I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 476

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The news of Lu Zhenjun's plan to let his wife ascend the throne spread all over the country in an instant.

But what is more surprising is Lu Yao's public statement-opium and human trade are illegal, and all treaties signed with the great powers are invalidated!

I want to know that this will inevitably affect the interests of countless people, and Lu Zhenjun act wilfully is extremely arrogant, and he is an extremely domineering ruler!

There was a sudden uproar from the outside world. Many people were afraid to say anything, but they had the courage to make small moves secretly, and they were quite big.

First of all, in the newspaper, Wu Zetian's "Mai Ji Si Chen" in the Tang Dynasty was re-reported, and the intention of using the past to satirize the present is obvious.

There is even more "Qianzhou Daily", which openly published an article called "Riding the Emperor to Make the Princes"!

Although there is no name or surname, but who is ridiculing is obvious at a glance.

This newspaper is located in the remote Qianzhou, far in the southwest. It is the mouthpiece controlled by the overlord "Yunxiao Sect" here.

His sect master, Yang Sian Chay, had previously ignored Lu Yao's call.

He is so courageous because of his own "mountain high and the emperor far away."

Qianzhou and the capital are separated by countless state capitals, covering a total of 4,000 miles. I don't know how many forces oppose Lu Yao overtly and secretly along the way.

Lu Zhenjun wants to ride the emperor to make the princes, so he must be too busy to take care of himself at this time.

"The surname Lu can do nothing to me, and he has the ability to fight all the way!"

Yang Sian Chay felt that he finally had a bad breath!

His own sect is relying on large-scale opium cultivation and population trade.

Lu Yao is tantamount to saying that he is about to break the foundation of his Sect! No wonder this person hates it.

However, Yang Sian Chay has always felt a little heart palpitations recently, but he can make sure that Lu Yao is in the capital.

While being relaxed, he just ordered the door to be more vigilant and went on spending time with hundreds of aunts and wives.


What Yang Sian Chay didn't know was that two evil stars had arrived in Qianzhou!

At this moment, Li Pei and Yu Yanmei are riding safely, overlooking the ground below their feet.

The two came from the capital, and it took only two hours to get a full play.

As soon as the words "riding the emperor to make the princes" came out, the Liao Family sisters immediately bent over with a smile.

Li Pei can't help it, put down his hands and learn about the affairs, even if he wants to stay close, he must first kill the dog!

But after riding on the falcon, the master and disciple were shocked at the same time!

"There is 80% of the arable land here...it is actually planted opium!"

Riding a spirit falcon in the sky, Li Pei is a little unbelievable!

Only a county, there are more than 2000 acres of planting area!

Although other state capitals also plant them, they are definitely not so exaggerated.

Yu Yanmei coldly said: "Most of these opium plantations are controlled by Azure Clouds Sect. It is impossible to say that there is no collusion with the government, the Governor of Yungui, damn it!"

Li Pei said with a sneer: "This time it happened to be dealt with together!"

After the two spoke, they were taken aback for a while, and then reacted fiercely-after the embarrassing thing happened, this is still The first exchange between master and disciple.

For a while, Li Pei cleared his throat and pretended to be serious: "Master, let's go to the gate of the Yunxiao School."

Yu Yanmei was nodded, gently patted a peaceful neck.

Ling Falcon flapped its wings and flew towards Yunxiao Mountain, which is very conspicuous in the distance.


The entire Yunxiao Mountain area is relatively flat, with only the main peak rising suddenly, as if to be inserted into the clouds.

Normally speaking, Yunxiao Sect is the leading Great Influence in Qianzhou, and the people around its Sect station should have a good life.

You can look at all thatched huts. The common people have yellow and thin faces, their faces are numb, and they barely wear a dirty rag.

This is a large refugee camp!

"The more remote areas you get, the less scrupulous these so-called clan gangs will be, and they don’t conceal their evil behavior!"

Master and disciple fell from the sky with cold faces , Fell at the gate of the Yunxiao School.

If Li Pei didn't say anything, the leg raised would explode the archway engraved with "Yunxiao Immortal Realm", and large and small gravel shot out.

There are two majestic dísciple guards here in azure silk clothes.

They only yelled "who is the newcomer..." and they were broken and fractured by the rocks hit by the lasing.

The Yunxiao faction reacted quickly, and immediately there was a rapid and stern air defense alarm sounded.

Li Pei master and disciple walked inward along the main road of Shanmen.

I didn't get out of several hundred meters, and I encountered a team that came to intercept.

Lead Innate Realm Elder loudly shouted: "Dare to come to the clouds to send out the wild, the two slut are impatient! Give it to me!"

After that, stay where you are , Let the subordinate dísciple come up and test.

Several dísciples from Viscera Refinement and Marrow Cleansing Realm came up cautiously, Yu Yanmei said softly:

"Follow Lu Yao every day, let me see you slack off Didn't it."

Li Pei took a deep breath, and the next second he heard a loud "hong" sound, a big pit was stamped out on the ground.

She smashed into the air with a speed of 300 meters per second, in a flash, and punched Elder's face!

The surrounding crowd just feels that the strong wind cannot open their eyes, as if something flashes by.

Waiting for came back to his senses, his own Elder had already flew out like a cannonball, and the whole person crashed into the mountain!

In the muffled sound of rolling thunder, large and small rocks shattered and rolled down.

A group of dísciples gulped and swallowed while looking at Elder with only a pair of feet exposed.

"It's Innate Realm! Innate Realm is coming!"

"Quickly notify sect master! Notify Supreme Elder!"

These people are crying Shouting Niang fled back, but Li Pei easily overtook them, hitting them all with one punch, and then hitting the rocks and rolling down.

Yu Yanmei eyebrow raised, praised: "Yes, our core skill, you are more brought to the point of perfection."

"Stars... You’ve been teaching me since I was 6 years old.” Li Pei took the lead and continued on the road, turning his back to the master and said: “After all these years of practice, I have always kept in mind in the bones.”

Yu Yanmei followed. Behind the dísciple, looking at her infinitely beautiful back, she only felt more charming than the surrounding mountains.

At this time, the two of them have reached halfway up the mountain, but they see ridges and greenery, clouds and mist, this scene is like Immortal Realm.

Yu Yanmei said softly: "Peipei, I'm sorry..."

Li Pei heard this and turned around and said:

"I don't blame You... Blame the big pervert on Lu Yao! Gold and magic weapon, and the master is also the daughter’s family. How can he withstand it?"

Yu Yanmei's face was red, her head down Did not speak.

Li Pei leaned over, took Master’s arm and continued:

"That’s fine, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field, you want to marry I am not willing to other men~"

Yu Yanmei's face flushed, and she whispered to distinguish: "I am either married to Lu Yao, or... I borrow it once a month..."

"Master, one time is definitely not enough."

When the two master and disciple talked and passed a valley, suddenly many Yunxiao dísciples appeared from the tops of the mountains on both sides.

They set up cannons, as well as heavy machine guns and machine guns!

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