I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 455


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The transformation plan proposed by Chen Chen was eventually named the “Robocop” plan.

In the afternoon of 2nd day, Chen Chen walked out of Zulama’s ministerial office, got into the car with a contented expression, and quickly left.

At this time, on the balcony on the third floor of the Ministry of Resources Building, Zurama looked at Chen Chen’s back with a complicated face, speechless for a while.

“The climate has come, and the whole of Namibia, he has the final say…”

Looking at the car slowly moving away, Zurama was deep in one’s heart at this time. Suddenly, he thought: If the businessman’s car suddenly exploded at this time, would it be better for the Namibian government?

Although black light technology will be messed up and cause huge economic losses, Namibia can also take the opportunity to receive a large amount of wealth and technology. This wealth is even enough to make Namibia surpass the rainbow country and reach the status of African hegemony…

But in the next second, Zurama completely dismissed the idea.

Because he knows that once Chen Chen dies, in addition to the above-mentioned situation, there is another situation that is more likely, that is, the Central Continent and North America will instantly take action to snatch Chen Chen’s legacy assets, when the time comes packs of wolves ring-fed. Unless Namibia is willing to fight against these huge monsters, it can only reluctantly return these technologies to the Central Continent.

Otherwise, whoever becomes president will die miserably…

even more how, if Chen Chen dies, who will support his campaign? Who can sit on the throne of Namibia’s president?

So, this idea just flashed through Zulama’s mind, and then disappeared again.

At this time, Zurama’s heart is extremely complicated. On the one hand, he hopes that his country can be self-reliant and independent, on the other hand, he hopes that he can stand on the top of power in Namibia, and these two options are incompatible…

Thinking of this, Zurama could only close his eyes in pain, while taking a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he took out his cell phone and tried to check his bank account opened in Switzerland.

Just now, under the name of this account, there has been an extra 30,000,000 USD quietly…

Seeing such a thrilling number, Zurama’s eyes did not fluctuate. These money no longer made much sense to him. Perhaps a few years ago, this huge number would allow him to be wild with joy, but now, it can only attract him slightly.

Immediately, Zurama closed the account, cleared all usage records, and finally turned off the computer.


While Zurama was rushing around for Chen Chen’s “Person Reforming Act”, Qian Wenhuan had already started casting roles.

At this time, Qian Wenhuan sat at the conference table boredly, watching his team continue to bring in a thick stack of documents from the police station. These documents have been piled up on the conference table by half a person, but still New materials have been continuously moved in.

“Mr. Qian, these all are information about the currently injured and disabled police officers in Namibia. Since 2000, they have all been here.”

An assistant came over silently and reminded in a low voice, “There are 320 copies in total.”

“Very good.”

Qian Wenhuan patted his hand, and suddenly everyone subconsciously lifts the head and looked towards this side.

“Everyone, I hope to be able to find out all the regulations that meet the options in the Robocop Plan according to the requirements of the plan.”

Qian Wenhuan reminded, “Because it is the primary election, the conditions can be relaxed. After the number of qualified people is finally determined, we can proceed to the next step of screening based on the number of targets.”

“Yes, I understand…”

Everyone replied scattered, and then picked up the stack of documents one by one, opened the envelopes and looked at them.

The same is true for Qian Wenhuan. He didn’t give this task completely to the following. Instead, he screened together with everyone to find qualified personnel targets.

In fact, those ages are a bit old, and they are basically in a state of giving up. First, it has been 25 years since 2000. The police officers who were injured and disabled at that time were at least 50 years old, regardless of their ability to respond The reaction ability has dropped greatly, and coupled with years of disability, even if people can still move, they also lose the ability to continue handling cases.

Therefore, what Qian Wenhuan focuses on looking for are those police officers who have been injured and disabled in recent years.

Only in this way, the conditions are a bit too harsh.

For the next hour, Qian Wenhuan read more than a dozen copies in a row, but none was satisfied. Either the other party was too old, or the other party was not disabled enough, but lacked arms and legs. Rarely, general paralysis occurs.

However, after another thought, Qian Wenhuan was relieved. After all, Namibia’s national strength is inherently weak, and neither medical treatment nor other conditions are guaranteed. The people are even more impoverished. Once there is a major casualty accident, those people are basically Can’t save.

Even if they are saved, they will starve to death due to poverty and loss of self-care ability.

Thinking of this, Qian Wenhuan is frowned and continues to look for it.

Finally, an ID photo on the profile made him shine.

It was a white race, wearing the uniform of a Level 1 Superintendent. His name was Brook Humphrey, a native who moved over when the Germans colonized.

He has brown hair and black eyes, not the blond and blue eyes unique to Caucasians, but his cheeks are as three-dimensional as Caucasians, with a high nose, deep eye sockets, and sharp like falcons. Eyes, and thin, sharp lips.

This Brooke almost grew up with a righteous and awe-inspiring face. Although a bit rough, it was surprisingly pleasing to the eye.

Immediately, Qian Wenhuan continued to look down.

Brook is only 32 years old this year, and just two years ago, when he was 30 years old, he was unfortunately hit by a stray bullet in his spine during a conflict to arrest criminals.

At that time, the situation was not at all so bad that he was paralyzed, but when he was sent to the hospital, the doctor made a major mistake during the operation, which eventually caused him to be completely paralyzed from the neck down.

“Yes…young, good-looking, well-informed, and the injury is in line with the publicity plan, now only the two requirements of family and character are left.”

Seeing this, Qian Wenhuan suddenly became a little enraged. He took out a marker, marked the selected signal in this document, and then collected all the documents again.

Qian Wenhuan’s only concern is that two years have passed and he does not know whether this person is still alive.

Next, Qian Wenhuan found a more suitable document from it, but unlike before, this was a black man.

Actually, this black police detective named Bray Morton is only 25 years old, and his appearance is ordinary. Although the appearance requirements are a little bit worse, the opponent has a racial advantage. This cannot be ignored.

His experience was even more frightening, because he was caught in an ambush by a D dealer when he was arbitrarily following the D product case. He was directly cut off his limbs and turned into a stick, but finally survived tenaciously.

And all this is less than a year ago.

Seeing this, Qian Wenhuan hardly hesitated, and directly included this document on the candidate list, even with a higher priority than Brooke before.

Next, Qian Wenhuan sat quietly for more than half an hour, until he read all the 40-50 pieces of information in front of him, and did not find one that met the requirements, either because the other party was old or injured. Not heavy enough to make a fuss about these aspects.

Stretched, Qian Wenhuan lifts the head, threw the two materials into the center of the conference table, and said, “I have selected two, you speed up, and after the election, select all The goal of sending me to my office.”

Speaking, he turned and left the Conference Hall.

Next, Qian Wenhuan returned to the office and corrected several documents. It was not until the end of the morning that the secretary walked in with just seven or eight documents.

“Mr. Qian, the materials selected this time are all here, please have a look.”

Qian Wenhuan nodded, asked the other party to put these materials on the desk, and then took a copy and opened it up.

This time is going to be much faster. After only ten minutes, he will read the seven materials selected by the crowd one after another.

Then, Qian Wenhuan hesitated for a while, and finally kicked out the information of the two police officers who were the oldest among them. The two police officers were over 40 years old. Although they were just entering middle age, Still passed by Qian Wenhuan.

Next, he removed a more abstract police officer, and a police officer who was only paralyzed in the lower body, but whose arms were still usable.

In the end, in addition to the two materials he selected before, only one met the requirements.

That was a man named Hodge. He was different from the previous two because he was chasing the culprit’s vehicle. The collision caused the vehicle to roll over, which eventually caused a fire and caused severe burns to his whole body.

This man named Hodge has lost all the skin of his body. At the same time, his hands and feet have been burned to charcoal, completely losing his physiological significance, and even his five senses have been completely burned.

Even, the burned part also included his trachea and lungs. Now he can only live in the intensive care unit and hang him forcibly.

Looking at the date when the incident happened, it turned out to be only half a month ago. Seeing this, Qian Wenhuan couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up directly “Pa” and said to the secretary, “Go to inform The company’s office in Windhoek asked him to immediately go to Windhoek General Hospital to find a patient named Hodge and tell the hospital that no matter how much money it spends, he must save the life of this patient.”

Then Qian Wenhuan thought for a while and added, “By the way, I will inform the transportation department of the company that I need a private helicopter for a trip to Windhoek.”


The secretary understood immediately, and he quickly walked out of the office.

Looking at 30% of the information in his hand, Qian Wenhuan was caught in a dilemma. He wanted to choose Hodge directly, but the other two were also very qualified, so he thought about it, and simply put all three pieces of information. Take it, then get into the elevator, moved towards the top floor.

When the people who were familiar with the road arrived at the top floor, Qian Wenhuan saw Chen Chen sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows opposite the elevator because the entire top floor was an office.

“Old money, you are here.”

Chen Chen didn’t seem to be surprised by Qian Wenhuan’s arrival. He just stared at the desktop extremely seriously, as if looking at something that ordinary people couldn’t see.

Seeing that Chen Chen maintained a posture from beginning to end, Qian Wenhuan couldn’t help being a little strange. He moved towards Chen Chen’s table, but he was even more dumbfounded, because the position on the table where Chen Chen was staring was nothing. nothing.

“Boss, what are you doing?”

Qian Wenhuan said in amazement.

“I’m looking at the micro world.”

Chen Chen not at all raised his head, but replied peacefully, “There is a planet in front of me, and there are a group of strange-looking aborigines on the planet, but the lifespan of these aborigines is extremely short.”

“Also, because I am too big, they cannot see my existence, but I can look down at them and observe their lives silently…”

Qian Wenhuan opened his mouth again, but said nothing. He didn’t quite understand what Chen Chen meant.

“If you speak human words, it means that I am observing the dust in front of me and a group of bacteria on the dust.”

Until this time, Chen Chen lifted the head. A smile was raised from the corner of his mouth and said, “Old money, do you think there is an observer on our planet? The reason why we can’t find He, maybe it’s not that he is hiding, but we don’t even have the power to discover him…”

“But isn’t it God?”

Qian Wenhuan is frowned. At this time, he was deeply influenced by the doctrine of God’s Forbidden Zone, and had a completely negative attitude towards the existence of God.

“No, of course not God.”

Chen Chen shook the head, “According to the Bible, God created this world, but the observer only observes. He is not responsible for’creating’, but it often represents’destruction’.”

Speaking at the end, Chen Chen suddenly stretched out a finger, pressed it lightly on the desk in front of him, and then wiped it back hard…

When Chen Chen raised his finger again, a thin black mark had appeared on the desk in front of him.

The dust was crushed by Chen Chen.

Seeing this scene, Qian Wenhuan’s expression moved slightly. Although he understood the meaning of Chen Chen’s words, he did not understand Chen Chen’s actions.

even more how, can human beings really see microbes like bacteria with naked eye?

Obviously, Chen Chen seemed to just talk casually. He didn’t explain anything, but instead asked, “Has the candidate been decided?”

“Not yet, there are currently three options. I am a little hard to choose, so I specially come to ask you the Boss.”

Qian Wenhuan shook the head and took out all 30% of the information and placed it in front of Chen Chen.

Immediately, he saw Chen Chen flipping through pages at a rate of two seconds per page. It only took less than 3 minutes to read all the information.

It’s just that this scene is accustomed to Qian Wenhuan, because every time he provides information to Chen Chen, the other party reads it so quickly. Not only can he finish it, but also the content on it. Is never forgetting.

At this time, Chen Chen threw the three documents back on the table. He thought for a while and then said, “These three are all in good conditions. In this case, why don’t we let them form a combination?” p>

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