you have a few words to determine the throne, which is really amazing!"

Liao Ya stared at her eyes as clear and soft as clear water, and was very impressed by Lu Yao's performance today.

While Liao Qi helped her sweetheart pinch her feet, happily said:

"Really didn't expect you to let Li Pei be the empress. Will we kneel down when we meet her? ~"

After she finished speaking, she got up and learned the movements on the stage and hit the ground, deliberately shouting:

"Long live Your Majesty! Aiya Your Majesty, on your chest How to hide two big bowls~hahaha"

Then I laughed happily.

Liao Ya patted the younger sister’s head: "Don’t be big or small."

Liao Qi made a grimace and said: "It’s you who are not big or small. . You, Li Pei, and more than Grandmaster, both have to call my sister!"

Liao Ya's face was red, it is reasonable to say that this is the case...

At that time, Su Erya came over with a twist.

Liao Ya saw the awkward look of dísciple and moved forward in his heart.

The two whispered, Liao Ya's face was joyful: "No need to be shy, this is a good thing, it means you are a big girl."

Er Ah is also very happy to hear this , Looked at Lu Yao very concealedly.

Although Martial Artist has a strong body, there are some things that can't be too casual.

Liao Ya pointed out a few dísciple points that need to be paid attention to during menstruation. The little girl memorized it carefully and then bowed respectfully to Master.


Liao Ya walked back with a smile, Lu Yao heard the conversation between the two, and said with emotion at this moment:

"In a blink of an eye, this little girl has grown up."

"Next, let's discuss and discuss about the crusade against'non-confidential'."

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