I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 458


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This is a three-story bungalow located in the Windhoek villa area.

The towering European-style buildings, the grassy courtyard, and the iron fence with gold rim in front of the door all tell the great value of the owner of this bungalow.

In Namibia, this room undoubtedly represents the identity of the master.

At this moment, Hodge is looking at everything in front of him in confusion. This is his home.

He doesn’t remember when he came to the door, nor why he stood here. In his memory, he seemed to be hit by a vehicle while driving after several murderers. Right.

Then, there was a whirl of heaven and earth…

Hodge subconsciously took a deep breath, but suddenly he smelled a pungent scorching smell, something seemed to be burnt, but when he looked around, he found that there was nothing.

There is no fire, nothing burned.

Am I rescued?

Hodge looked at all this in confusion. He didn’t remember when he appeared here, or even how long he stood in front of his door. It seemed that he had just arrived home, and it seemed that he had been standing for a long time. …

Just when Hodge was a little weird, he saw his door slowly opening through the iron fences outside. A stern middle-aged man appeared behind the door and he looked at Hodge In his eyes, there is expectation and disappointment.


Hodge hurriedly beckoned to the other party, then directly opened the fence door and walked quickly into his home.

“Father, I’m back!”

Hodge loudly said, but he was taken aback before he finished speaking, because he discovered that his father had disappeared at the door for some time. Not only that, all his relatives were gathered at home, a piece of in a The frenzy atmosphere is like having a party.

“Jenny, is it a holiday today?”

Hodge asked a babysitter next to him, but the other party didn’t even look at him, and walked directly by him. Hodge yelled, but the other party still ignored him.


Hodge spread out his hands and made a helpless move, but then he saw his mother and grandmother clustered together, walking towards this side.

“Hey! Mother, what happened at home?”

Horch showed joy on his face, as if he moved towards his mother and asked like a child, but the next second, he watched the two pass by him.

What surprised him even more is that not only his mother, but even the grandmother who loves him most, it seems that he does not exist.

The joy on Hodge’s face suddenly solidified, and he gradually realized something was wrong.

I don’t know when, the room was faintly filled with smoke, with a pungent burnt smell, which made it difficult for Hodge to breathe. He coughed, and at the same time an inexplicable panic overflowed…

Why can’t everyone seem to see themselves?

With this thought, Hodge was about to go to his father to confront him desperately, but he saw his father suddenly wearing a dress and leading a girl in a wedding dress to the living room.

The moment he saw the girl, he was immediately stunned.

“Ah, Amanda…”

Hodge looked at each other blankly, and the girl in front of her wore a white and gorgeous wedding dress. Her temperament was ethereal and pure, just like a pearl in the sea.

The girl is not someone else, she is her own fiancee-Amanda.

“My son, today is your wedding day, don’t you remember?”

The father’s voice was thick and loud, he showed a slight smile, and finally looked towards Hodge’s direction, “I’m proud of you, son!”

Following his father’s words, Hodge’s mother, grandmother, and even a group of relatives appeared all around in the living room, clapping and applauding. For a while, the room was filled with a warm atmosphere of joy.


At this point, Hodge finally settled down. He showed a hearty smile. It turned out that everything just now was a prank for himself by his family?

The solemn music gradually floated in the air. With the blessing of everyone, the girl in the wedding dress moved towards Hodge step by step, with a shy blush, slowly in the hazy smoke of the house He took Hodge’s hand.

Then, with the crowd watching, Hodge and the girl performed a western ballroom dance.

At this moment, a huge sense of happiness surrounded Hodge, he closed his eyes intoxicated, and only hoped that the world will stay forever in this brief moment……

“He is smiling, maybe he has a good dream…”

“Preparing to lift the drowsiness protection state, he has had this dream for three months, it is time to wake up…”

“Start to reduce dopamine, start the electric shock device, prepare for electric shock…”

Just when Hodge was surrounded by endless happiness, suddenly, his all around faintly heard a series of conversations. This voice seemed to be right in front of him, and it seemed to come from a distance. In short, with his dreams Very uncoordinated.

“What’s going on…”

Hodge subconsciously eyes opened, but he was taken aback, because he found that the girl in front of him had disappeared some time ago, and at the same time, there were also the relatives in the room who were blessing him.

Father, mother, grandma, and Amanda…everyone, all disappeared!

“No, no, this is not true!”

The smoke in front of Hodge’s eyes became more and more dense, almost blocking his sight. He subconsciously wanted to escape this weird room, but found that at some point, his home began to fill with endless fire!

Hodge looked desperately at the flames quickly surrounding him, and at the same time the burnt smell reached Peak, and there was a sudden sting!

The tingling came from his abdomen, as if he had been shocked by an electric shock, and there was a burning tingling sensation in his abdomen.

“Ah! aaahhhh!”

At this moment, Hodge suddenly roared loudly, his voice was extremely painful, as if everything had burst out in this brief moment!

“The patient has woken up!”

At this time, in a sterile laboratory full of high-tech equipment, several doctors are looking solemnly at a person lying on a special instrument in front of them.

This person has only a bare head exposed, and his body is covered by a set of matte black armor. The gaps in the armor bite each other, but according to the structure of the human body, it presents the shape of chest muscles and abdominal muscles. Kind of violent beauty.

If you look at his face, Chen Chen can immediately recognize that he is Hodge who was burned before.

However, at this time, Hodge’s skin and facial features have been completely repaired. Not only that, but his hands and feet have also reappeared on the body. The only dissonance is that his hands and feet are the same as his body. Wrapped in a layer of black armor, there is one after another red and blue pattern on it, just like some kind of artwork.

However, at this time, Hodge was lying on a special instrument made entirely of metal, and at the same time he kept roaring and the sound was deafening.

“What’s the matter, he is out of control?”

“The timing of waking up is wrong. The patient is releasing too much adrenaline. At the same time, the blood pressure is rising rapidly, ready to inject a tranquilizer!”

“No, wait a minute!”

Just when the nurse was about to follow the doctor’s statement, a middle-aged hair grey-white doctor suddenly spoke up and saw him solemnly said, “Don’t interfere with him, let him vent first. Physiology is good.”

Obviously, this doctor has a very high status even among many authoritative experts. As he spoke, everyone fell silent.

Hodge roar took a full half a minute, and then stopped completely when he was completely out of breath. He gasped heavily and opened his eyes blankly.

“You woke up.”

A group of doctors quickly gathered around and looked towards Hodge, showing unconcealed joy, as if the sculptor was looking at a perfect sculpture that he had worked hard to create.

“This…Where is this…”

Hodge looked at the people above his head with a little horror. He subconsciously wanted to sit up, but he realized that he couldn’t move a finger. Not only that, there was a lot of unknown data and The table, as his goal moves, these squares in the eyes are still changing…

Are you still dreaming?

“Your current location is the Biological Research Center of Life Science City under Black Light Technology.”

The middle-aged man with a hair grey-white smiled kindly, “We are your chief physician and designer of bionic prostheses. My name is Sheridan Todd. You can call me Doctor Todd. “

“What happened, why can’t I move?”

Hodge asked suspiciously, “Also, why can’t I feel my body?”

“Please relax, Hodge.”

Doctor Todd replied slowly, trying to get Hodge into his own rhythm of conversation, “Your body is still there, but something has happened… a little problem, but it’s okay, it’s fixed now.”

“However, we still need to do some tests before letting you resume action. For example, do you remember your last memory?”

“The last memory?”

Hodge’s expression is empty, he silently recalled the fragments before he woke up, but after thinking about it, there are only the bits and pieces of dreams in his mind, but how he got here is long ago. Forgot…

“I forgot…”

Hodge shook the head.

“It’s okay.”

Doctor Todd showed a look of sighed in relief, “This is just a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. It is not a bad thing for you to forget these, but on the contrary, it is a good thing. At least it delays and lowers the second level of your heart. Injuries.”

“So what are you TM talking about, what happened to me TM?”

But even after hearing these comforts, Hodge not only didn’t feel at ease, but felt very angry. He began to yell, and at the same time began to struggle with his head, seeming to want to sit up.

“Don’t get excited, we will tell you what happened, but not now!”

Doctor Todd waved his hand, and suddenly all other doctors and medical staff retreated towards all directions, “Hodge, don’t struggle anymore. We disabled the activity function of the XTN-118 police bionic armor. You will struggle again. It’s useless, but if you are willing to calm down, we can make a discussion and help you unlock your mobility…”

Hearing these words and seeing everyone’s attitudes, Hodge took a deep breath, suppressed his increasing tension, and tried to reduce the heartbeat frequency.

“Very well, that’s it, calm down…”

Doctor Todd spoke slowly and looked towards a medical staff next to her. The female nurse responded immediately. She took up the tablet in her hand and said, “The patient’s heartbeat and blood pressure are rapidly decreasing. At present, the heartbeat frequency is 120 beats per minute, and it is still decreasing… It has been reduced to 80… No, it is 75 beats per minute…”

“Very good.”

Seeing this, Dr. Todd was finally satisfied and nodded, he walked slowly in front of Hodge, and put his hand on the instrument where Hodge was lying down, where there was a red button.

“Director Todd, will this…”

The other attending doctors hesitated a bit, but subconsciously stopped, “Will there be an accident?”

“He is also a human, and a qualified police officer, he will not hurt us.”

Doctor Todd shook the head seriously, then turned his head and looked towards Hodge, “I want to release you now.”

Speaking, before Hodge could speak, Dr. Todd pressed the button decisively.

ka-cha, scoff–!

With the sound of something being unlocked, and even the sound of a valve deflating, Hodge only saw two rows of probes being pulled out automatically between his ribs, and his body suddenly One loose!

The next second, Hodge stepped forward and sat up directly from the instrument.

Suddenly, except for Dr. Todd and a few doctors in front of him, everyone in the entire laboratory took two or three steps back subconsciously, and their gazes looking towards Hodge were full of alert.

That kind of gaze, it’s like not looking at a human, but some other species…

Seeing this scene, Hodge lowered his head and looked towards his body until he found out that he was actually wrapped in a layer of black armor from head to toe.

Not only that, as he extended the hand and curiously touched his body, he magically produced a strange sense of touch.

This kind of touch is slower than his original body, but it is unexpectedly sharp in details.

“What is this…”

Hodge slowly lifts the head, looking at Dr. Todd solemnly asked, “You put on me a suit of armor? Is this an April Fool’s Day spoof? A tribute to Iron Man? Or a steel frame?”

“None, we are saving your life!”

Doctor Todd spread out his hands with an excited expression, “You were in a car accident and almost died from a serious injury, but our black light technology has saved you, allowing you to survive the almost mortal injury, you Do you know?”

On hearing Dr. Todd’s explanation, Hodge fell silent.

The chaos of his brain from the very beginning gradually became clear. It was only then that he slowly remembered that he seemed to be chasing several murderers in a police car, but because he was hit by the other side’s car, it caused The vehicle turned over the road…

What happened then, his memory was blank, as if someone had deleted his memory…

The only thing that cannot be forgotten is the pungent burnt smell and the thick smoke that fills the eyes…


Hodge suddenly let out a scream, which seemed to touch something in the depth of one’s soul. He slumped to the ground with his head, convulsing uncontrollably.

“Director, the patient’s blood pressure is starting to rise again!”

“His EEG has entered the peak stage and is still improving!”

“We can’t control him!”

“Inject a tranquilizer!”

Seeing that Dr. Todd finally stopped hesitating, he gave the order to inject a tranquilizer.

In the next second, under Hodge’s invisible armor layer, a needle quickly popped out and pierced Hodge’s body directly…

At this point, Huo Genius gradually calmed down and fell asleep again.

Immediately, Hodge’s body moved on its own. He climbed back to the special instrument like a bed behind him and stuck it tightly with the groove under him.

Looking at this scene, Dr. Todd couldn’t help sighed, and then said with satisfaction, “At present, the patient’s physiological indicators are all qualified, and there is no problem with the XTN-118 police bionic armor. Next, wait for him to wake up. After calming down, let’s calculate again.”

Everyone was hearing this, and they all cheered. The three-month results were not in vain.

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