I Have A Martial Arts World Chapter 481

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Yun Qinglan bowed down and said respectfully: "many thanks two sisters life-saving grace! Qinglan is grateful! From now on climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of Fire, let me send it!"

Liao Ya didn't like this woman, and said solemnly: "We are here on the order of the Husband to help. Since there is nothing wrong here, let's just leave."

Yun Qinglan quickly said: "Sister wait a minute, there is something to tell you here."

She kicked Duan Zhigui, who was like a dead dog, and said:

"This monk has taken refuge in Yuan Great Grandmaster, and at the same time controls many dark children. Now in my hands, these dark children can also be used by Lu Zhenjun and play a great role."

Joyous Sect is in Many great character houses are equipped with spies, most of which are beautiful female disciples, who listen to news through the wind on their pillows.

There are such spies in Yuan Kaisheng and Liu Kun.

Liao Ya nodded lightly, and his impression of Yun Qinglan changed. This Saintess of Joyous Sect is not only acted coquettishly.

And Yun Qinglan wants to say more than that.

She glanced at Duan Zhigui, who had lost even her speech ability, with a cruel expression on her face:

"In the month, I will take this face to meet Zhenjun Lu, and offer one A great gift to repay the kindness of the true monarch! In detail, please allow Qinglan to sell it~"

Although Liao Ya is a little curious, he did not follow up:

"So, you So we can do it for ourselves, so we left."

"Why are the two sisters so anxious, why don't you let Qinglan do the best of the landlord?"

Yun Qinglan kindly pleased , And tried his best to leave a good impression on the people in the real monarch's room.

Unfortunately, the Liao Family sisters are prejudiced against Joyous Sect and don't want to stay too long. Waved his hand coldly, he was about to step on the Ling Falcon and leave.

Yun Qinglan's heart has changed sharply, and even the magic weapon of the sister Hua must be extremely favored, and ordinary things are simply not eye-catching, then there is only...

This Saintess thought about it, and quickly said: "The two sisters saved me from danger, Qing Lan will have to repay me. There are a lot of'solid pets' in the door, I wonder if the two are interested?"

"A solid pet?" Liao Qi became very interested when he heard the nouns that often appear in this painting book, and his figure suddenly slowed down.

Yun Qinglan lightly said with a smile: "Men in the world always like the new and dislike the old. Our daughter's family has to have some means to tie their minds~"

Seeing that my younger sister has gone In the past, Liao Ya frowned: "Liao Qi! Come back to me!"

"Go and see~" Liao Qi waved his hand casually and followed Yun Qinglan away.

Liao Ya helplessly followed along, and at the same time she is secretly curious.


The three daughters came to an exquisite boudoir, Liao Ya blushed and sipped: "Insane!"

I saw that the house was full of unbearable to look at clothes and jewelry, all trying to highlight the beauty of women.

There are still some appliances that are not good at first sight. A conservative girl like Liao Ya must be unacceptable, and hastily retired.

Liao Qi didn't think there was anything, and looked around enthusiastically, picking up one to play with from time to time.

Yun Qinglan pulled out an exquisite box from the corner, with a look of reluctance on her face. This was originally intended to be used by herself, but at this time, she couldn't care about it in order to make Liao Qi good.

"There are vulgar objects outside, and this box is my personal collection."

When the box is opened, there are many strange things inside.

For example, underwear made of only a few thin silver chains, chest stickers worn by Bodhisattva in the past...etc.

Yun Qinglan didn't care about these things, but took out unusually thin and elastic socks from them, which were all kinds of silk stockings!

"This is DuPont's new product. It is made of a material called nylon and has an exquisite design! It will definitely become popular soon."

Slowly stretch these stockings and say:

"Liao Family's legs and feet are all beautiful, and her buttocks are of various Top Grade. Wearing this one will definitely make Lu Zhenjun love it."

Liao Qi's apricot eyes are shining, and he seems to have seen Lu Yao looking at himself drooling, and he is overjoyed.

She looked towards Yun Qinglan's eyes softened a bit, and praised: "Yes, if you have a heart, I will accept things."

Yun Qinglan will take the whole thing. Push the box over, and show Yan said with a smile: "Sister, although accept it, I will find a better one to send you in the future~"


Liao Holding a box larger than a schoolbag, Qi said goodbye to Yun Qinglan, seated on the back of the falcon and flew into the sky.

Liao Ya looked at the box and reached out to touch it: "What's inside? Let me see."

Liao Qi didn’t stop him, and handed it to her generously. Just a reminder: "This was given to me by someone, you can only look at it."

"It's all nasty things, who is rare." Liao Ya took a mouthful of disdain, but again Open the box curiously.

Looking at the dazzling array inside, she blushed a little until she found something familiar-Liuli chest stickers!

During the sudden enlightenment, the self in another timeline carried this thing, barely covering two points, and two tassels hanging down, extremely glamorous and slutty.

Liao Ya was a little silly for a while...

And at this moment, Lu Yao contacted Liao Qi through a magic weapon to let them go home.

Looking at the younger sister's attention to taking seriously people, Liao Ya quietly hid this chest sticker...

There are a lot of things in the box, but little This one is not noticeable at all.


At the same time, it is not only Lu Yao's women who are attacking.

Wudang Sect made a big move and pointed directly at Mount Li Sect!

This Sect is very interesting. It is one of the two great Court Eunuchs under the Queen Mother-Andehai's one-handed support and control.

It was originally used to survey the Tomb of the First Emperor. After the death of the Queen Mother, An Dehai hid here incognito.

No one noticed, but he had a grudge and didn't respond to Lu Yao's call. Under Wudang Sect's investigation, he actually found a clue!

It just so happened that Zhang Yunshu needed a certificate, so he led the elite to kill him!

Needless to say, the two factions fought on the spot.

But Wudang Sect's style is completely different from Jianghu Sect's style, completely messed up!

I saw the Eldest Senior Brother, one of Wudang's seven sons, manipulating mecha, walking heavy steps to the forefront, as long as I see something that can move, I immediately control the revolver to hit it!

Behind them are several Junior Brothers wearing Battle Armor. Their .50 machine guns are equally deadly.

The Mount Li Sect resident gunshots blasted into the sky, the fire was blazing, and the air was full of lines of fire left by high-temperature warheads.

Countless dísciples have been beaten into snow and fog, and they are not opponents at all.

Zhang Yunshu is very satisfied, so that his casualties are negligible.

He waved his hand: "Let's get on!"

Behind him, the Exchanging Blood Realm Elder driving another mecha immediately dispatched to give Mount Li Sect the final blow.

Under the revolver gun fire, Mount Li Sect dísciple turned into dust one after another, and the Sect buildings instantly turned into honeycombs, and collapsed one by one.

The Great Court Eunuch Anderhai couldn't hide it anymore and shouted: "bully intolerably!"

Then rushed over to this mecha! I want to dismantle it with bare hands.

But Zhang Yunshu was waiting for this person without moving himself. He waved his hand calmly, and a square seal whistled out, which was the "Xuanyue Seal of Governing the World."

An Dehai turned around in midair, letting this side seal fly past his ears in vain, and his speed increased instead of decreasing!

"Good movement method!"

Zhang Yun didn't change his written color, but praised him instead.

An Dehai secretly said that it’s not good, but it’s too late. There are dozens of flying needles that are thinner than cow's hair and have surrounded him. It is the "Nirvana Returning Needle" given by Lu Yao. .

At this time, the movement method is useless no matter how good, he screamed in despair, and the flying needles penetrated his body one after another.

The whole person is instantly dry and corrupt, turning into fly ash!

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