I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 477

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Li Pei and Yu Yanmeili immediately discovered this group of people.

There are about 500 in number, all of them wear the azure silk costumes of Yunxiaomen.

These people set up their guns, loaded the ammunition, and started firing!

The expressions of the master and disciple remain unchanged, and in the next second, peace falls from the sky!

It was so fast that it couldn't see its figure clearly, and it turned into a vague black shadow across the cliff like lightning!

The Yunxiaomen dísciple didn't react at all. I just felt cold on my body, and when I looked down, there was a huge gap where I could see the internal organs!

They were pierced by the safe sharp claw and the sharp feathers on the wings, and all kinds of screams became one in an instant.

After passing a circle quickly and peacefully, he fluttered his wings and returned.

This time the action is much stronger. Seeing it fit and bumped, it drove two Viscera Refinement gunners together with a dozen-ton cannon and flew dozens of meters away.

With a flap of the wings, a Martial Artist blood spout from mouth fell to the ground, with broken bone stubble stabs out of his body!

There are a few clever minds, and they take the opportunity to control heavy machine guns to aim at Ping An crazy fire;

There is also a Martial Dao blood exchange, spirit refinement into the fixed cloud gate True Disciple, carry one Quite the "Vickers 2-pounder automatic gun", aim at the safety and pull the trigger!

Amidst the roar of guns, large and small metal projectiles roared, and the whole body clinked and sparks flying in all directions!

But that's it, all attacks are blocked by the feathers on its body!

These feathers are tenacious than metal, and they can damage the body of the Innate Realm Martial Artist without treatment. The enemy's machine guns and cannons cannot break the defenses at all.

It's a bit painful for the 40mm automatic cannon to fire, but it also arouses its fierceness!

I saw the Ping An’s wings, a 4-meter-long body with a wingspan of 8 meters, Ohyeah, don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t let us go straight to the sun!

With a deafening bang, 8 dísciples operating heavy machine guns and various debris were knocked into the sky 10 stories high!

Afterwards, take a safe look at the spirit refiner who controls the automatic cannon.

This person knew that he couldn't run away from the soul bird, so he could only pull the trigger and fire wildly!

Unfortunately, this can't change his fate. The next second, he was pecked violently and his upper body was gone.

Next, with the rise of safe killings, the ancient instincts in the bloodline are completely awakened, and countless souls are added under the sharp claw's beak!

In less than 5 minutes, the private armament of the Yunxiaomen ambushing in the valley has been completely wiped out.


Li Pei and Yu Yanmei leaned over and checked carefully to make sure that there was no major problem and they were almost undamaged.

Even the blood of the enemy can't attach to its smooth feathers, and drips by itself under the influence of gravity.

"Exchanging Blood Realm's spirit bird is so powerful, the frontal battle strength is no worse than Innate Grandmaster."

"In ancient times, this was the enemy of Human Race. Many towns were destroyed by them. . Especially those who can fly are very troublesome."

The two masters and disciple were full of admiration for this magical creature.

Ping'an stared at this and that with a pair of big eyes, and thought that the master’s spouse was pretty good.

At this time, Yu Yanmei said: "But the energy and resources invested can be called a bottomless pit."

Li Pei nodded: "It is indeed an unimaginable number for ordinary people, but Lu Yao Already not in, he regarded these three little fellows as relatives. This time let us bring this out..." A peculiar blood core was pulled out of the ditch.

It's not too big, it's like a duck egg, but it's beating like a life.

"Duke-level blood core..." Yu Yanmei immediately recognized what this was. "Are these the three from the previous powers' coalition invasion?"

Li Pei replied : "That's right, Lang Jun asked us to feed the Ling Falcon on time. This time I came out to let them experience it."

"With this thing, three little fellows enter Innate Realm was very easy at the time."

Yu Yanmei gently touched Ping An, with some expectations in her heart.

Innate Realm's soul bird has produced a monster core, but I don’t know what will change.

Next, the two went straight to the main hall of the Yunxiao Gate.


At this time, less than 20 minutes have passed since they had crossed the mountain gate.

The Yunxiao faction reacted fairly quickly. Sect master Yang Sian Chay and Supreme Elder have joined together, ready to fend off powerful enemies together.

The two of them didn't look good. The opponent was not good, and it only took a quarter of an hour to penetrate the protective power of the sect and directly hit the main hall!

Before Yang Sian Chay could say a few words to Supreme Elder, he saw two women walking away.

He is also the cultivation base of Innate Realm. At this moment, eyes shrank can see the appearance of the person in an instant, and there is a thud in his heart:

"It's the woman of the devil!"


Then he looked ruthlessly: "Only two people dare to come! Really think we are soft persimmons!"

He immediately said to Supreme Elder: "Uncle Master, please try to catch this alive later. Two!"

Supreme Elder is nodded with a blank face.

He looks very old, like an old man in his seventies.

Martial Artists above Innate Realm will only age rapidly in the last 20 years of their lives. This Elder should be quite young.

But if you look closely, his exposed skin occasionally flashes a golden glow, which means "indestructible".

This is impressively a half-step golden figure, and it is also the trump card of Yunxiaomen!


"The people's blood, sweat and tears searched by Yunxiao School seem to be used here."

Li Pei and Yu Yanmei, master and disciple, came to Diaolianghuadong, in front of the extremely luxurious buildings.

This is in sharp contrast with the shanty towns below the mountain, and the Sect's food is a bit ugly.

In the distance, Yang Sian Chay suddenly shouted:

"The devil surnamed Lu used our Yunxiao pie as a soft persimmon, but it was a big mistake!

The dísciple listened to the order, let me and Supreme Elder capture these two demonic girls! Set an example for the heroes of the world!"

【dísciple, follow your orders! 】

The dísciple of the Near Thousand Clouds School was led by the middle and high-level leaders, and the morale was high.

These people only have Master Sect in their hearts. In their opinion-Zongmen is their own heaven!

And Supreme Elder converges in an imposing manner, with almost no aura, and in a short while, he will take the opponent with a sneak attack!


When Yang Sian Chay was about to drive dísciple to fight and consume the physical strength of the two women, he suddenly saw the other side pull out the situation. what.

In the next second, he saw Supreme Elder, who was originally an old god, suddenly showed horror and ran away without a word!

I didn't run very far, the people in the field suddenly felt that they were carrying a mountain on their backs, and they were about to be crushed to kneel to the ground!

It turned out that Yu Yanmei pulled out Divine Sword, too!

The brilliant brilliance of this domineering sword is suppressed by a wave of mind.

The blooming rays of light are getting brighter and brighter. Yu Yanmei seems to be holding an Optimus beam in her hand, directly slashing towards the strongest enemy in spirit refinement-the Supreme Elder of the Yunxiao Sect!

This old man no longer concealed his cultivation base, his "immortal and unbreakable" will was extremely high, and he broke free from the suppression with a wild roar, and his fists burst into the air!

It's hard to say how the ending of Pinyiji is so hard to say. After all, Yu Yanmei is not using her own power, but with the willpower poured by Lu Yao and the Star Spirit Power forcefully activate.

But Li Pei also urged the "Imperial Jade Seal of Chuan Guo" at the same time!

The thoughts of the Yunxiao faction people are instantly frozen, and life seems to have been stolen for a few seconds.

Supreme Elder cultivation base is extremely high and only loses consciousness for a moment, but it is enough!

Optimus Prime fell from the sky, The earth shook and the mountain quivered in the thunderous loud noise!

Divine Sword Tai Ah blasted the earth into a ditch nearly 100 meters long, 5 meters wide, and 10 meters deep!

Supreme Elder didn't even have time to make a scream, the whole person was turned into fragments on the spot, and the sky filled the sky with countless gravel and sand.

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