I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 478

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"Why such a big formidable power!"

Yu Yanmei was also taken aback. Didn't expect Divine Sword to release the restriction and the formidable power would be so big !

And this kind of attack can be repeated twice! She carefully returned the sword to its sheath and decided not to use it easily.

At this moment, even if the Yunxiao faction were not anchored by the "Imperial Jade Seal", they were already dumbfounded and horrified.

After the dust settled, I saw a scar on the ground.

Even the magnificent buildings of the main hall were also affected, and countless buildings collapsed and turned into ruins.

In addition, there are more than 200 poorly positioned dísciples, who are tragically buried by Supreme Elder.

"Dharma, Dharma, Magic Weapon!?"

Although the Yunxiao School started in the Ming Dynasty, its background is not deep. But this thing is a magic weapon, as long as you have read the picture book and understand it, you will recognize it at a glance!

The group of dísciples who had formed a battlefield and had high morale suddenly frightened, and subconsciously looked towards Sect Master and asked him to make an idea.

The enemy should be settled but not settled. Is it better to sit down and talk?

It doesn't matter if you look at it, everyone suddenly found out-Yang Sian Chay did not know when he had already run away! Nearly a thousand people were present, but none of them noticed it!

This guy wants to run away, so I really think too much.

Let’s not talk about Li Pei’s master and disciple, who are good at the movement method. There is peace in the sky. In this situation, this situation is impossible to escape!

Yang Sian Chay ran less than one mile before he was spotted by Ping An and dived and intercepted.

"evil creature! Get out of me!"

The road to escape was disturbed, and he was suddenly irritable, and his reflexive fists blasted towards safety!

Yang Sian Chay made a good calculation. This blow can not only force the blocking enemy, but also accelerate himself again by the strength of the collision between the two sides.

I saw his fists explode into the air, making a "peng" explosion, and a circle of white waves exploded!

Facing the enemy's tactical counterattack, Ping An's sharp eyes revealed a subtle cunning, and he used the big claws of the washbasin to forcibly take the enemy's fists!

This is a bit unwise, but fortunately, its whole body muscle and bones feathers are scattered with half strength.

Then the two claws snapped back, and the wings shook, and he actually took Yang Sian Chay into the sky!

At this moment, Yang Sian Chay panicked! After all, Martial Artist has to be down-to-earth to take advantage of it, and it can become a living target in mid-air.

Liao Ya had repeatedly reminded him of this during Lu Yao Viscera Refinement before, not to leave the ground lightly.

Yang Sian Chay also understood of course, so he punched and kicked desperately, struggling frantically.

Strictly speaking, it is a demonic beast after all. The body is far more powerful than human beings. After a few strokes, it is not hurt, except for the messy feathers.

It grabbed the opponent to a height of 10,000 meters, and suddenly released its paw!

Yang Sian Chay immediately began to free fall, and at the same time his face was desperate-this is already a special show for the Birds of Prey!

Next, Ping An turned into a white lightning, which passed the extremely clumsy enemies in the air one after another.

Each time it passes by, a conspicuous fire star will be sputtered, and at the same time a piercing symphony of gold and iron will be heard!

This is Ping An constantly attacking with his sharp claw beak, and only three times broke Yang Sian Chay’s Body Protection True Qi.

Finally, amidst his desperate roar, he folded his wings safely, and his body became like an arrow. The speed reached an astonishing 1,100 kilometers per hour, turning into a white light precise and elegant Pass the enemy.

I saw Yang Sian Chay who was struggling to survive in midair. The next second there was empty space over his shoulders and his head was gone!


At this time, only two minutes have passed.

Li Pei and Yu Yanmei also solved the remnant enemy, they just lifted the head and saw the head of the bandit head descending gracefully.

Ping An has some injuries on his body. At this moment, he makes his neck scream, full of pride and joy.

"What a clever little fellow!"

Yu Yanmei couldn't hide the affection in her heart, and immediately leaned over to instill a pass of True Qi.

"Brave, astute, and loyal, it is no wonder that many countries and nations regard it as their Totem."

Li Pei once again took the hemorrhage core from his chest and said: "Shoot The fighting spirit is high to kill the powerful enemy, it is the time to take this thing!"

Peacefully glanced at the blood core in Li Pei's hand, and screamed softly, revealing a strong desire.

Li Pei immediately fed it the Duke-level blood core.

No more than 10 seconds after the entrance, a bloody flame loomed up from the spirit falcon!

"Let Ping An absorb it well, let's clean up the battlefield."

"These forces relying on the emperor of the sky are really regardless of the law and of natural morality, and I don’t know the Liao Family. How about sisters..."


Liao Family sisters are much simpler here.

At this time, they are located in Ganzhou, pursuing a gang named Poyang Gang.

This gang, like most forces commiting any imaginable misdeed, does everything from smoking, human trafficking, and extortion.

The main business was banned casually by Lu Yao, which must be a grudge.

The Liao Family sisters were also not welcome, and they came directly to the door.

Unfortunately, the Poyang Gang is not as good as the Yunxiao faction except for being rich, and it hasn't even organized a decent defense.

Liao Ya and Liao Qi didn't do much, they just extinguished them by relying on Jixiang and Ruyi alone.

At this moment, thick smoke billowed inside the gang’s resident, fires were everywhere, and shouts of killing and exclamation were heard from all sides.

Suddenly, a huge falcon suddenly fell from the sky, knocking down a mansion, causing smoke and dust to skyrocket.

This is the main hall of the gang. The people hidden in it screamed out, and as a result, another falcon descended into the sky, culling these people one by one.

The two falcons are auspicious and wishful. They turned into ruthless demolition machines, destroying houses one after another, destroying the functional buildings of the Poyang gang, and killing the middle and high-level personnel hiding in them.

Sister Liao Family stood on a high place, watching all this blankly.

When there was a fire sea in the station, Liao Ya opened the mouth and said: "It's almost done, let's go to the next place."

Liao Qi took out a piece of paper. Scratch the name of the Poyang Gang.

Three places have been crossed out on this paper, which means that three forces have been wiped out.

The strength of the Liao Family sisters is slightly lower, but the efficiency is not slow at all.

Liao Ya waved his hand to recall the two killable falcons, and was about to leave here.

At this time, the magic weapon that Liao Qi was carrying, Mrs. Xu's dagger, suddenly heard a wave of fluctuations.

After that, Lu Yao’s voice came out: [Is everything going well?]

He can remotely control through the Star Spirit Power in the magic weapon to strike a full formidable power.

This is also the biggest trump card of a few girls!

Liao Qi replied in a soft voice: "It's very smooth. We killed several gangs who committed crimes."

[You are making trouble in the governor of Liangjiang, but Liu Kunyi has nothing to say? ]

"The people from the Governor's Mansion have never shown up."

[Then leave him alone. You now go to the Joyous Sect General Forum in Lin'an]

"Joyous Sect?"

[Yes, Joyous Sect Saintess Yun Qinglan asks for help, please help her Sect Lord's Position]

The classics sent by Yun Qinglan have helped a lot. Although the sisters don’t have a good impression of Joyous Sect, they don’t mind helping.

So he immediately agreed: "It's on us!"

"It just happened that I didn't make a lot of shots this way, just try the magic weapon's formidable power~"

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