I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 475

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"It is impossible to change dynasties and not bleed. First, eliminate the few forces that did not come. These are basically big opium growers, so it is convenient to ban smoking."

Just a few words from Lu Yao determined the fate of the 29 forces that were not present.

The Liao Family sisters look calm and feel uncomfortable. No matter where these forces are in remote places, there are spirit falcons that can reach you overnight, and if you destroy you, destroy you!

Lu Yao said again: “People who have taken refuge must also be guilty of yin and yang. They don’t have time to grind with them. Once they find out, they will be wiped out on the spot.”

Liao Ya and Liao Qi repeatedly nodded: "No matter what you want to do, we will support it!"

The sisters looked at Junior Brother with full admiration, and they were determined to assist their men to achieve an amazing achievement!

"It's really my good baby~" Lu Yao hugged them and kissed them alone.

This is a wife who can surrender her life, and Divine Soul also perceives the positive aspirations from the two women.

Full of love and admiration, without the slightest negative effect, Lu Yao closed his eyes and indulged in it.

The two sisters did a well-behaved one after the other massage without disturbing them.

After a short while, Lu Yao opened his eyes, only to feel refreshed, Divine Soul was so wonderful.

He breathed a sigh of relief and continued:

"There are also Yuan Kaisheng and Liu Kunyi, these two are too powerful and involved too much, and they have to be left to the final solution.

I don’t know where Liu Kunyi’s courage came from. Yuan Kaisheng was probably in collusion with the Heren devil."

Liao Ya nodded: "Look at the Katana on his waist. The concealment is good, but my spirit refinement sense has been warning, absolutely extraordinary!"

At this time, Liao Qi opened his mouth to speak, but looked at his sister and held back.

What she wants to say, Lu Yao knows clearly in her heart, and she wants to mention this matter herself...

It is the mother of the sisters, Mrs. Xiao.

But Liao Ya gets angry when he mentions it.

At this moment, Lu Yao grabbed Senior Sister’s soft, soft hand and said softly:

"When solving Yuan Kaisheng, rescue Mrs. Xiao and let your mother and daughter reunite. "

Liao Qi stared at her sister with bright eyes, full of expectation.

But Liao Ya's expression turned cold, and she turned her face to one side and said, "This woman is not saved by us. He is comfortable at the Great Grandmaster's house. After we are married, we will be indifferent, and she will be sealed. There is no letter either."

Lu Yao gently stroked the girl’s back and said:

"Last time there was a fate, Mrs. Xiao was only slightly higher than the maid. These years should have been very difficult. Yuan Kaisheng must be eliminated, it is not easy to let her stay out."

Glancing at the crazy nodded younger sister next to him, Liao Ya reluctantly agreed:

"Well, the person will be sent back to Xiao Family directly after being rescued. It doesn't matter if the mother and daughter are reunited. After she remarries, it has nothing to do with us from a legal point of view."

Lu Yao was a little puzzled. "Senior Sister, why do you resent your mother so much? He was forced to remarry by Xiao Family, right?"

Liao Ya gently shook his head: "I was 8 years old at the time, her face I remember the happily looking forward smile clearly, and simply didn't have the slightest persecution!"

It is hard for an upright official to break the housework, and Lu Yao didn't say any more, and turned to talk about the cultivation.

"I am progressing very quickly in the practice of my apertures, and I will be able to reach the level of no leakage within three months. However, the radioactive material is too strong, and I need Senior Sister's Chilan Fragrance to neutralize it."


Liao Ya was really distracted, said with a smile: "Then I will dance for you to see~"

With "Great Ascension Heavenly Demon Dance", she can take the initiative to release The magical pheromone of Zhilanxiang is an indispensable means of opening up for a family.

Liao Ya at first still feels sorry, but she has seen that Zhilanxiang can increase body functions by 7 or 8 times, and the auxiliary effect is super strong and there is no side effect at all, so she puts down her grudge.

Just as she twisted her waist and raised her hips to pose in a gesture style to perform a dance for Junior Brother, she suddenly heard the sound of breaking through the air. It turned out that Li Pei and Yu Yanmei were back.

"Sister Liao Ya, how can you lose me if you want to dance!"

Li Pei fell from the sky and hugged Liao Ya excitedly. The four big balls were squeezed into shape. .

Liao Qi watched her tongue aside, and stretched out her hand to show her, it was not a level at all.

After that, she rolled her eyes and ran forward to play the treasure and shouted: "The minister pays homage to Your Majesty ~Your Majesty Queen, Long live your Majesty~"

Li Peiboth hands crossed near chest said with a smile: "So perfunctory, I want to punish you for your disrespectful crime, and you will never see Langjun in the cold palace~"

Several girls hehe haha ​​have a joke, Yu Yanmei walked over and went up and down I looked at the road for a while, and said with emotion:

"You have a big hand, a big imposing manner! You directly gave your own woman a throne!"

Lu Yao said with a smile: "I do things too ridiculous, please compensate Pepe more or less, hope she likes it."

Yu Yanmei blushed on her face, and then said: "She is so excited, this child was born Imperial Family actually has a desire for power..."

Before the words were over, Li Pei saw the two chatting fiercely and suddenly came to him, holding Lu Yao's arm and said softly:

"Lang Jun, why don't you tell your concubine, it scared me a lot~"

"There is always a little surprise in life." Lu Yao asked with a smile: "How about , Are you not angry anymore? Hurry up and make up with your master."

Li Pei is no longer angry, but the reconciliation is too blunt.

She is like a child who is awkward with her parents. She coughs and changes the subject:

"There are many people who have taken refuge in today with unpredictable minds, and I have no experience in governing the country. , Can only be trembling with fear like walking on thin ice."

Lu Yao waved his hand: "We were just talking about crusade against ministers. We will do this kind of thing. You only need to concentrate on governing the country. .

There is nothing new in the sun. The answer has been given in the history books on what to do. It is nothing more than the lightness of the bottom and the rest and the rest of the upper class.

Let go. Do it with your hands and feet, the whole family will support you!" Sisters Liao Family and Yu Yanmei all gathered around, and even the three falcons came forward with fun.

In addition to the man who is holding him, with so many expert assistants, what is the problem in the world! ?

Li Pei's heart burst into arrogance. With infinite confidence, he must reorganize the rivers and mountains, ZTE Divine Province!

At this time, Lu Yao looked at the sky and said: "It's just after noon, I'm out of the house, and first put out a few unconvincing forces in remote areas."

As a result, tone barely fell, but was opposed by several girls.

Liao Ya said: "You just said that you are about to break the border. It is better to cultivation with peace of mind. Let us go for this little thing."

Liao Qi echoed: "We It was originally Innate Realm, with magic weapons on him, and it is more than enough to deal with them!"

Li Pei also said: "You are the true monarch now, how can you do everything by yourself. These so-called forces, we work in pairs. That's enough, and Wudang Sect and Wu Weijun can clean up part of it!"

Yu Yanmei held the treasure sword dao: "In fact, just these few falcons can't stop them."

Lu Yao pondered for a moment and said, "That's fine, then you go! Let the falcons also participate in the battle to condense the monster core as soon as possible!"

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