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2nd day, when Chen Chen got up from Medpod3000, he had already received news that three people had been transported back.

Not only the three targets, but their families will also relocate to Life Science City within this week. Qian Wenhuan has arranged three suites for the three in a community in the city center.

Seeing this, Chen Chen left the Minaret Laboratory directly after washing himself and returned to the Biological Research Center.

The Biological Research Center also has its own independent ward, and it is far more advanced than the Life Sciences City Central Hospital. At this time, in a ward in the laboratory building, Chen Chen thoroughly saw the police officer named Hodge.

At this time, Hodge has been stuffed into a life incubation chamber, and it is also filled with amniotic fluid. Hodge is suspended in the center of the incubation chamber, with the mouth and nose connected to the whole body. A large number of pipes are like a baby that has not yet been born.

And the all around of the life incubator has been surrounded by seven or eight expert surgeons.

“Mr. Chen!”



When Chen Chen arrived, the group greeted Chen Chen immediately.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

Chen Chen nodded responded and said, “The purpose of inviting you to come this time is actually very simple. It is to do everything possible to save the life of this police officer. I think it should not be difficult for you.”

“It is not difficult to just maintain his life. The difficult thing is that he can abandon the life-sustaining device and survive.”

A middle-aged man of a ruddy complexion said, “At present, his burns are too serious. Anyone who experiences this kind of injury will die on the spot. But not only did he not die, but he was in the regular ICU ward. It’s been a miracle for half a month…”

“It shows that the patient has a strong Willpower and desire to survive.”

Someone next to him was nodded and admitted, “But this is also related to his strong enough physical fitness. I can hardly believe that his immunity is still working and has not been defeated by infected bacteria…”

“Now we have disinfected his whole body and stuffed it in a sterile solution to cut off the channels for bacterial reproduction. Now his fortunes are saved.”

The middle-aged man continued to speak, “And now the 1st step we are going to do is to replace the lungs. 60% of the patients’ lungs have failed. We’d better go international and buy a DNA that fits him. Transplant their lungs.”

“This is not needed.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen replied immediately, “The Xingtian Project Department has developed mature bionic organs, including bionic stomachs, bionic hearts, bionic lungs, etc. which can replace digestive organs, which can be used on Hodge first. Soon the people from the Xingtian Project Department will come over to connect with you.”

“Thank God…”

“This is really exciting news…”

Many doctors immediately shined. Chen Chen’s news is very exciting, because the emergence of this technology means that in the future, it is very likely that some patients will no longer need to wait for an organ donor.

After all, these people are only contract workers of black light technology. Although they are all internationally renowned professor-level doctors, they are not members of God’s Forbidden Zone, so they would not know that there were corresponding bionic organs as early as the Xingtian Project was released. , But Chen Chen felt it was too advanced, so he cut it off.

However, it has been a year since the launch of the Xingtian Project. Now black light technology has successfully promoted to a legal arms dealer. In this case, some technologies that need to be hidden can be released without worrying. Coveted by various countries.

Because all continents and countries have regarded black light technology as a similar existence, rather than a piece of fat that everyone can fight for.

“Apart from this, we also need to use his DNA to cultivate the skin and graft him, otherwise he will not be able to leave the incubator.”

At this moment, someone on the side suddenly added, “It will take about two to three months for the two sets to come down. When the time comes, it is the work of the bionic prosthetic design department.”

Chen Chen hearing this nodded, two to three months are still within the time frame he can bear. Seeing this, he found a reason at random and turned and left.

In fact, if you use Medpod3000, it can indeed heal Hodge’s injury within a few minutes. Although the removed limbs will not grow back, they can at least leave the gates of hell instantly.

But if this is the case, his healing process will become a mystery. In the future, Hodge may be the world-famous Interpol, exposed to thousands of spotlights, and every trace of his mystery will be explored. Chen Chen is naturally unwilling to leave a handle now.

So Chen Chen has long decided to use traditional methods to treat Hodge, and his treatment process will be recorded every day, which will become evidence of his fight against the disease, and will be thrown out when Hodge becomes a Robocop in the future. , Naturally can circle a large wave of fans.

Next, Chen Chen came to the next door again and met two other targets-Brook and Bray.

Brook is spinal paralyzed and has not been maintained and maintained for many years. The nerves in his limbs have been completely atrophied and necrotic. Even if the God chip is installed, he cannot control his necrotic limbs to make him stand up again.

Not only that, he is also accompanied by various complications such as liver cirrhosis, hydronephrosis, diabetes, and so on. So the first operation he came to Life Sciences City was to remove his necrotic limbs and hollow him out The liver on the abdomen and the kidney on one side, plus a liposuction operation.

And the best situation is mine.

Because Bray relied on his flexible mouth and tongue to weave straw ropes all the year round, his mouth was extremely flexible. He even boasted that he could bend down and bite himself, but because of this he suffered a serious cervical spondylosis and needed a corrective operation. .

At this time, both of them were wearing hospital gowns and sitting in wheelchairs, and in front of them was an attending doctor in charge of the matter. Several people not at all noticed the arrival of Chen Chen, but only heard the doctor say:

“Mr. Brook, in the next operation, we will amputate your limbs and also need to remove your kidneys, because they have lost their function in recent years.”

The doctor showed a regretful look, “But please rest assured, we naturally have an alternative method. After the new organ is replaced, your body will be healthier than before. Then use our bionic prosthesis and we will let you I stood up successfully.”

However, no matter what the doctor said, the man named Brooke just collapsed in the wheelchair and did not move at all.

But at this time the doctor also knew that Brooke had heard clearly, but he was just unwilling to respond. This is a type of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a huge blow.

But Bray next to him couldn’t sit still anymore. He glanced at the fat Brook with harboring malicious intentions, and then sighed, “Man, you’re depraved with such a blow? You are a thinker. What are you meditating on? Are you praying silently in the heart like a little girl?”

Speaking, Bray followed the woman’s expression of pity, and at the same time said in a high-pitched voice, “God come and save me, save me, I’m trapped under this skin and can’t move, who Come and help me, I want to stand up, I want to run~ Run, bitch, run~”


The attending doctor showed an awkward expression, “Mr. Bray, your body is very healthy, the only thing is that you have a cervical spondylosis. We only need to perform an operation on you to correct it.”

“These operations are free, right?”

Bray lifted up and asked quickly, “After all, I don’t have money to pay back. If I have to pay back, I think I can become a toy for those rich women. Have you ever heard of humanoids? I’m ready. Yes! And I’m very hard. The gay guys in our village call me Granite Brother…”

“Enough is enough, enough…”

The doctor raised his hand, made a pause gesture, and pressed his inner anger, “Stop! Mr. Bray, I, our black light technology will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a set of panther armor for you. , As a result, you now want to be a ***? Would you please respect our profession?”

“Please buddy, don’t you want to try it?”

Bray is not ashamed but proud. He was just about to say something, but he saw Chen Chen side by side somehow, “It’s another Oriental guy, hey buddy, you think what I said makes sense Right?”

“It makes sense, so what name do you plan to name your armor?”

Chen Chen stepped forward, said without thinking, “Granite or Panther?”


Bray was dumbfounded, and was caught in a dilemma.

“Mr. Chen!”

The attending doctor greeted immediately, “Why are you here?”

“I just take a look, you don’t care about me.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and sounded aside.

Next, the attending doctor explained a series of matters needing attention to the two. Brook was still as dead as a dead man. Even if Bray on the side didn’t respond anyhow, Bray kept talking. The yellow joke caused the attending doctor to furious.

Seeing this, Chen Chen also didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, because he understood that this Bray psychology also has a big psychological problem, just concealing that’s all under the cheerful appearance, and that picture will always stop The mouth that does not come down is the best proof.

It’s just that Chen Chen can help them treat their physical injuries, but they can only rely on them for psychological injuries.

In the end, more than an hour passed before the attending doctor asked the nurse to push them down.

Leaving the experimental building, Chen Chen just walked out the door and saw the silhouette of Xiao X.

At this time, Xiao X was wearing a new white dress, squatting on the lawn outside the door, holding his chin with both hands, obediently waiting for Chen Chen to come out.

Chen Chen has become accustomed to the fact that Xiao X uses this body to run around. Not only he, but even the black light technology is also aware that there is a 15-16 years old girl around Chen Chen. And the authority is extremely high, able to get in and out of any place.

As for the real identity of this little girl, no one knows it. Even Qian Wenhuan, who has the highest authority in the Life Sciences City, doesn’t know, only that she is a younger sister recognized by Chen Chen and she is also a A knowledgeable scientific research genius.

When Chen Chen appeared, Xiao X immediately smiled with joy, and ran to Chen Chen in three or two steps, turning around like a butterfly, “Godfather, do you look good in my new clothes?”

Chen Chen took a casual look and said perfunctorily, “It’s okay, it looks no different from before.”


Xiao X suddenly became a little frustrated, and then said, “My Godfather, I have simulated the results of the surgery. I think Brook and Hodge need a more thorough remodeling operation, which can not only shorten the time, but also make Hodge now Get rid of the risk of death.”

Chen Chen immediately refreshed, nodded and said, “Talk about it.”

“Didn’t Hodge burn his whole body? Not only did he lose his skin, but even his muscles were burned out, so I think his body is no longer necessary to save.”

Xiao X tilted his head and said, “We can amputate Hodge’s neck all the way down, which saves time for him to recover completely. Anyway, with our current technology, even a single head can sustain life. “

“Brook and Bray are the same. They will have the strongest battle strength only when all the organs in their bodies are replaced with artificial ones and only one brain is retained…”

“This is indeed the best choice.”

Chen Chen laughed, and immediately explained, “But we have to consider more than these, apart from this, we also have to consider a very important thing-humanity.”

“Don’t forget, we will need them to stand under the spotlight of the whole world in the future. When the time comes, everything about them will be revealed. If someone broke his case, when the time comes the whole world Don’t you all know that we have cut off his body parts privately for profit?”

“This is to give someone a handle.”

Speaking of Chen Chen shook the head, half-open play said with a smile, “So we try not to setback on these issues, and don’t forget how the company’s bosses always die in the movie “Robocop” Yes, I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.”


Little Xshrugged, pouting, replied, “Then just follow the doctor’s plan, but it will cost more money, and you will also need to design their unique armor. This will cost It’s even bigger.”

“It doesn’t matter, just let it go.”

Chen Chen encouraged, “Don’t forget, what we need now is long-term investment. This is a very abstract thing, but you should understand that just like your prophet system, human vision for the future belongs to A kind of prophet system, but without your precision that’s all.”


Following the conversation between the two, Chen Chen and Xiao X returned to the black light technology headquarters building.

Next, there is a long wait, waiting for the three people to be transformed, and then reappear in front of everyone.

Although the three were transformed by black light technology and signed a large number of agreements with black light technology, but for the sake of justice, the identity of the three is still the police of Namibia and is not affiliated with black light technology.

Because black light technology is only a private enterprise, not at all local law enforcement powers, these only have the police.

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