I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 479

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Happy Bodhisattva died in the Earth Palace of Qinling, Yun Qinglan returned immediately and quickly integrated the power of Master’s this lineage, holding the Zongmen Secret Library firmly in his hand.

Moreover, she herself is 19-year-old Innate, she is extremely talented.

With the addition of Lu Zhenjun's back, it has naturally become the number one favorite after Sect Master.

The advantage is huge, Yun Qinglan consciously has the chance to win. But after all, she is too young and lacks struggle experience.

Before following Sect Master, I was impatient to show the attitude of drastic reforms.

First, the teaching of "Jade Maiden Heart Sutra" highest realm "transformation of heaven and humanity" was banned, which offended several elders in the door;

Later, he sent out many classics to please Lu Yao , Caused widespread dissatisfaction;

Finally, or for pleased Lu Yao, to ban the business of "trafficking in human beings", so that Duan Zhigui and Elder, who had a bad relationship, decided to take the risk.

So, this Saintess who took a handful of good cards got mixed up to the point of being betrayed. And she didn't even notice it.

On this day, Yun Qinglan convened the senior management of Joyous Sect to settle the matter of following the Sect Master, but it was a matter of concern.

Early in the morning, everyone came here to save face. A total of more than 20 Bodhisattva and Elder were present.

Joyous Sect female senior is Bodhisattva, male is called Elder.

Men cannot be Sect Masters, but they have the right to vote.

At this time, there was a smell of a flurry of demons dancing in the field. The Elders were dressed normally, and the fabrics of several Bodhisattva could not make a mask together, and the smoky sightings were insulting.

Yun Qinglan wears white clothes lightly like an immortal, and under the skirt is a pair of white dazzling beautiful feet.

At this moment, she was sitting on the Grand Master’s chair with her legs folded, her feet up and down and said:

"Sect Master, a long-term vacancy is not a solution after all. I am anxious today. Coming here is to solve this matter completely.

Although Qinglan is not talented, she is confident to lead Joyous Sect to create a career and glorious sect!"

She said impassioned. , But everyone stood there with expressionless faces, and no one came forward to join in.

Duan Zhigui stared at each other's slender and white feet intently, and said with a smile:

"martial niece, how do I feel that you are not suitable for being a Sect Master."

Yun Qinglan looked at the obviously wrong atmosphere in the field, sinking her face: "Elder Duan seems to have an opinion."

"Of course I have an opinion!" Duan Zhigui was angrily. Get up: "The sect is everyone's sect, but it's not for you to hold it and beg for mercy!"

Yun Qinglan snered: "This is a true monarch, I am pleased with him. What's wrong with him!" "

Duan Zhigui sneered, and a Bodhisattva stood up and said:

"Qing Lan, our school pays attention to the'Heaven's Private, Supreme Indifference', we must be sentimental but forgotten. That's it.

Now you are on the pole and hug you, but you are still a virgin after seeing three or four sides. It is not appropriate to have a hot face and a cold buttocks."

This Bodhisattva has a broad chest like a cow, with two peony-shaped pendants embedded at only two points.

Yun Qinglan heard her, but the complexion changed: "The magic Bodhisattva...you have to fight against me!"

This magic Bodhisattva is responsible for teaching martial arts. He is a very prestigious figure in the door.

I am afraid that things cannot be done well today!

Duan Zhigui coldly said:

"Today is to choose the real Sect Master while everyone is here, instead of eating inside and out, holding the slut of his own foundation to flatter and please outsiders!"

After that, he raised his hand to Bodhisattva and said, "The Senior Sister is the most suitable candidate for Sect Master because of his hard work and high prestige."

Unexpected expression, they all agreed.

Yun Qinglan inwardly shouted bad, and quickly took out the walnut that Lu Yao gave, and shouted:

"Mr Lu Zhenren’s token is here! I have already won him His love! With him taking care of it, why worry about the sect is not happy!"

This walnut is faintly radiant, and at first glance, it is the sustenance of spirit refinement people.

The wonderful method Bodhisattva smiled calmly and said:

"Qinglan, you have a bad mentality. You put yourself in a low position and begging for mercy.

If you let you When you become a Sect Master, I am afraid that the entire sect will have to be given to others.

Joyous Sect is better to be taken care of by me. You can abdicate and let the virtuous."

Duan Zhigui revealed A strong greedy color, just like a person who suddenly saw food after being hungry for three days:

"martial niece, that's the end of the story, I advise you to hand over the sect secret library obediently, and don't make too much trouble. It's ugly."

Only the Sect Master is eligible to enter the Joyous Sect secret library, and Yun Qinglan will of course not hand it over.

She knows that once she loses power, she will inevitably become Duan Zhigui's cauldron and be recruited to death.

Fortunately, when she saw something was wrong, she had already asked Lu Yao for help through the walnut, and then she had to delay time.

But Bodhisattva has already seen through this young girl’s mind, neither too fast nor too slow said:

"Mr. Lu is too late, and even if he comes, I will Will give him conditions that he can't refuse."

After speaking, she gently stroked her chest, and the waves were suddenly raging.

"Ms. Lu Zhenjun is like this in the two rooms, he must be in love with this. So it is useless if you please Qinglan, only I can make him addicted to the sea of ​​desire~"


Every step of her own was seen through by the other party, Yun Qinglan was a little panicked, and quickly looked towards Bodhisattva and Elder of Master's this lineage for support.

But these people avoided her gaze, only Duan Zhigui stared at her lustful eyes:

"Martial niece die, you should know best, The ones who licked up on the pole were the least valued."

He slowly leaned up, and together with Bodhisattva and the others, he surrounded Yun Qinglan faintly, preventing her from escaping.

"The opening token of the Zongmen Secret Library must be on you, let me find it~"

Just when Duan Zhigui's entire group is about to make a move, in the sky There were two loud hums!

The expressions of everyone present changed, Yun Qinglan's face showed ecstasy: "Come so fast!?"

She had seen the falcon several times, and she immediately recognized it. Came out.

But the smile on his face solidified in the next second, and there were two women riding the falcon...

"Sisters of the Liao Family! Why are they here? !?"

Yun Qinglan felt bitter: Two innates are useless at this time!

The sisters leaped from Ling Falcon’s back and landed directly on the court.

Liao Ya pointed to Duan Zhigui, with a disgusted expression on his face: "Is this nasty-looking man the enemy?"

Duan Zhigui's eyes are light flashed, subconsciously initiating the technique of observing women. I was shocked!

There is such a Top Grade stunner in the world! Still two!

In his eyes, he was light flashed, and he made a decision: "I captured the sisters alive and handed them over to Master Yuan!"

But before he had time to do anything, Liao Qi raised his hand. , A stream of rainbow light shoots out instantly!

Duan Zhigui relied on Innate Realm's Martial Dao intuition to reluctantly move his body, followed by a cold shoulder.

I didn't even see what hurt me, and I lost a hand!

The magical method Bodhisattva waved his hands, and immediately there was a pink mist hiding the sky and covering the earth overwhelmed.

But a stream of rainbow light flashed by in the next second, and there was suddenly a transparent hole the size of a teacup on her forehead!

After a few seconds, he slammed on the ground with a face full of confusion.

At this time, everyone in the field hadn't realized what happened, and two Innates were already dead!

On the contrary, it was Yun Qinglan, the highest Spirit Refinement cultivation base, who could see clearly what Liao Qi was holding-a slender willow-like dagger.

This thing is shining brightly, and it is so fast that Innate Martial Artist can't react to it, but there is no sound. It is by no means a mortal thing.

"The magic weapon!!!"

Yun Qinglan couldn't help but exclaimed, and everyone else in the field realized that the visitor had the magic weapon!

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