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With Chen Chen’s approval, the helicopter was ready. Qian Wenhuan went directly to the top floor, got on the plane, and immediately flew to Windhoek.

More than an hour later, Qian Wenhuan saw the police officer Hodge, who was now living in the intensive care unit and was burned to the shape of a human.

Behind the glass, Qian Wenhuan, accompanied by the hospital dean, silently looked at the brightly lit intensive care unit, where there was only one person who was wrapped in a mummy.

Because of the burnt hands and feet, the man’s arms and legs have been amputated. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t even be able to see that the person on the bed is alone.

“Mr. Qian, this patient is Hodge.”

At this time, the dean of Windhoek Hospital was accompanied by Qian Wenhuan and exclaimed, “He has been here half a month, and he is struggling with death almost every day. To be honest, he can live Up to now, it has been a miracle.”

“Is there no hope of cure on your side?”

Qian Wenhuan looked into the glass window with a calm expression.

“No, the patient’s wound has started to deteriorate a few days ago.”

The dean shook the head, “His external defense system has completely collapsed, the trachea is damaged, the lungs are damaged, and the internal defense system has begun to be on the verge of collapse. It is basically the matter of these two days. Anyone can pull him back from the death line.”

Qian Wenhuan glanced at the other person, but the dean was feigning ignorance, only chuckled, “What do you plan to do, Mr. Qian?”

“I would like to meet Hodge’s family, please recommend Mr. Dean.”

Qian Wenhuan said solemnly.


The dean hesitated for a while and showed an awkward look, “My side may not be very good. After all, this is the privacy of patients. As a company, if you…”

Before finishing speaking, Qian Wenhuan looked towards the secretary behind him, the secretary nodded, took out his mobile phone and dialed a call, and then said, “Mr. Qian, Hodge’s father is on his way to the hospital now. minutes arrived.”

“Go, let’s go to see him on the first floor.”

Qian Wenhuan turned around and left, leaving only the dean with expression gloomy and uncertain and a group of doctors standing outside the intensive care unit.

“The hospital, the dean?”

A doctor stammered.

“Let’s go down too!”

The dean coldly snorted, following Qian Wenhuan, moved towards the first floor.

There are only 4-Layer buildings in the hospital. The ward as the ICU is located on the top floor, and it only took two to three minutes to walk down from the fourth floor.

Soon, Qian Wenhuan saw this Hodge’s father at the gate.

Hodge is only two 14 years old. He is younger than the previous two eligible targets. Fortunately, he is the son of a wealthy white businessman in Windhoek.

If he was just the son of an ordinary Namibian citizen, I am afraid that he could not afford to live in the intensive care unit, and he would have been buried at this time.

According to the information, although Hodge’s father was a wealthy businessman, he was actually only slightly richer than ordinary people. This half a month’s intensive care unit treatment almost made him unable to support.

However, when learning about the arrival of black light technology and willing to treat his son for free, the white wealthy businessman finally showed a relieved expression despite his doubts.

“Mr. William, our black light technology already knows about your son’s situation. If you agree, we can transfer him to the Life Science City to treat your son with all his strength, and even install the most advanced equipment on the market. His bionic prosthesis allowed him to return to the police post.”

The secretary next to Qian Wenhuan took out a drafted contract and handed it to the other party. The contract contains more than fifty pages, and there are over 1,000 regulations.

Looking at the contract in his hand, the white rich businessman seemed to understand something, he looked serious, “Just tell me, what is your purpose, and what do you need us to do?”

“We are currently developing some new bionic technologies that require people to try them on. Such people cannot be normal people, but disabled.”

Qian Wenhuan did not speak, and Secretary Side said directly, “This is our purpose, and what you have to do is actually very simple, that is to move to live in the Life Sciences City, but in order to make up for your loss, we will treat you Subsidies for the relocation of people, we can also take care of them in business.”

“I…I need to think about it.”

The wealthy businessman opened his mouth, seeming to be a little excited, but still hesitant, “I need to find a lawyer to help me see this contract.”

“There is no time for Mr. William!”

The secretary suddenly increased the volume, righteously speaking, “Hodge has shown signs of infection in the wound now, do you know how long your son can last? He may not last for a day, you hesitate so much , Do you think that our company still has any conspiracy?”

“Then… alright.”

The wealthy businessman felt nervous, so he had to agree, and at the same time gritted his teeth and directly signed his name on the position of “Party B”.

At this moment, everyone from the hospital also arrived in front of Qian Wenhuan. Hearing Qian Wenhuan’s secretary’s persuasion, the director said with a gloomy expression, “Mr. Qian, I’m afraid it’s not possible, because Mr. Hodge Can’t bear the impact of the transfer, do you think Hodge’s injury can withstand four or five hours of bumps?”

“There is no need to worry about Mr. Dean at this point. Our Life Science City eliminated ambulances as early as six months ago, and now we have been using medical helicopters.”

Qian Wenhuan said lightly, and then took the contract handed back by the rich businessman, and left the hospital with the secretary and bodyguard without looking back.

“President Qian, the dean dares to stop us, do you need me to send someone to teach him?”

As soon as he left the house, the secretary lowered his voice and asked.

“No need.”

Qian Wenhuan shook the head, “This kind of people who are hostile to us is very common in Namibia. After all, we have seized a lot of resources and markets in Namibia. The locals naturally don’t have a good face for us.”

“Then let’s forget it?”

The secretary nodded, relax.

“Forget it, call the Minister of Health and let him find a reason to remove the director of this hospital.”

Qian Wenhuan waved his hand, calmly said.

Secretary: “…”

A notice was given to Life Science City to send a medical helicopter to pick up the people, and Qian Wenhuan’s entire group found the second target family.

This is a low-rise bungalow on the outskirts of Windhoek.

Although it is the capital, the suburbs of Windhoek are mostly bungalows built of stones. Although they are not as prosperous as the urban area, they are at least inferior to those in the slums.

However, compared to the other bungalows along the way, this bungalow is undoubtedly more desolate. Most of the red paint on the door has fallen off, exposing the bare door panels, and the doorway is even more messy. Obviously, life is unsatisfactory. .

Without waiting for Qian Wenhuan to get out of the car, the bodyguard who had been following walked down and knocked on the door of this house.

About half a minute later, when the bodyguard was a little impatient and thought there was no one in the room, he finally heard a footstep from far and near, and then the wooden door opened with a creak. Xi’s black woman appeared inside the door, and behind her, there were two four or five-year-old mulatto children.

The two children poked their heads out behind the mother, looking at Qian Wenhuan and the crowd with some curiosity and fear.

“Let’s find Mr. Brook.”

The secretary opened the mouth and said for Qian Wenhuan, “Don’t you know he is at home?”

“Please come in…”

The woman was stunned, then she walked away and let everyone in.

As soon as they entered the room, Qian Wenhuan and the secretary coincided with each other as frowned, because there was a pungent stench in the room, as if it was not a private house, but a public toilet.

And it’s the kind of dry toilet.

Followed the woman to the innermost room. Finally, Qian Wenhuan and the others saw the goal of his trip, a plump, sloppy man.

The color of the bedding under the man’s body has long been indistinct, and he was lying on the bed like a mountain of meat lying there, completely lacking the hard lines and sharp eyes in the materials, and some were just dead. numbness.

What’s even more frightening is that although the man’s face and body are extremely plump, his limbs are atrophied like bones. At first glance, it looks like four toothpicks are stuck in a mass of flesh… …

Smelling the disgusting smell coming from the man, the secretary resisted the discomfort, opened the mouth and said, “Mr. Brooke, are we? We are from black light technology, this is our general manager Qian Wen Mr. Huan…”

The secretary waited for a while, but the man in front of him still did not respond. He had to continue, “We want to sign a contract with you. If you agree, we can make a reform for you…”

Until this moment, the man still did not move, even his eyes did not move.

“He was like this a long time ago.”

Just when the secretary was not knowing what to do, the voice of the black woman suddenly came from behind a few people. Her voice was calm, as if talking about a stranger, “I tried it, no matter what happens outside What happened, he didn’t have any response, he was dead, mentally dead.”

Qian Wenhuan glanced at the woman, then stepped forward and squatted directly beside the man’s bed, “Mr. Brook, I know you can hear our words, so we won’t say more nonsense. , If I say, can we make you stand up again?”

However, even so, the man still did not move. If it weren’t for the other person to open his eyes and see the chest rise and fall, everyone would think that the other person was just a corpse.

Seeing that the man still did not move, Qian Wenhuan finally shook the head and prepared to turn around and leave.

However, when he turned around, a hoarse voice suddenly came from behind him, “Is it true what you said?”

“Of course it is true, Mr. Brooke.”

Qian Wenhuan turned around and showed a meaningful smile, “But the only requirement is that you need to sacrifice something.”

“I have nothing to give up.”

Brook slowly lifts the head, as if something is trembling in the gray pupils, “As long as I can stand up, I can give everything for it…”

A few minutes later, Qian Wenhuan and the others walked out of the room, because Brooke easily signed the contract.

Two of the three goals have been achieved, and then there is only one goal left.

However, the remaining target is not in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, but in a small village farther away.

So Qian Wenhuan took the helicopter again and moved towards Neham Village, a hundred kilometers away.

This time, it took several people two hours to find the black detective named Bray.

As a native of Namibia, this man named Bray has completely lost his mobility after being chopped off by the trafficker D. However, he did not at all sink and give up like the Brooke before, but found a new one. Work-weaving straw ropes and fishing nets.

With his flexible mouth, Bray can sit at the table all afternoon and weave a few meters of straw rope, of course, provided that someone can put the raw material of the straw rope in front of him.

With this job, he lives with his parents and has a job that can make a living.

“You guys are who, was the police sent me to solve my physical problems?”

“Oh, please, how many times have I said that the police station please send me a woman, if it’s a white younger sister, it’s best, even if there’s no white younger sister, black aunts are fine, but they do Send me a group of big guys?”

“Damn, don’t I have to keep my chrysanthemums? The dealer who chopped off my limbs let go of my cows, but you guys want to fuck my chrysanthemums?”

Looking at the black man sitting on the stone bench with a row of straw ropes in front of him, Qian Wenhuan’s secretary couldn’t help being a little surprised.

He didn’t expect the other party’s status. If he wanted to survive in a poor country like Namibia without his limbs, he would definitely need to support himself in addition to having a certain family property at home, but he didn’t expect it. The other party was so optimistic.

Although it is full of swear words, everyone can tell that the man in front of him is not at all.

“I, I am…”

Waiting until the black man in front of him talked about rap with his racial talent, the secretary came forward. When he was just giving the words to the organization, Qian Wenhuan patted his shoulder and said directly, “Mr. Bray, we It’s black light technology, not from the police station.”

“So this is the case? No wonder it’s not a group of niggers.”

The black man showed his white teeth, said with a laugh, “So, what is the purpose of your oriental guys here? Isn’t it because I am a tourist attraction? The stinky guy next door does have this He discussed this with me. The ticket to visit me is ten dollars for one visit, and one time for a photo with me is twenty dollars, but I think it shouldn’t be boring for tourists to watch a street full of black people. The ghost is right.”

“We do have other purposes.”

Qian Wenhuan laughed, did not respond to the other party’s mouthful and just said, “Listening to your conversation, it seems that you are deeply affected by the American Shadow Transformation. Then I think you should have watched a Hollywood movie. The name of the movie is “Robocop”……”

“No, I haven’t watched it. It sounds a bit like a superhero movie.”

Bray shook the head blankly, “I have only seen one superhero movie, called “Black Panther”.”


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